Gillian Battino Announces Candidacy for U.S. Senate

Headshot of Dr. Gillian Battino, a white woman with short blonde hair, wearing a black blazer and American flag pin standing with her arms crossed

Dr. Gillian Battino

Asa, Abel, Gillian, Stella (a German Shepard dog), Ellie, Lily, Ben, and Ben Jr., sitting on a couch together [Anabel not pictured]

Gillian Battino and her family in the living room of their Wausau, WI home. (From left to Right: Asa, Abel, Gillian, Stella the dog, Ellie, Lily, Ben, and Ben Jr. [Anabel not pictured])

Dr. Gillian Battino, standing talking with Dr. Cherise Easley, a Black woman in front of a painted mural of President Biden, Vice President Harris and the late Congressman John Lewis

Dr. Gillian Battino and Dr. Cherise Easley discuss education reform in front of Milwaukee’s iconic Biden Harris 2020 Vision Mural by Tia Richardson

Mother, Doctor and Democrat to Build a Brighter Tomorrow for Wisconsin

I want to ensure that my daughters and all our children experience better and have better.”

— Dr. Gillian Battino, Candidate for U.S Senate

WAUSAU, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2021 / — Dr. Gillian Battino announced her candidacy for United States Senate on May 8 in a launch video and in a speech live-streamed to grassroots supporters and community leaders, emphasizing Wisconsin’s demand for a leader with real-world experience in the issues challenging the state and the nation today.

“For over 20 years, I’ve built my career in medicine and public health on integrity, advocacy, and action. I’ve spent my career serving the people of Wisconsin and helping women in the fight against breast cancer. As a doctor and scientist, seeing Senator Ron Johnson spread vaccine misinformation and conspiracy theories on the Senate floor disgusts me. So, I’m stepping up, because we need smarter, stronger, more caring leadership.”

Gillian graduated from John Carroll University with her Bachelor Of Science in 1992. Following her undergraduate career, she attended Ohio State University – College of Medicine. She earned her M.D. in 1996 from Ohio State. Currently, Gillian is a practicing radiologist in Central Wisconsin. She hopes to bring fresh perspectives to Washington and address the challenges that Senator Ron Johnson has failed to during his tenure.

“I understand, on a personal level, what poverty does to health and what poor health does to a family. And as a physician, I fully believe that health care is not a privilege — it is a human right.” Battino said.

She noted that while the Affordable Care Act was a big step forward in policy, the pandemic demonstrated the flaws in the American health care system.

We cannot have a system where millions of Americans are falling through the cracks. Now is the time to work together for Medicare for all,” Battino continued.

When Gillian was not yet two years old, her father passed away, stemming from a childhood infection that went untreated due to a lack of access to health care. This influenced her passion for working with health care accessibility that led to working in low-income countries. Internationally, Battino has collaborated with the World Health Organization and the PanAmerican Health Organization to train Guyanese doctors and develop Guyana’s first-ever radiology residency program.

Battino, a mother of six, also emphasized her support for progressive education and labor reform.
“Every child, from birth clear through to college graduation, deserves equitable education opportunities. We can and we must provide the tools to achieve these opportunities — because, in doing so, we are not only creating building blocks for our children’s futures, but for our nation’s as well, Battino said. “And when our children get those first jobs, I want them to be good jobs with a living wage. That is why we need to defend our unions.”

Her passion for the issues is rivaled only by her commitment to fighting for people of every race, gender identity, sexuality, and ability. Battino gave a personal anecdote: “As someone who faced gender discrimination during my career and watched my mom encounter it before me, I want to ensure that my daughters and all our children experience better and have better. We can combat discrimination, we can combat racism, but we can only do it together.”

By leading on policy and planning to engage with voters, Battino believes she will lead the best campaign in the race.
“We can make politics better. We can make our society better. And we can make our country better…So, join me as we build these ideas into action.”

Gillian Battino is an American doctor and resident of Wausau, Wisconsin. Internationally, Battino has collaborated with the World Health Organization and the PanAmerican Health Organization to train Guyanese doctors and develop Guyana’s first-ever radiology residency program.

