InDOGural Episode of New Dog Edition Podcast Focuses on Dogs Returning to the White House

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It’s Been Four Years Since a Tail Wagged in the White House, and Dog Edition Is Chasing It.

We picked dogs in the White House as our inDOGural episode theme last fall. We had no idea the country was in for such a bumpy ride on the way to noon on January 20.”

— Pamela Lorence, Senior Producer

KIHEI, HAWAII, USA, January 14, 2021 / — It’s Been Four Years Since a Tail Wagged in the White House, and Dog Edition Is Chasing It

WASHINGTON: The first episode of the brand-new podcast Dog Edition which drops January 19, 2021 takes a dog’s eye view of the White House. Too ambitious for an inDOGural show? James Jacobson, the founder of Dog Podcast Network and co-host of Dog Edition, sees a natural hook.

“There’s something about Biden’s determination and easygoing friendliness that fits. It makes sense that he’s our president now, entering the White House, The People’s House, with not one, but two, dogs.”

How significant is this? To find out, Jacobson and co-host Pam Lorence spoke with experts from both sides of the political spectrum.

Rob Schwartz, founder of Dog Lovers for Joe, is a New York adman. Last fall he made a video called “White House Dogs” about how important it is to have a dog lover for a president. It went viral, which begs the question … could our apolitical love for dogs help divided Americans come together again?

Another segment features Jennifer Pickens, author of the book Pets at the White House. Pickens, who wrote the forward to Melania Trump’s book, is a treasure trove of political dog stories … including how Vladimir Putin compared his giant hunting dog to Barney, George W. Bush's Scottie.

Patrick Carroll is the Executive Director of the Delaware Humane Association. He remembers the Easter Sunday Joe Biden dropped by unannounced hoping for a new puppy for Champ. Major soon joined the Biden home, and of course, now both dogs are headed to the Oval.

Most Americans do not realize there is a Presidential Pet Museum. Historian in Residence Andrew Hager joins the conversation for some funny, wacky stories. It turns out that dogs have helped boost (or damage) the political fortunes of many famous folk … including Nixon and Hoover.

President-Elect Joe Biden said “We need a dog back in the White House. I’ve got two of them.” Do the co-hosts of Dog Edition agree that dogs are essential Executive Branch workers?

Absolutely, yes. “Dogs bring out the best qualities in us humans,” says Lorence. “My dogs remind me to be kind, to offer compassion, to be of service, and to work hard for what I want. I can’t think of anywhere we need those qualities more than in the White House.”

So, is Dog Edition a political show with a dog focus? No. According to Jacobson, the weekly podcast is a general interest show for dog lovers. "No topic is off the table, but every segment is what we call 'dog-adjacent.' You'll hear about business, science, the arts, sports, crime … always involving dogs in some way. News, features, personal essays, in-depth reporting, analysis, and interviews are in the mix."

“We picked dogs in the White House as our inDOGural episode theme last fall. We had no idea the country was in for such a bumpy ride on the way to noon on January 20.”

“But that proves our point," Lorence adds. "Most stories have a dog angle that no one else is reporting. When the rioters stormed the Capitol, I saw a guy with his dog on a leash. The dog was sort of wagging its tail, just a little, once in a while, and I couldn’t help but wonder. ‘What happens to that dog if his dad gets arrested today?’”

“I bet other dog-loving journalists and content creators had the same thought. In the past, they would have let that story go. Who would investigate and report on it? Well, now, a storyteller can make a podcast segment and we’ll put it on Dog Edition.”

Jacobson's intention for Dog Edition is to fascinate and inform dog lovers. “We’re never going to run out of topics. Dogs have been our best friends for over 33,000 years. They’ve worked hard all that time to understand us, but I don’t think we’ve ever returned the favor. Dog Edition is our modest attempt to rectify that imbalance.”

Dog Edition is a production of Dog Podcast Network, LLC.

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tip411 Technology Helps Atlantic City, New Jersey Police Arrest 95 Rioters and Looters

Anonymous tip technology leads to identification of suspects

Having the ability for the public to anonymously text and easily provide information is an asset to any police department.”

