Who we are

We at D.C. Presswire: Media Watch set out to show you how propaganda and misinformation narratives are built and why. We want to inform you on the tactics of government (special interest) manipulation, of bias and partisan interest, and of fake news and disinformation. Our goal is to demonstrate how the media shapes our lives and opinions, and the role it plays in our society.

New information technologies have made news omnipresent. Every day we are overwhelmed by an avalanche of data, which would have little meaning if somebody did not connect the dots. But who is this somebody? Can we trust them to have our best interests at heart? How can they paint so many different pictures with the same information? And which of these pictures will lead you to the truth? These are the questions we aim to answer.

On our website and Twitter account, you can find our own commentaries, viewpoints, and analyses addressing these issues. We also provide recommendations and reviews of insightful third-party content by organizations with similar aims as ours.

Though we are all subject to our personal biases, we firmly believe that we can equip you with the right tools in your search for objectivity and truth.

Stay informed.

D.C. Presswire: Media Watch Team