To learn more about Dr. Gillian Battino’s campaign for U.S Senate, please, watch the official launch video, or find us on social media @battino4senate.

Tory Cross
Battino For U.S. Senate
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For A Brighter Tomorrow

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Foreclosure Activity At 16 Year Lows Despite A Year of High Unemployment Nationwide

Unemployment in 2020 was over 10% for a large part of the country for a large part of the year therefore foreclosures are at 16-year lows. Are you confused too?

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2021 / — Foreclosure rates have dropped to 16-year lows across the country according to RealtyTrac ( 214,323 U.S properties were issued filings in 2020. Filings to include notices of default, scheduled auctions, completed auctions, and bank repossessions. This is a reduction of almost 60% when compared to 2019.

During 2020 unemployment reach as high as 12.2% in Colorado, 16.4% in California, 30.1% in Nevada, 17.5 and 17.6% in Indiana and Ohio respectively, 15.3% in New York, 12.6% in Georgia, 13.8% in Florida, and 13.5% in Texas. Nevada saw an unemployment rate at a whopping 30.1%

High unemployment and low foreclosure rates. This is normal.

Are you confused like me?

No matter what, low foreclosure rates should always be a cause for celebration, right? "I disagree," said real estate expert Jim Reed. "In the current scenario, the foreclosures are being held at an unnaturally low rate when compared to the economic conditions. The government is stepping in and asking lenders to delay the processing of foreclosures. Meanwhile, more homeowners are getting behind on payments. While this looks good in the short term, my fear is that once the government restrictions are removed the pendulum will swing in the other direction and we will see an unnaturally high number of foreclosures. While it is not a full gone conclusion this could cause a serious downtown in the housing market. We may see house prices drop as a result of this. Something the government is currently trying to prevent."

The owner of Denver-based real estate company, Watson Buys, had this to say. "While I believe that the government has a role to play in protecting the people sometimes their actions just kick the can down the road. This may be one of those times. It makes sense to me that at some point the foreclosures will have to be completed and if there is a backlog and they all get processed at once the effect could be worse than if they were let to run their course normally. The effect could be that rest of the house prices in Denver to fall. I would hate to see this cause a bunch of owners to be upside down on their mortgage again like in the Great Recession. That said which is worse? Lots of people upside down and no foreclosures or some foreclosures and no one upside down on their mortgage.

Foreclosure rates in Denver are at 16-year lows. Despite this more families in Denver are seeking advice on how to stop foreclosure in Denver and how to stop foreclosure in Colorado. Again, the government is trying to step in and help with financial aid and assistance. Time will tell whether or not their efforts are successful.

What are your thoughts?

Shaun Martin
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Top 9 Things That Made the World More Beautiful in 2020 – #UPGBeautiful2020

UPGBeautiful 2020 celebrates the actions of Bridger Walker

UPGBeautiful 2020 – Bridger Walker

UPGBeautiful2020 celebrates Sir Captain Tom Moore

UPGBeautiful2020 – Sir Captain Tom Moore

UPGBeautiful2020 Image of people participating in #EndSARS activities

UPGBeautiful2020 – EndSARS

United People Global (UPG) publishes “UPG Beautiful 2020”, the Top 9 things that made the world more beautiful in 2020. #UPGBeautiful2020.

UPG Beautiful reminds us that everyone has the power to make our world a better place. From children, to the elderly, to entire nation states.”

— Yemi Babington-Ashaye. President, United People Global

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, May 7, 2021 / — United People Global (UPG) publishes “UPG Beautiful 2020”, a selection of the Top 9 things that happened that made the world more beautiful. The series celebrates the most beautiful things that happened during the year across the globe. #UPGBeautiful2020.

Even though 2020 proved to be a devastating year, there were moments, stories and developments that made the world #beautiful​. At UPG, we believe it is important to appreciate these moments to guide our path and to help us make our world a better place with our own contributions, no matter how big or small.

On this international United Nations Day that marks a Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives During the Second World War, UPG joins hands to honour their memory. And to honour all those whose actions give us reason to find a silver lining in every cloud.

The Top 9 selection includes things show exemplary courage, kindness, resilience, collaboration and love. Some of these acts were done by people that range from a 6-year old to a 99-year old. The actions also include acts done by working professionals, retired individuals, ordinary people working together, researchers and scientists working together, international organisations and entire nation states.