— Sergeant Kevin Fair, Atlantic City Police Department

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, USA, January 14, 2021 / — “On May 31, 2020, a protest turned into an hours-long rioting and looting event in the Center City business district of Atlantic City. The ACPD formed a Riot Investigation Team that reviewed thousands of hours of public and private camera coverage from the area and, on June 30, 2020, we released 219 images to the public asking for assistance in identifying those responsible for committing criminal acts,” Atlantic City Police Sergeant Kevin Fair said.

He added “It was our mistake that we released the images toward the end of the day – because within an hour of the release, we received so many anonymous tips through tip411 with information that we had to call investigators back to work that night to review and respond.”

In the end, 95 individuals were identified and were criminally charged.

According to Sgt. Fair, “The efforts of our detectives would have been in vain if not for tip411. Having the ability for the public to anonymously text and easily provide information is an asset to any police department.”

Atlantic City PD has partnered with tip411 since 2012 to help better connect with their community to help fight crime.

In an urban environment, getting community members to openly talk with police officers or provide their information is a daunting task. tip411 allows law enforcement to hear from these individuals that we would not have otherwise been able to communicate with.

The Atlantic City, New Jersey has a population of 39,000 residents and approximately 24 million visitors annually.

Those interested in learning how tip411 can be a tool agencies to better connect with the community, get important information, and help solve crimes with the public’s help can get a free demo.


About tip411:
Used in over 2,000 communities, tip411 is a digital toolset for law enforcement, schools, and community groups that features innovative smartphone apps, anonymous text tips, group alerting, and secure social media publishing tools. tip411 helps agencies engage community members of all ages by enabling residents to share anonymous tips that can be responded to in real time by authorized personnel inside an agency or organization. Learn more at or by following @tip411CO on Twitter.

Terry Halsch
Citizen Observer
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Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence to Capitol Rioters: Not in Our House

Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence

KCADV’s mission is to end domestic violence in Kentucky.

Capitol rioters used domestic violence tactics on a national scale to subvert and endanger the will and safety of the American people

FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY, USA, January 13, 2021 / —

Disorienting shock. Surreal betrayal. Confused pain. Hypervigilance. Tight and shallow breaths. Fits and bursts of outrage or sorrow erupting from a veneer of protective numbness.

These are among the kaleidoscope of feelings that victims of trauma experience.

One week ago today, we collectively shared many of those disturbing feelings as we watched the jarring images and news of a violent attack upon our nation’s capital, and upon democracy itself, unfold throughout the day.

Three days after that, a group of armed, self-proclaimed vigilantes gathered at the state capitol building in Frankfort as lawmakers convened for the first legislative session of the year. While no violence erupted, the robust presence of military grade firearms and “just in case” zip ties—not to mention one sign that read “make hanging traitors great again”—created a menacing atmosphere of veiled threats and open intimidation, tactics common among abusers who seek to exert power and control over their partners and families, just as these individuals seek to control the lawmakers and law-making process by a show of threatened force.

And today, just one week away from the transfer of power from one presidential administration to the next, one of the top news headlines reads “Armed protests being planned at all 50 state capitols, FBI bulletin says.”

As a nation we are tragically accustomed to acts of public and state violence, acts which alarmingly continue to grow in frequency and scale. In the midst of a raging global pandemic, 2020 ended as one of the most violent years in decades, with mass shootings reaching record levels and acts of police brutality against black and brown people sparking a long overdue reckoning against racism and the white supremacist ideology we find at the root of our country’s most shameful deeds, including racist-fueled lynch mobs, state-sanctioned human slavery, and the coordinated annihilation of indigenous people.

The January 6, 2021 armed invasion of our capitol building by a violent fascist mob is uniquely despicable, even for a nation built on a storied legacy of violence. Not only was the core tenet of democracy—the peaceful acceptance of the will of the people and the lawful, orderly transition of power—directly threatened by gangs of radicalized insurrectionists, their seditious, coordinated attacks defiled and violated one of our country’s few remaining hallowed, symbolic civic spaces. The U.S. Capitol building is a living monument to the idea of democracy. Like the White House, it is owned by and for the people.

They came into our house. They broke windows, looted federal property, urinated, defecated, and threatened to lynch lawmakers and leaders; five people lost their lives.

Like the 9/11 terrorists, a fringe group of extremists attacked a national symbol while the folks inside were doing their job.

And like the 9/11 terrorists, they succeeded, not in breaking democracy as they intended, but rattling our collective humanity to the core.

