Acclaimed Author & Educator, Joshua M. Greene, Examines the Rise of Racism and Antisemitic Hate Crimes

Joshua M. Greene

"If we have learned anything from history, it is that doing nothing is not an option. Standing by is to stand with the oppressors and against the victims."

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 3, 2021 / — In 2019, a 19-year-old man from New Jersey pleaded guilty to plotting with white nationalists to vandalize synagogues and minority-owned businesses. Richard Tobin faces up to ten years in jail when he is sentenced on June 28. In September 2019, vandals targeted a number of synagogues across the Midwest. Tobin ordered members of the anti-Semitic, white nationalist right-wing party The Base to distribute racist flyers, smash windows, and slash the tires of synagogue congregants.

Acclaimed Author and Educator, Joshua M. Greene, is deeply disturbed by the increase in hate crimes and has much to say on the matter. "Two tragedies operate at the core of our moment in history," states Joshua Greene. "One is a rise in racism and antisemitism that is scarily reminiscent of Europe in the 1930s. The other is the legitimate but risky compulsion to fight back. The law sanctions 'necessity,' meaning any means necessary to respond if we are aggressed upon. The law also cautions that in pursuing such redress we adhere to 'humanity,' meaning the least amount of harm possible."

One of Tobin’s co-conspirators, Yousef Omar Barasneh, previously pleaded guilty. Acting U.S. Attorney Rachael Honig said, “This defendant encouraged hateful acts of violence against individuals and their houses of worship, based solely on their religion or the color of their skin."

Joshua Greene continues, "If we have learned anything from history, it is that doing nothing is not an option. Standing by is to stand with the oppressors and against the victims. We have also learned that self-righteousness cuts both ways. I remember myself at age 19. I never vandalized a synagogue, but let’s say my faculties of discernment weren’t in full gear yet. If this young man’s guilty plea was sincere, we might think in terms of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission form of law: a move away from punitive justice to reformative, restorative justice."

"I like to keep in mind what Carl Jung once said, concludes Joshua Greene. What if I should discover that the least among them all, the poorest of all the beggars, the most impudent of all the offenders, the very enemy himself — that these are within me, and that I myself stand in need of the alms of my own kindness — that I myself am the enemy who must be loved? What then?”


Joshua M. Greene

Greene is the author of several acclaimed books, including the bestseller Here Comes the Sun: The Spiritual and Musical Journey of George Harrison. His book Justice at Dachau: The Trials of an American Prosecutor, was called “Riveting—destined to be a classic among Holocaust histories” by Douglas Brinkley, Presidential Historian for CNN. His renowned work on survivor testimony, Witness: Voices from the Holocaust, was the basis of a feature documentary for national PBS, named “One of the Ten Best Holocaust Film” by Facets Media. He is author of a series of Holocaust survivor memoirs for Scholastic that have sold more than a quarter million copies. Currently, he teaches Mindfulness in the Workplace for the Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University.

Greene is a former instructor of Holocaust history at Hofstra and Fordham Universities. He sits on the Board of Advisors to the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies at Yale University. While Senior Vice President for Global Affairs at Ruder Finn Communications in the early 2000s he served as Director of Strategic Planning for the United Nations Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders. Greene has been featured speaker at the Pentagon, the Judge Advocate Generals College, and was honored by the New York Public Library Distinguished Author series. He is a regular instructor before State Bar Associations on issues of war crimes law. He has spoken on issues of Holocaust memory for such outlets as NPR and Fox News, and his related editorials have appeared in print in the L.A. Times and the Chicago Tribune, among others.

Among his documentary films are “Hitler’s Courts: Betrayal of the Rule of Law in Nazi Germany” which aired on PBS, and “Memory After Belsen: The Future of Holocaust Remembrance” for Discovery. Among other honors he is recipient of five “Best Program of the Year” awards from TV Guide and an Emmy nomination for “PEOPLE: A Celebration of Diversity” which aired on The Disney Channel.

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Acclaimed Criminal Attorney Vince Imhoff Notes: “Criminal Justice Reformers Clock Big Wins in California”

Vince Imhoff, Famed Criminal Attorney

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 3, 2021 / — Since a decade ago, when California began to embrace improvements to the criminal sentencing system, police and prosecutors have resisted, claiming that the measures went too far and jeopardized public safety, and that voters who supported them didn't really understand what they were doing. Opponents of reform returned to the ballot box this year with Proposition 20, which would have made it easier to imprison certain individuals for theft while making it more difficult for thousands of state inmates to be considered for parole.