And the countries highlighted in this publication include actions from: United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States of America and Nigeria. One action that is highlighted also features actions from multiple countries around the world including China, Russia and more.

“UPG Beautiful reminds us that everyone has the power to make our world a better place. From children, to the elderly, to entire nation states. We celebrate these inspirational actions and we hope that we can work together to make the world more beautiful.” said Yemi Babington-Ashaye, President at United People Global.

The UPG Team makes the final editorial decision after listening to a wide range of inspirational and beautiful events from a diverse team of Global Contributors who reflect on what deserves to make the list. This year, contributions also came from UPG Champions, individuals and organisations who make a special commitment to making the world a better place.

#UPGBeautiful2020 can be watched here: It is is live on Saturday, 8 May 2021 at 2pm CEST Geneva time. This year’s selection highlights:

1 – Human resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic: The world was hit by one of the worst pandemics bringing chaos to the economy, health, and well-being of countries around the world, however, we also witnessed the best of humanity as we helped one another get through these trying times.

2 – Sir Captain Tom Moore: A 99-year-old army veteran raised almost £39 million to help the National Health Service in the fight against COVID-19.

3 – Goodwill Vows: A platform that enables people and organisations to register a donation now or in the future to any cause they care about, a donation is conditional on an event happening to them or simply the passage of time.

4 – Bridger Walker: An American 6-year-old who saved his 4-year-old sister from a charging dog attack

5 – Black Lives Matter Movement: A global movement that was accelerated by the death of George Floyd due to police brutality.

6 – #EndSARS: A movement that started after footage surfaced of police brutality from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Nigeria. The protests demonstrated solidarity, organisation and accountability from the Nigerian people, as well as the important role of women.

7 – US 2020 Election Turnout and Kamala Harris: Ordinary people in America came out in record numbers, from all parts of the political spectrum. And the first woman and first person of African and South Asian origin was elected to the office of Vice President of the USA.

8 – COVID-19 vaccines. The record development and approval of vaccines in response to the pandemic as a result of global cooperation.

9 – The Empowered People Index (EPI). A measure of the ability of people in a society to determine their future. This metric will help guide people about what to do to increase the voice and the power of ordinary citizens in their societies.

Note to Editors

For more information: Nicolás Pérez Granados /
Watch the #UPGBeautiful2020 video live:
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About United People Global: UPG is a community that encourages and enables people to make the world a better place. The work of this global community is facilitated by United People Global Foundation, an independent not-for-profit organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland. UPG is not a political or religious organisation. More information:

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#UPGBeautiful2020​ – Nine Things That Made The World More Beautiful in 2020

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Navy SEAL Chief (Ret.) Eddie Gallagher Issues Statement in Response to Apple Podcast Backlash

Navy SEAL Chief (Ret.) Eddie Gallagher

The Man In The Arena by Eddie & Andrea Gallagher

The media continually twists sound bites to fit their agenda. The book will be the first opportunity for the public to hear the full and true story of what really happened.”

— Navy SEAL Chief (Ret.) Eddie Gallagher

WASHINGTON DC , UNITED STATES, May 7, 2021 / — Attorney for Gallagher also issues statement; says details are not new revelations, reframed by the media.

Tim Parlatore, attorney for Eddie Gallagher:

"Much has been made of Eddie Gallagher’s recent statements on the Apple podcast, The Line. The truth is that the story has always been there, but hidden just beneath the surface, such that the mainstream media completely missed it until Eddie stated it in the most clear and unambiguous terms.

On May 3, 2017, Chief Gallagher and his platoon intended to kill this terrorist – along with 49 other members of ISIS who were holed up in a compound. Alpha platoon took action calling in hellfire missiles on their position & successfully eliminated the 49 members of ISIS with the government approved hellfire missile strike leaving one sole survivor.

The confirmed ISIS terrorist was brought to the platoon and, after a quick evaluation, it became clear that he was beyond saving.