As a coalition, we have accumulated three decades of first-hand experience, empirical research, and institutional understanding of the intersecting causes, patterns and practices that domestic abusers employ to control and intimidate. We are also aware that trauma and betrayal from within one’s network of trust is damaging to a foundational sense of security.

Now, we are seeing those same patterns of abuse and trauma played out on a macro scale.

We stand with survivors of all forms of violence and oppression, including our lawmakers and our nation itself. We recognize and validate the pain, confusion, and injury caused on multiple levels when a sacred covenant of safety is violated. We acknowledge the difficulty and struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy and security in our everyday lives in the face of looming threats of public violence, not to mention the rising record levels of death due to the pandemic, as well as the resulting disruption of our way of life and the loss of comforting and steadying traditions, including funerals, holiday meals, even hugs.

Everyone deserves to feel safe at home.

This simple belief–neither radical nor partisan–is a cornerstone of our work to end domestic violence.

It is work we pledge to continue and expand during this time of profound peril to our shared sense of security.

We will continue to roll up our sleeves to work with lawmakers from all parties in unified efforts to create a Commonwealth free of violence. We will continue to meet survivors where they are, no matter how dire or difficult the circumstances. We will continue to envision shared communities grounded in the health, safety, and well-being of all. We will champion those who have been abused and we will hold abusers accountable. We will also hold ourselves accountable for what we have failed to do, and what remains to be done.

Finally, we will hold our systems accountable, for the appropriate response, or lack thereof, to all of those individuals who made the choice to use violence and intimidation to willfully damage our democracy—and each other—while framing their acts of terrorism as protest, protected by the right to free speech. When acts of coordinated violence are committed under the false guise of protest or liberation, it delegitimizes the true meaning and purpose of our shared ideals and comes at the expense of someone else’s liberty and safety.

We see their rhetoric and actions for what they are—a manifestation of power and control designed to undermine basic civil and human rights.

Candace Chaney
Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence
+1 502-276-5445
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Ghanaian American Author Marjy Marj's Book on Race, Diversity and Unity to be Featured by South Carolina State Library

Author Marjy Marj, published a new book Same Elephants.

Author Marjy Marj begins book tour in 2021 to share her new story in hopes to bring unity and end social injustice.

Author Marjy Marj newly released book Same Elephants planning a book tour in hopes to end social injustice by sharing this top rated release book story.

Same Elephants rated Top 10 Release in 2020.

Same Elephant, author Marjy Marj goes on a book tour and will shed hope during social issues.

SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA, January 13, 2021 / — According to the South Carolina State Library and Read SC, authors of SC will be featuring Marjy Marj (Marjorie Boafo Appiah) on Thursday, February 11th, 2021 at 7:00PM EST. The virtual event will introduce participants to Marjy's latest book – "Same Elephants" as she begins her book tour for 2021. Same Elephants debuted as a top 10 release in March 2020. Marjy latest book is enlightening and an introspective novel about four friends from diverse backgrounds.

In the book Same Elephants, Marjy sheds light on race relations and the importance of representation. When two of the four main characters are mistaken for trespassers, the four friends embark on a quest to educate their community about the dangers of stereotyping. Same Elephants explores everyday relationships, the presumptuous nature of society and the ability to rise above prejudice. This book is truly a treasure to read and relevant to today’s social issue that shed hopes and a powerful message for unity.

In 2020, Marjy was named the “South Carolina Woman of Accomplishment” by the Business and Professional Women of South Carolina and named a “Community Hero” by the Spartanburg County Foundation. In December 2020 she was featured in the University of Baltimore Alumni publication for being an advocate for literacy and immigration. Marjy has been featured in several news articles and magazines, one of her proudest moments is being the keynote speaker for Black History Month at University of South Carolina, Upstate.