Legendary Criminal Attorney, Vince Imhoff, is relieved that this Proposition failed as it could have had serious consequences. "California dodged a bullet by turning back Prop 20. The proposition would have increased incarceration periods for property crimes. The proposition would have increased punishment for shop lifting. In times of a pandemic we are all 'safer at home'," states Vince Imhoff.

The voters were so much further along on this issue than the California Legislature or any Legislature in the country. "And it wasn't even close," said Kate Chatfield, policy director at the pro-reform Justice Collaborative. This was correct, as Proposition 20 trailed by double digits as the ballots were tallied in January.

"Retailers were not even asking for this protection, retailer are asking for the state to be open: including their stores and restaurants. This proposition was ill conceived and doomed from the start as it was and still unnecessary," Vince Imhoff continues.

Supporters of the measure, largely law enforcement groups, used the traditional law and order playbook, which worked in decades past. "They played all of their regular cards from the deck. 'Crime is on the rise,' as you are aware of. The fear-mongering mailers, the made-up claims," concludes Vince Imhoff. "The voters saw right through them, and they were not convinced, which gave me great hope that we had turned the corner."


Vince Imhoff

Originally from Chicago, Vince Imhoff is admitted to practice law in Illinois, California, and Pennsylvania. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Lewis University and earned his JD from the Illinois Institute of Technology/Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1989. From 1990 to 1997, Imhoff was a Cook County, Illinois Public Defender (Chicago). In 1997, he entered private practice as a solo practitioner.

In 2003, Imhoff founded Imhoff & Associates, PC. In 2005, he became the Managing Director of The Cochran Firm, Criminal Defense section. After Mr. Cochran passed away, Imhoff re-established Imhoff & Associates, PC and left the Cochran Firm.

From 2000 through 2002, Imhoff was the assistant coach for the trial team at Loyola University of Chicago, School of Law. He is currently a member of the State Bar of California, State Bar of Illinois and the State Bar of Pennsylvania. He is also a member of the California Public Defenders Association, Santa Monica Bar Association (Treasurer 2012-2014, Board Member 2008-2014), Lesbian Gay Lawyers Association (Secretary 2009-2011, Board Member 2009-2015), San Bernardino County Bar, San Fernando Valley Bar Association, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ), and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL).

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A simple way to know your options if you’re having chest pain

Men’s Health Network

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, March 3, 2021 / — Please consider publishing the following Men's Health Network Op-Ed entitled “A simple way to know your options if you’re having chest pain”

CONTACT: Brandon Ross (202) 543-6461 ext. 101
March 3, 2021

A simple way to know your options if you’re having chest pain

By Robin Mather
For Men’s Health Network

Patients reporting chest pain account for about 6.5 million visits to American emergency rooms, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says. Most are not heart attacks, the CDC says, but patients often don’t understand their options and therefore can’t make informed decisions about their care.

It’s tough to get men with chest pain into the emergency room in the first place, notes Jean Bonhomme, MD, MPH, and founder of the National Black Men’s Health Network, in a report for Men’s Health Network (MHN) called “Blueprint for Men’s Health: A Guide for a Healthy Lifestyle. “The genders are taught to deal with fear and pain differently,” Bonhomme says. “When a boy is eight years old and he skins his knee, he is told brave boys don’t cry. When he is a teenager playing high school football and gets hurt, they tell him to take it for the team. So when he is 50 years old and having chest pain, he’ll say it’s just indigestion.” (You can read the full publication at

MHN has also published a free pamphlet entitled “Heartbeat,” which serves as a handy guide on what you can do to improve your heart health and to help prevent cardiovascular disease. (You can read the entire guide at

Once a man does arrive in the emergency room, the intensity and speed of care may leave the patient dazed, unable to focus on the information he’s given and unsure of what he should do.

Erik P. Hess is an emergency medicine physician and researcher at the Mayo Clinic, which is headquartered in Rochester, Minn. He wanted to test a way to better inform patients about their care options and heart risks while being treated in the emergency room.