Join Thursday, February 11, 2021 at 7pm(EST) to hear Author Marjy Marj speak about her recently published book and how today’s social issues inspired her in writing Same Elephants. This event will take place virtually, in order to receive the Zoom link, please register at this link:

Event Register:
To learn more about the upcoming event visit the South Carolina State Library Website.
To learn more about this authentic voice, visit
To purchase Same Elephants,

About Marjy Marj:
Marjy Marj is the host of HUMANITY CHATS, a weekly talk
show about everyday issues impacting humans. She speaks and writes about
culture, politics, and social issues. Marjy is the author of THE SHIMMIGRANT (debuted #1 new releases in 2019) and SAME ELEPHANTS (top 10 in March 2020). She is known as the “Advocate for Humanity” while being a sought-after speaker who keeps the crowd entertained and engaged at all times.
To book Marjy Marj for an interview please contact her publicist, Andrea Beasley, via email

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Brand Drug Prices Rise Through the First Ten Days of January

108 Additional Brands Since January 1st

FAYETTEVILLE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2021 / — The pharmaceutical industry continues the trend of raising brand name drugs in January. After raising the prices of 376 brands on January 1st with an average price increase of 4.5%, manufacturers have raised the prices for 108 additional brand drugs through January 10th averaging 4.8%.

Price increases for these 108 additional drugs range from a low of 0.8% for Adakveo, used to treat pain crises in sickle cell disease, to a high of 10.0% for 3 brands; Adzenys XR-ODT, commonly used to treat ADHD, Cosmegen, used to treat different types of cancers and solid tumors, and Desoxyn, used to treat both ADHD and obesity due to overeating.

Other notable drugs taking price increases since January 2nd include Januvia, an oral diabetes medicine, averaging 4.9%, Myrbetiq, used to treat symptoms of overactive bladder, averaging 3.0%, Entresto, used in certain people with chronic heart failure, averaging 7.0%, and Durezol, used to treat swelling and pain after eye surgery, averaging 5.5%.

For more information on drug price increases on January 1st, you can find our press release on EIN Presswire here:

It is not out of the ordinary for manufacturers to continue to delay raising prices until later in January. DMD America will provide updates weekly through the end of the month.

It is important to note we used, for this analysis, the Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC), a list price, that is set by the drug manufacturer without taking into account rebates, insurance, and other discounts that may be available.

AnalySource® as of Jan 12, 2021 – Reprinted with permission by First Databank, Inc. All rights reserved. © 2021

* First Databank, Inc Drug Pricing Policy:

About DMD America, Inc
AnalySource® is a registered trademark and drug pricing data solution service of DMD America, Inc. Since 1996, data has been made available in cooperation with First Databank, Inc. a subsidiary of the Hearst Corporation. Our service is licensed by subscription, with global clients including biotech, pharmaceuticals, government agencies, consultancies, academia, and more.

About First Databank (FDB)
First Databank (FDB) is the leading provider of drug and medical device knowledge that helps healthcare professionals make precise decisions. We empower our information system developer partners to deliver valuable, useful, and differentiated solutions used by millions of clinicians, business associates, and patients every day. For more than four decades, our medical knowledge has helped improve patient safety, operational efficiency, and healthcare outcomes. For a complete look at our solutions and services, please visit

Eric Tedford
DMD America
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Psychiatric Drugs and Side Effects – The Unseen Hand Behind Violence in America

Of 409 official psychiatric drug agency warnings, 49 warn of suicide or suicidal ideation and 27 warn of violence, hostility, aggression and homicidal ideation.

Of 409 official psychiatric drug agency warnings, 49 warn of suicide or suicidal ideation and 27 warn of violence, hostility, aggression and homicidal ideation.

The headquarters for CCHR Florida are located in downtown Clearwater.

The headquarters for CCHR Florida are located in downtown Clearwater.

Researchers took the FDA ADR data and identified 25 psychotropic drugs that are disproportionately associated with violence.

Researchers took the FDA ADR data and identified 25 psychotropic drugs that are disproportionately associated with violence.

27 international drug agency warnings link psychiatric drugs to the adverse effects of violence, mania, psychosis or homicidal ideation

27 international drug agency warnings link psychiatric drugs to the adverse effects of violence, mania, psychosis or homicidal ideation

Nearly one in six Americans are taking psychotropic drugs and the percentage of women taking these drugs are even higher at 23%.

Nearly one in six Americans are taking psychotropic drugs and the percentage of women taking these drugs are even higher at 23%.

Close to 17% of Americans are taking psychiatric drugs with side effects such as acting aggressively, being angry, or violent and acting on dangerous impulses.

The FDA needs to step up and conduct further investigations into the relationship between psychiatric drugs and violence.”

— Diane Stein, President CCHR Florida

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2021 / — According to the United Health Foundation there were over 1.2 million acts of violent crime in 2018 including 16,214 homicides, or five homicides per 100,000 people. Additionally, “homicide was the third-leading cause of death among young adults ages 15-34 and the fifth-leading cause of death among children ages 10-14.” The same report details the financial burden violent crimes places on hospitals and health care systems. “Costs — including violence preparedness, prevention, as well as security and safety within health care facilities — were estimated at $2.7 billion in 2016. The overall estimated economic burden of violent crime was $65 billion in lost productivity and $6 billion in direct medical costs in 2007. Researchers estimate the following per-offense total costs: $9 million per homicide, $241,000 per rape/sexual assault, $107,000 per aggravated assault and $42,000 per robbery (2008 dollars).” [1]

With close to 17% of the American population prescribed some type of psychiatric drug with their accompanying violent side effects, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) believes that there is more behind this violence than bigotry and prejudice. [2]

Psychotropic Drugs

A psychotropic describes any drug that affects behavior, mood, thoughts, or perception.

Nearly one in six Americans are taking psychotropic drugs and the percentage of women taking these drugs are even higher at 23%. [2] And women are 2½ times more likely to be taking an antidepressant than men. [3] There is no better way to collapse a society than under the guise of help. Help simply means to give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need; contribute strength or means to; render assistance to; cooperate effectively with; aid; assist and furthermore save or rescue.

But how is it help when these mind-altering drugs do anything but help. Psychotropic drugs are hardly helping when their side-effects include worsening depression, new or worsening anxiety, agitation or restlessness, panic attacks, new or worsening irritability, acting aggressively, being angry, or violent, acting on dangerous impulses, an extreme increase in activity and talking (mania), and other unusual changes in behavior or mood. [4]

“Rather than helping the individual, psychotropics alienate, and push them into more and more potentially dangerous behavior,” states the president of the Florida chapter of CCHR, Diane Stein.

This situation was so egregious that in 2004, the Federal Drug Administration issued a “black-box” label warning indicating that the use of certain antidepressants to treat major depressive disorder in adolescents may increase the risk of suicide, homicide, and other acts of violence.[5]

A study entitled Prescription Drugs Associated with Reports of Violence Towards Others, by Thomas J. Moore (Institute for Safe Medication Practices), Joseph Glenmullen (Department of Psychiatry-Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School), and Curt D. Furberg (Division of Public Health Sciences, Wake Forest University School of Medicine) declared “Violence towards others is a seldom-studied adverse drug event and an atypical one because the risk of injury extends to others… In the 69-month reporting period we identified 484 evaluable drugs that accounted for 780,169 serious adverse event reports of all kinds. This total included 1,937 (0.25%) cases meeting the violence criteria. The violence cases included 387 reports of homicide, 404 physical assaults, 27 cases indicating physical abuse, 896 homicidal ideation reports, and 223 cases described as violence-related symptoms.” [6]

Numerous drugs contain FDA-required warnings to doctors or patients regarding the risk of aggressive or violent acts. Among the drugs with warnings about aggressive behaviors are varenicline ((trade name Chantix and Champix is a prescription medication used to treat nicotine addiction), zolpidem, montelukast, and all antidepressant drugs. [6] Varenicline has come under further study with the result that “…Varenicline is associated with thoughts and acts of aggression/violence. We recommend that physicians and pharmacists ensure that all patients are informed of possible psychiatric symptoms of varenicline, including violent and aggressive thoughts.” [7]

ADHD Medication and Violence

Psychotropics prescribed for individuals, including children, labeled with ADHD have also come under scrutiny. As far back as 2006, a psychiatric review team from the Federal Drug Administration called for stronger warnings on Adderall, Concerta, Ritalin and Strattera packaging regarding cases of psychosis and mania from taking these drugs. “Patients and physicians should be aware that psychosis or mania arising during drug treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder may represent adverse drug reactions.” [8]

As a watchdog organization that exposes abuse in the mental health industry, CCHR strongly feels that the surge in psychiatric drug prescriptions, the associated side effects and the resulting violent and aggressive behavior should be investigated.

Know Your Rights

“Individuals, parents and families have a right to know what the possible side-effects of these dangerous drugs are. There are many associated risks with taking them and no one should be forced or coerced into taking them,” said Diane Stein. “The FDA needs to step up and conduct further investigations into the relationship between psychiatric drugs and violence.”