In Hess’s project, a single sheet of paper explains patients’ risk levels for future heart attacks and their options for future treatment, whether in their own doctor’s office or while in the hospital. The simple decision aid that Hess created allows patients and doctors to communicate quickly and effectively.
Hess’s project was funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI, and its results were striking.

Patients who used the decision aid when discussing their chest pain with clinicians were less likely to stay overnight than patients who received usual care. Additionally, they faced no additional heart problems in the following weeks. Patients who used the decision aid also emerged with greater knowledge of both their heart risk and care options, and they got more involved in decisions about their care.

The research team randomly assigned 898 patients in emergency departments at six hospitals to receive either usual care or that care supplemented with the decision aid. The patients were considered low risk because they had tested negative for heart problems. After their visits, all the patients filled out a survey assessing their knowledge of their own risk and treatment options.

The survey also asked how they felt about the ER experience, such as their trust in the clinicians who treated them and satisfaction with the decisions they made. Then, 45 days later, a research team member called each of the patients to find out whether they had gone on to experience any major heart problems.
In addition to learning more, those patients who used the decision aid felt more confident in their decisions, whether they stayed for further testing or went home.

Using the decision aid didn’t take much of harried emergency room clinicians’ time. In the study, using the decision aid made the clinician-patient interaction take only an average of 1.3 minutes longer.

The choice to avoid more tests in the hospital could be a boon to emergency departments, Hess says. “The patients are not in there as long, so you can open up a treatment bed. Overcrowding and increased waiting times have been shown to decrease the quality of care.”

Both clinicians and patients learned more when the decision aid guided conversations, Hess’s study found. “The physician becomes aware of where a patient is coming from, of the non-medical factors that affect a patient’s decision making,” Hess says. “It can provide a more meaningful interaction.” In the study, using the decision aid made the clinician-patient interaction take just an average of 1.3 minutes longer.

Results of Hess’s preliminary study were published in the British medical journal The BMJ. You can read those results here:

The next step for the project is to test the decision aid with more patients. But it is likely to be used in some emergency departments before those trials are complete. The Mayo Clinic plans to use the aid, Hess reports, as will at least two of the other emergency departments that participated in the study.

Men's Health Network

Men's Health Network (MHN) is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to reach men, boys, and their families where they live, work, play, and pray with health awareness messages and tools, screening programs, educational materials, advocacy opportunities, and patient navigation. Learn more about MHN at and follow them on Twitter @MensHlthNetwork and Facebook at Consider donating to MHN at


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Men's Health Network

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Dzirhan Mahadzir, Senior Advisor at IScann Group

Iscann logo

An expert in defence and tactical strategy, Mahadzir will advise on vulnerability assessments and defence in the ASEAN region

I am excited to be working with IScann Group to support them in their specific areas of defence and security.”

— Dzirhan Mahadzir, Senior Advisor of IScann Group

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 3, 2021 / — IScann Group, an open-source intelligence agency that enables companies to counter an array of modern threats, today announced the appointment of Dzirhan Mahadzir as a Senior Advisor.

Dzirhan has an extensive background specialising in military defence and tactical strategy, particularly in the ASEAN region. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dzirhan is a freelance defence journalist and analyst. He has lectured at the Malaysian Armed Forces Defence College on various topics pertaining to strategy and military history, and regularly gives presentations on the Malaysian Armed Forces and Malaysia’s defence developments to visiting delegations from military institutions such as the US National Defense University, USAF Air War College and the Australian Staff College.

“Dzirhan’s addition to our team will further build our brand of expertise. We welcome Dzirhan and his understanding of defence and security in the IndoPacific, and specifically in the Southeast Asian region. His strategic knowledge of the region will be an invaluable asset to IScann Group,” says Andrew Vasko, Managing Director of IScann Group.

Dzirhan has contributed to several publications, including Defence Review Asia, Military Technology Magazine, Janes Defence Weekly, Navy International, International Defence Review, USNI News, Asian Military Review and the Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter.

“ASEAN is a part of the world that is being closely looked at because of what is currently happening in the South China Sea, particularly as a new US administration comes in. I am excited to be working with IScann Group to support them in their specific areas of defence and security,” concludes Dzirhan Mahadzir, Senior Advisor of IScann Group.