CCHR encourages anyone who is being advised that they or a loved one should take psychiatric drugs to demand a “differential diagnosis” where the doctor obtains a thorough history and conducts a complete physical exam, ruling out all the possible problems that might cause a set of symptoms and explains any possible side effects of the recommended treatments. For more information or to report psychiatric abuse please visit or call 1-800-782-2878.

About CCHR: Initially established by the Church of Scientology and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz in 1969, CCHR’s mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, first brought psychiatric imprisonment to wide public notice: “Thousands and thousands are seized without process of law, every week, over the ‘free world’ tortured, castrated, killed. All in the name of ‘mental health,’” he wrote in March 1969.

[1] Public Health Impact: Violent Crime
[2] Adult Utilization of Psychiatric Drugs and Differences by Sex, Age, and Race
[3] Antidepressant Use in Persons Aged 12 and Over: United States, 2005–2008,any%20other%20age%2Dsex%20group.
[4] What are the possible side effects of antidepressants?
[5] Duty to Warn: Antidepressant Black Box Suicidality Warning Is Empirically Justified
[6] Prescription Drugs Associated with Reports of Violence Towards Others
[7] Thoughts and Acts of Aggression/Violence Toward Others Reported in Association with Varenicline
[8] Hallucinations and Other Psychotic Symptoms Associated with the Use of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Drugs in Children

Diane Stein
Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida
+1 727-422-8820
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CCHR: Imagine a World Without Psychiatric Abuse

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Marjy TV Interviews One Of The First Female Secret Service Agents

Podcast show HUMANITY CHAT interviews Sue Ann Baker who is one of five first women secret service Agents after 106 years of establishing the organization.

Podcast show HUMANITY CHATS host Marjy Marj interviews one of the first female Secret Service Agents, Sue Ann Baker.

Podcast show HUMANITY CHATS interviews former female Secret Service Agent, Sue Ann Baker, about her personal sacrifices in a male dominating position.

SPARTANBURG, SC, USA, January 12, 2021 / — Weekly Podcast show HUMANITY CHATS (host Marjy Marj) featured on Marjy TV will have special guest Sue Ann Baker, one of the first women who was sworn into what was then called the Secret Service auxiliary in 1970. Baker was one of five women who were then made full-fledged agents the following year. Eventually, women were included in presidential protective details and they were still the only five women among 1150 men. Today women make up 10 percent of the Secret among the 3500 special agents. Baker will share her personal challenges in this male dominating field on HUMANITY CHATS live this Thursday, January 14 at 7:30pm(EST) on Marjy TV YouTube and Facebook.

Baker wrote about her life as a Secret Service Agent in her book titled “Behind the Shades”. In her book she shares the history of how the Secret Service (USSS) was formed in 1865 to crack down on counterfeit currency. After the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901, Congress assigned it the mission of providing full-time protection for the president. Over the years, it also began guarding former presidents, presidential nominees, visiting foreign leaders and others. Baker had the privilege to protect foreign dignitaries, 1972 Presidential Campaign Congresswoman Shirley Chisolm and Mrs. George McGovern (former Governor of Alabama).

In this interview, Sue Ann Baker will also discuss her personal sacrifices to have a career as an USSS and her experience as a pioneer who paved the way for today’s female secret service agents. To watch HUMANITY CHATS interview with Sue Ann Baker and host Marjy Marj, go to Marjy TV on Facebook and/or YouTube this Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 7:30pm(EST). The interview will post to all podcast platforms after the show.

If you would like more information about being a guest on HUMANITY CHATS or interviewing the host Marjy Marj please contact Andrea Beasley at 248.416.0934 or email

HUMANITY CHATS sets out to broaden the lens on social, cultural, political and health issues while dispelling any myths and misperceptions. This weekly show celebrates and uplifts all humankind and allows listeners to journey the hearts and minds of each guest. HUMANITY CHATS seeks to reveal insights, truths and tribulations like never before through chatting with everyday people. Follow HUMANITY CHATS on Marjy TV social platforms to stay up to date with upcoming interviews.

If you would like more information about Marjy TV and/or HUMANITY CHATS please contact Andrea Beasley at 248.416.0934 or email

Andrea Beasley
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SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , January 12, 2021 / — As President Trump heads to Texas to highlight his signature border wall, a campaign promise of 2016, a new book about the San Diego-Tijuana experience undercuts his assertions about the wall’s necessity for national and economic security.

In stark contrast to the current administration's divisive approach, the decades-long goal in San Diego and Tijuana has been to let people flow back and forth between the two nations under a system of binational collaborations that have resulted in camaraderie and commerce for the region. Instead of fear, distrust and isolation, a dynamic new community has arisen.

El Tercer Pais, or “The Third Country,” by noted Silicon Valley author Michael S. Malone, tells the story of the historical, political, economic and cultural forces that helped create what has been called “the most dynamic cross-border community in the world.” In the pre-pandemic world, tens of thousands of U.S. and Mexican citizens legally crossed the border each day to work, go to school, get medical care, eat, drink and socialize in one another’s country, bringing the unique, hybrid community to life. (Under agreements with Mexico and Canada, the Department of Homeland Security has placed limits on non-essential travel across the border under COVID-19.)

Malone’s book highlights what few Americans know. Tijuana is today a metropolis of 2 million people, a center of manufacturing, engineering and technology, with a highly-skilled workforce. (By contrast, San Diego, California’s second-largest city, has 1.4 million). Samsung television and Toyota Tacoma trucks for North America are built here, along with delicate medical equipment and sophisticated car stereos in factories with AI and other technology. Prosperous Mexicans shop at the Las Americas Outlets mall on the U.S. side because, contrary to popular notion, high-end retail goods are cheaper there than in Tijuana. What was once an unpredictable and chaotic hours-long border crossing now takes a matter of minutes, thanks to special lanes that allow drivers with Global Entry and SENTRI (Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection) cards to zip over the border, as do “FastLanes” for medical patients and others bearing FastPasses. Smaller businesses often have offices in each city, or as they refer to it, “the other side of town.”

It was visionary business, academic, government and community leaders who forged the binational partnerships during the past few decades that have resulted in this dynamic new regional metropolis. Their efforts are vividly depicted in El Tercer Pais. The book also provides evidence that with a free flow of ideas, cross-cultural cooperation, and collaborative border management, a prosperous and creative “third country” can arise — and that border walls just might be irrelevant.

Malone is available for interviews.

Michael S. Malone is one of the world’s best-known technology/business journalists. He is the author of 25 books, including such award-winning works as The HP Way, The Intel Trinity, and The Virtual Corporation. He wrote the “Silicon Insider” column for ABC News from 2000-2009. He has also been the host or producer of several public-television series (notably the award-winning PBS miniseries The New Heroes, hosted by Robert Redford), editor of Forbes ASAP magazine, and is Dean’s Executive Professor at Santa Clara University. He is a Distinguished Friend of Oxford University. Malone lives with his wife and younger son in Sunnyvale, California.

El Tercer País: San Diego and Tijuana: Two Cities, Two Countries, One Community (Silicon Valley Press, 2020, 410 pages), by Michael S. Malone with Cheryl Dumesnil. Hardcover published December 2020; an e-book was issued for the biennial Tijuana Innovadora conference in October 2020.

Carolyne Zinko
+1 415-298-2086
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3M Health Information Systems Joins the Population Health Alliance

PHA Logo

3M Health Information Systems Logo

Global leader of payment and quality methodologies joins the national professional and trade network for population health management

WASHINGTON, DC, U.S.A., January 13, 2021 / — Population Health Alliance (PHA), the industry’s only multi-stakeholder professional and trade association solely focused on population health, today announced that 3M Health Information Systems ( has joined the organization as a member. From computer-assisted coding to clinical documentation integrity and performance monitoring, 3M Health Information Systems' automated and intuitive software helps providers, payers and government agencies throughout the United States and across the globe reduce costs and provide more informed care.

“3M Health Information Systems is a leader in designing outcomes-based payment and quality systems for federal, state and private payers serving the US and global clients. We are focused on equitable, transparent, rigorous payment and outcome methodologies that not only efficiently deploy resources, but also measurably improve safety, quality and health outcomes. We are delighted to the join the Population Health Alliance community and look forward to collaborating with its members and advancing population health science and policy,” said Sandeep Wadhwa, MD, MBA Global Chief Medical Officer.

"Advances in population-based health information technology are progressing in quantum leaps, leading to important strides for patients and the industry." said Jaan Sidorov, MD, CEO and President of the PA Clinical Network and PHA's President. "Sandeep Wadhwa remains a widely recognized global leader in this field, and his expertise will help the Population Health Alliance cement its role at the forefront of a rapidly evolving healthcare system."