About IScann Group

IScann Group is an open-source intelligence service that enables companies to understand and counter an array of modern threats. By utilising proprietary methodologies, the Group monitors global security trends, tracks social media and is at the forefront of exploiting digitalisation. The group is managed by Andrew Vasko.

More information:

Media Contacts

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Former US Ambassador to the African Union, Michael Battle, Joins Call for Peace in Ethiopia

Ambassador Michael Battle served as the U.S. Ambassador to the African Union under President Barack Obama

Ambassador Michael Battle joins the growing calls for the African Union and the greater international community to work towards achieving peace in Ethiopia

WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, March 3, 2021 / — The armed conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia has spiraled out of control. The daily reports of war crimes and human rights abuses occurring in Tigray have become commonplace. These reported crimes are in addition to the reported extrajudicial killings and human rights abuses already occurring in Ethiopia's Oromia region. The armed conflict in Tigray is further complicated with reports of Eritrean troops' involvement in the reported war crimes and human rights abuses taking place in Tigray. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), "Soldiers from Eritrea systematically killed many hundreds of people in a massacre late November in the Ethiopian city of Axum in the Tigray region." The crimes occurring in Tigray, while shocking, are underreported due to the Ethiopian government's blockage of the Tigray region. The AP notes that "the atrocities of the Tigray conflict have occurred in the shadows."

Based on analysis conducted as part of the Ethiopian Forum hosted by Von Batten-Montague-York, there is wide agreement that the global community, especially the African Union, needs to take action to ensure that the killings are stopped, and humanitarian aid is provided to the civilian victims of this conflict. This is why we applaud the former US Ambassador to the African Union Michael Battle's call to action. Ambassador Battle recently stated that "it is imperative that a peaceful and sustainable resolution is found to end the internal and external tensions in Ethiopia. The African Continent and the global community need a strong and unified Ethiopia to secure peace and prosperity." Ambassador Battle urged the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to work with Ethiopia to find a sustainable solution.

Ambassador Battle's call echoes that of the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's push for peace in Tigray. Secretary Blinken has worked to mobilize African leaders and the greater international community to push for peace in Tigray. Secretary Blinken recently spoke with the Kenyan Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Raychelle Omamo, and urged the Kenyan government to work with the United States on the UN Security Council to address the crisis in Tigray. The newly sworn-in U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, has already raised the Tigrayan crisis in a series of bilateral meetings with UN Security Council members.

Von Batten-Montague-York is a Washington, D.C based policy advisory group working with US and Ethiopian stakeholders to address Ethiopia's ongoing political and armed conflicts.

For all inquiries relating to this press release, please contact:

Blossom Rolly
Von Batten-Montague-York, L.C.

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Mental Health Watchdog Hosting Event: Florida’s Foster Children and the Baker Act

The headquarters for CCHR Florida are located in downtown Clearwater.

The headquarters for CCHR Florida are located in downtown Clearwater.

There are about 19,000 children in foster care in Florida and about 600 children waiting for permanent placement are without identified families.

There is unacceptable and then there’s disgraceful. We need to change the system to protect these children from being hurt over and over again.”

— Mari Frankel, director and producer of the documentary “Foster Shock”

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 3, 2021 / — The Florida chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is hosting a complimentary online event on March 6th, Foster Kids & The Baker Act. The event is being held to bring attention to the flaws in the foster care system and how many of these children end up being sent for involuntary psychiatric examinations, called a Baker Act. [1]

The featured speaker for the event is Mari Frankel, the director and producer of the documentary “Foster Shock”. As a Guardian ad Litem and mother of three, Ms. Frankel produced the powerful film to expose the privatized child welfare system. The documentary gives viewers a close-up look at Florida’s foster care system through the eyes of traumatized children who’ve depended on it, only to suffer more abuse, neglect and pain. [2]

At the event, attendees will learn about what foster children experience when they are thrown into the system and how this relates to the the parents, guardians and caregivers. The event will also cover basic rights which are impacted by the foster care system as well as how the Baker Act is applied to foster kids and what steps can be taken to better protect these children from abuse. [3]

“There is unacceptable and then there’s disgraceful,” said Mari Frankel. “We need to change the system to protect these children from being hurt over and over again.” [4]

The complimentary virtual event is being held on Saturday, March 6th from 12:30-2pm and anyone wishing to register may do so by visiting or calling (727) 442-8820.

CCHR is dedicated to the protection of children and has been working to restore and protect the mental health human rights of all Floridians for decades. For information on how to protect your rights as a parent or report a Baker Act please visit or call 1-800-782-2878.

About CCHR: Initially established by the Church of Scientology and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz in 1969, CCHR’s mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, first brought psychiatric imprisonment to wide public notice: “Thousands and thousands are seized without process of law, every week, over the ‘free world’ tortured, castrated, killed. All in the name of ‘mental health,’” he wrote in March 1969.

[1] Moved 17 times in one year and involuntarily committed 40 times: The systems that failed a Florida teen

[2] ‘Foster Shock’ documentary takes Florida’s privatized child welfare system to task

[3] Foster Kids & The Baker Act

[4] Foster Shock reveals human cost of Florida's foster care system


Diane Stein
Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida
+1 727-422-8820
email us here
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Foster Shock: Foster care is rarely discussed. The only time we hear about it is when a child gets hurt or dies.

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Newly Launched Veterans Aid Organization Steps Forward with Plans for the Future

Homes for Homeless Veterans Inc. launches their first strikes to end homelessness for America’s Veterans.

METAMORA, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, March 3, 2021 / — Homes for Homeless Veterans Inc. is an independently owned Non-Profit Organization. Started by Jared Barker, 42 of Illinois, with the belief that it is duty to serve those who served in the military and put their lives on the line. Newly constructed, this Organization is intent on helping homeless Veterans across the entirety of the United States. Homes for Homeless Veterans Inc. will provide assistance with housing, food, clothing, job training, transportation, and educational services; help with receiving or getting to needed mental and physical assistance will also be included.

“Veterans have given and sacrificed everything to secure our freedoms,” says Barker, “I believe we owe it to them to help stop the continuance of their struggles after coming back home. These are lofty goals, but with your continued help, we can do it.”

Homes for Homeless Veterans Inc. plans to purchase land to construct Tiny Homes on, or purchase already in-place buildings and reconstruct them into Efficiency Apartments. Until land or building purchases can be made, financial assistance for providing housing, food, clothing, job assistance, transportation, etc. will be provided. As a new Organization, donations are welcome and can be made to, their official PayPal account link. Their Official Company Page can be found on YoReSpot at

Barker is an active and respected member of his community. Serving not only as an Independent Contractor for his work, but also as a Field Director to a Campaign for Governor of Illinois, a Cub Scout Leader and Cub Master, a youth baseball coach, and also is currently a member of his Church’s Security Team and Head Trustee. A large portion of Barker’s family, including his father and wife’s relatives, have served in the United States Military, making this mission that much more important to him, his family and his community. It is the duty of Homes for Homeless Veterans Inc. to serve and aid those who have sacrificed for their country.

“I have felt the pull to do for others before myself for many years,” Barker says, “we are not on this Earth for our own purpose, but rather, for the purpose we were put here for. Serving others is what I believe I was born to do, and serving those who sacrificed for us is of the utmost importance to me. We as fellow human beings should always be searching for ways to help each other and our communities.”

Jared Barker
Homes for Homeless Veterans Inc.
+1 309-369-9448

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Policy Brief from The Think Tank calls for Leaders to Implement a Strategic Vaccination Campaign Targeted for the Bronx

The Thinkubator

Policy recommendations call for increased outreach & factual information dissemination to the Bronx after study indicate 46% of Bronxites will take the Vaccine

BRONX, NY, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2021 / — The Think Tank at The Thinkubator under the leadership of Dr. Lessie Branch and The Bronx Community Foundation recently released a study on New York City residents' response to the Covid-19 vaccine. Following the release of the data, Dr. Lessie Branch and The Think Tank team produced a policy brief exploring the data and recommending policy solutions to some of the challenges New York City and in particular the Bronx is facing. The Think Tank recommends three policy recommendations that contain a number of strategies that leaders need to consider: 1. Implement a strategic vaccination campaign targeted for the Bronx, which include but not limited to creating a family-centric approach to educating the community on the vaccine; engaging and partnering with churches and community groups to disseminate information; 2. Reduce structural factors that impede vaccine uptake; 3. Facilitate resources to underserved populations.