Dr Wadhwa recently hosted a panel presentation on population health management in international markets at the 2020 PHA Innovation Summit and Capitol Caucus.

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Population Health Alliance represents stakeholders from across the health care ecosystem that seek to improve health outcomes, optimize medical and administrative spend, and drive affordability. Learn more at or follow us on LinkedIn

3M Health Information Systems is committed to leading the shift from volume to value-based care, creating more time to care, and eliminating revenue cycle waste. We are providing clinicians with real-time guidance and accurate documentation and closing the loop between clinical care and revenue accuracy. From outcomes performance monitoring, computer-assisted coding to clinical documentation integrity, 3M’s automated and intuitive software can help provide more informed care and reduce potentially avoidable costs. For more information, visit, or follow @3MHISNews on Twitter.

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Brigadier General (ret) Dick Miller, President, NVBDC

Brigadier General (ret) Dick Miller, President, NVBDC

NVBDC proudly supports all Veteran Owned Businesses

Nations leading veteran business certification organization

Helping Clients Thrive & Communities Prosper

Helping Clients Thrive & Communities Prosper

Recognized for Excellence in Business Banking

Recognized for Excellence in Business Banking

NVBDC welcomes RBC Wealth Management and City National Bank as newest Corporate Member

We are expanding NVBDC opportunities for our Certified Service-Disabled / Veteran Owned Businesses. .We welcome RBC and City National Bank's participation and look forward to the partnership.”

— Brigadier General (ret) Dick Miller, President, NVBDC

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2021 / — The National Veterans Business Development Council (NVBDC) announces that RBC Wealth Management and City National Bank have joined the council as Corporate Members. RBC Wealth Management and City National Bank are committed to supporting the NVBDC Certified Service Disabled and Veteran Owned Businesses (SD/VOBs). This includes an ongoing effort to enhance their outreach to secure SD/VOBs in their procurement opportunities.

Diversity and inclusion are core values at both RBC Wealth Management and City National Bank, and their commitment extends to the supplier community. As major purchasers of goods and services, RBC Wealth Management and City National Bank recognize the tremendous impact they have on the supplier community where they operate as well as the supplier community's impact on the products and services that they deliver.

RBC Wealth Management and City National Bank also participate in supplier diversity events and conferences that include speaking engagements, panel discussions, webinars, match-maker sessions and workshops. They lead various mentorship activities, which includes the formal mentoring of certified suppliers and an annual workshop. Additionally, RBC Wealth Management and City National Bank supplier diversity processes are embedded into day-to-day procurement activities and continue to incorporate supplier diversity goals into annual performance objectives.

"We are expanding NVBDC opportunities for our Certified Service-Disabled / Veteran Owned Businesses. NVBDC is always available to answer your questions on how to get certified." Said Brigadier General (ret) Dick Miller, President, NVBDC. “We welcome RBC and City National Bank's participation and look forward to the partnership.”

About RBC Wealth Management
In the United States, RBC Wealth Management operates as a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC. Founded in 1909, RBC Capital Markets, LLC. is a member of the New York Stock Exchange, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, and other major securities exchanges. RBC Wealth Management has $389 billion in total client assets with more than 2,000 financial advisors operating in 170 locations in 42 states.

About City National Bank
Los Angeles-based City National Bank offers a full complement of banking, trust and investment services through 72 offices, including 19 full-service regional centers, in Southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, Nevada, New York City, Nashville, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Washington, D.C. and Miami*. Its 5,200 colleagues deliver highly personal service and complete financial solutions to entrepreneurs, professionals, their businesses and their families.

Through its subsidiaries, including City National Rochdale, LLC; City National Securities, Inc.; First American Equipment Finance, and other affiliated companies, City National also makes available wealth management, brokerage and leasing services among others.

On November 2, 2015, City National merged with Royal Bank of Canada.

For more information about NVBDC and to learn how to become an NVBDC Certified SD/VOB additional support is always available. Please feel free to reach out to NVBDC by visiting our website: or contacting us directly: (888) CERTIFIED.

NVBDC is the only Veteran Owned Business Certification organization developed by Veterans, for Veterans. The purpose is to provide a credible and reliable certifying authority for all size businesses ensuring that valid documentation exists of Veteran ownership and control.

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