The survey revealed that 57% of respondents had a positive position on the vaccine and have significant information to make a decision about taking the vaccine while 15% had a negative view of the vaccine. Despite the city-wide position on the vaccine, only 46% of Bronx residents responded in the affirmative that they will take the vaccine. A majority of Bronx residents (54%) will not take the vaccine. A large portion of Bronxites stated that family, a medical professional, and the Covid-19 infection and death rates are influencing their decisions about the vaccine. “This data is troubling and leaders need to do everything they can to educate the Bronx community, particularly in light of infection and death rates and the multiple variants that are emerging” said Dr. Edward Summers, President and CEO, The Thinkubator. The Bronx has consistently ranked among the top 10 cities with the highest number of Covid cases and deaths. It remains 6th in the nation in the number of deaths. "As I waited in line to receive my second vaccine shot, people in the line were discussing stories and information that they had heard from "the streets" around the covid-19 vaccination and the reasons why people in their respective families and communities will not take the shot" said Summers.

Dr. Lessie Branch, Director of The Think Tank at The Thinkubator stated “There is a desperate need for transformational relationships and not simply transactional relationships to overcome the centuries of distrust of people of color in the government and the medical community. Often as it relates to communities like the Bronx, the frame is one where management by crisis is the modus operandi. Things happen in a reactionary manner and the result is shortsighted policy leading to confusion and distrust. While in the instant case of COVID-19 a reactionary response to creating a vaccine is the proper response, that Black and Brown folk, women and communities like the Bronx have been treated as mere transactions for so long and have not had the benefit of trusted and established relationships, there are fewer residents who express confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine. It is my hope that this can be a teachable moment where those who are in power can really extrapolate the importance of establishing meaningful community relationships as a way to advance public goods and positive public outcomes.”

The Thinkubator and Bronx Community Foundation’s study surveyed 500 New York City residents. Of those surveyed, 17% were from the Bronx, 25% from Manhattan, 23% from Queens, 24% from Brooklyn, and 8% from Staten Island. Survey respondents were 38% white, 20% Black, 17% identified as Hispanic, and 15% Asian. The respondents were largely democratic and christian or catholic. 53% were women and 47 were male. 62% of the respondents have a household income of under $75,000 per year.

More about The Think Tank at The Thinkubator:
The Think Tank at The Thinkubator, launched by Dr. Lessie Branch, Associate Professor of Business at Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY), serves as a hub for rigorous academic, scholarly, and professional research that supports the documentation and evaluation of The Thinkubator activities, seeks to understand The Bronx as a contested, complex urban form, and addresses narratives of marginalized – Black, Brown, Female, and low-income communities. The Think Tank conducts research and analysis, provides youth with a platform to conduct and produce research, and produces policy briefs and reports for public discourse. The Think Tank is part of The Thinkubator, Inc. a bronx-based innovation and workforce development nonprofit organization.

Edward Summers
The Thinkubator, Inc.
+1 3474686621
email us here

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Marter for Congress Campaign Launching Grassroots Effort to Unseat Kinzinger

James Marter with House Freedom Caucus Member Congressman Jim Jordan

House Freedom Caucus Member Congressman Jim Jordan (left) with James Marter

Illinois voters want representation over media hype

OSWEGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2021 / — Marter for Congress kicked off a grassroots campaign in February, with an interview on Sirius XM's Patriot Channel. The host said of Marter, "…you have here a serious primary candidate who's running on a juxtaposed set of principles to Adam Kinzinger. If you want Kinzinger out, don't complain about it, support the primary challenger."

With the race picking up attention, James Marter explains, "The Republicans will not have a big tent by embracing failed Democrat ideas. That's a betrayal of our base and looks weak and uninspiring to everyone else. Instead, I believe we'll become that big tent party by inviting in Democrats and Independents who are tired of being ruled by failed Democrat leaders. These are the new Republicans and it's exciting to see them uniting around conservatism. They really just needed to know they're welcome and they are, in my campaign."

New developments further confirm that grassroots is a winning strategy for the Marter Campaign. A "media darling" has entered the race, risking a split of the conservative vote. Marter confidently points out the disparity between Illinois voters and the D.C. Consultant Class and the "local media echo chamber."

"While I watched the House Freedom Caucus press conference on the radical Equality Act this week, a supporter of mine was posting on social media, clips from my debates when I ran in IL Congressional District 14. I had a good, informed answer about the Equal Rights Amendment. The person who has now entered this race, didn’t even recognize it by name. This is a major issue that affects a wide swath of conservative positions, from globally funding abortion to keeping custody of your children, to who belongs in girls’ sports and the religious freedoms of people of all faiths. We can’t be represented by people who don’t know the issues.”

"Some conservative media outlets and celebrity activists will have to do some soul searching about how they assess candidates," says Marter. The working and newly unemployed people of Illinois, no longer look at politics as a sporting event. It's a life and death struggle, literally, and people are very worried about the economy, their safety and their freedoms being taken away. They don't want a movie star or a party-switcher. They want a serious candidate who knows the issues and will protect them from government overreach.

No matter what you think of President Trump, a Marter candidacy holds the promise of proactive work to undo the Radical Left agenda and advance conservative principles of freedom, safety, prosperity and unity. Furthermore, picking someone who "can win" based on ethnicity, gender or money alone, is a failed process, says Marter. Instead, we're running on principles that create a rising tide of freedom and opportunity for all. Those are things that can unite us. They already would have if it weren’t for elements in the media and Democrats working so hard to divide us.

People are exhausted with politics. It's shallow and crooked and that's why it produces the wrong results. I'm injecting something else, that's neither shallow nor crooked. It's called principled conservatism. Illinois is dead last in a lot of things and it's not because of Republican policies. We don't want to export these things to the federal government any more than we already have and we don’t want to send someone who’ll get eaten in the D.C. Swamp and have no effect. Neither inexperience nor “leftist lite” will accomplish great things for America.

“At some point, We The People must reject the failed methodologies for picking candidates and put our support behind someone who has the knowledge and fortitude to bring about real change. I'm that candidate and you'll find me at ."

James Marter, a graduate of Purdue University, is a small business owner of a professional ERP software and consulting company, with a national and international practice and 34 years of experience. He is a life-long Republican and Chairman of the Kendall County, Illinois GOP.


For questions or more information, visit or donate here . To set up interviews with James Marter, call or email his Media Relations Director at: Press@Marter4Congress.US or contact the Campaign at (815) 585-8006.

James Marter
Marter for Congress
+1 815-585-8006
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Source: EIN Presswire launches a podcast and our Inspiring Black Women video series for Women's History Month

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In Celebration of Women’s History Month, has launched a daily podcast series and a special Video series on Inspiring women in Black History.

There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.”

— Maya Angelou

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2021 / — BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, March 1st, 2021 – In recognition of Women’s History Month,, the Internet’s first and longest running data-driven website on the historical and cultural contributions of people of color, has introduced a Video Series celebrating the Historical Contributions of WOMEN OF COLOR.

Our women’s showcase will cover the lives of amazing Black Women. Many you know, but others that you may not have heard of – See our growing list of featured women below:

Marion Anderson, Maya Angelou, Mary McLeod Bethune, Gwendolyn Brooks, Clara Brown, Shirley Chisholm, Septima Poinsette Clark, Kathleen Cleaver, Alice Coachman, Bessie Coleman, Claudette Colvin, Angela Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Fannie Lou Hamer, Kamala Harris, Dr. Dorothy Height, Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, Zora Neal Hurston, Mahalia Jackson, Marsha P. Johnson, Barbara Jordan, Flo Kennedy, Audre Lorde, Hattie McDaniel, Toni Morrison, Diane Nash, Odetta, Rosa Parks, Condoleezza Rice, Wilma Rudolph, Mary Church Terrell, Sojourner Truth, Harriett Tubman, Cicely Tyson, Sarah Vaughn, Alice Walker, Ida B. Wells, Phillis Wheatley, Oprah Winfrey

You can enjoy this collection of videos about Inspiring Black Women here:

In addition to this collection is proud to announce our BlackFacts Daily Historical Podcast! This Podcast allows our followers to LISTEN to a new Black Historical Milestone Daily. Our WOMEN OF COLOR showcase is offered as Bonus Episodes throughout Women’s History Month.

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We invite you to explore and learn about these phenomenal women during Women’s History Month and to enjoy our daily podcast throughout the year!
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