The members of the platoon then agreed to perform medical procedures on the terrorist until he succumbed to his blast wounds for training purposes. These procedures were not intended to cause or hasten his death and, if anything, kept him alive for a few minutes longer than he would have lasted if no procedures were applied.

Eddie’s treatment in particular, performing a cricothyrotomy, opened the terrorist’s airway, which by all accounts, including video evidence, was very labored. According to the testimony of Corey Scott, that breathing had improved significantly after Eddie finished.

All of this was known to prosecutors at the time of the trial, but they chose not to make it a part of their presentation because it didn’t fit with their false stabbing narrative. Eddie’s legal team raised these issues with the judge in a May 26th motion to dismiss and it was reported on at the time by the Navy Times in 2019.

There were also several references to this in the trial, as no MEDEVAC helicopter was ever requested (nor would it have been approved), which would have been the next required step of treatment, had saving the terrorist’s life been possible."

“This is why I wrote the book,” Chief Gallagher says about his forthcoming tell-all, “The media continually twists sound bites to fit their agenda. The book will be the first opportunity for the public to hear the full and true story of what really happened in Mosul. I think a lot of minds will be changed.”

The Man in the Arena: From Fighting ISIS to Fighting for My Freedom, from Ballast Books, releases on June 29, 2021 and is available for pre-order everywhere books are sold.

For press inquiries contact:

Mary Beth Albertini/ Andy Symonds
Ballast Books
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As part of the so-called “Wisconsin 5,” Milwaukee participated in a scheme to let private groups manage election process

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2021 / — The Amistad Project, the nation’s leading election integrity watchdog, is holding a press conference on Monday, May 10 with former Brown County Clerk Sandy Juno and five Milwaukee residents to announce the filing of a formal complaint with the Wisconsin Elections Commission accusing the city of participating in an unlawful scheme to privatize the 2020 elections in order to benefit presidential candidate Joe Biden.


Erick Kaardal, Attorney, The Amistad Project
Sandy Juno, former Brown County Clerk
Cynthia Werner, Milwaukee resident
Rochar Jeffries, Milwaukee resident
Mack Azinger, Milwaukee resident
Dave Bolter, Milwaukee resident
Daniel Joseph Miller, Milwaukee resident


Press conference to announce the filing of an official complaint with the Wisconsin Elections Commission alleging that Milwaukee violated state and federal law by accepting private conditions on its election process without authorization.


Milwaukee City Hall
200 E. Wells St.
Milwaukee, WI 53202


Monday, May 10, 2021 @ 10:30 a.m. CDT


In July 2020, Milwaukee received a $10,000 payment from the left-leaning Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) as an enticement to join the so-called “Wisconsin 5” along with Racine, Madison, Kenosha, and Green Bay. The cities then applied for, and received, additional CTCL grants worth about $6.3 million – premised on their acceptance of strict conditions that imposed election rules and procedures inconsistent with Wisconsin law. Milwaukee never sought approval of this arrangement from either the state legislature or the Wisconsin Elections Commission, thereby usurping authority expressly invested in the state legislature by the U.S. Constitution.


Daniel Miller
Milwaukee resident
+1 262-993-6262
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Libertarian Party of New York Condemns Governor Cuomo’s Segregation by Vaccine Status

Cody Anderson, Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York

Cody Anderson, Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York

Libertarian Party of New York Logo

Libertarian Party of New York Logo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced plans to segregate people by vaccine status as outdoor sporting events start to open up.

This policy allows people who have made the choice not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to be shamed and segregated, in public, based upon their vaccine status.”

— Cody Anderson

ALBANY, NY, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2021 / — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced plans to allow sections of outdoor sporting events, starting with Yankees and Mets games but also including horse and auto racing events, to reopen at full capacity, using sections designated for those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Sections for those who are not vaccinated would remain at 33% capacity.

The Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY) rejects this scheme, and sees several insidious issues related to this policy.

“This new emotion-based policy may be popular among the vaccinated – who, ironically, should have the least to fear – but accomplishes little other than removing personal choice and proclaiming the righteousness of having been vaccinated.” Cody Anderson, Chair of the LPNY, stated. “This policy allows people who have made the choice not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to be shamed and segregated, in public, based upon their vaccine status. Further, anyone wishing to attend a public sporting event will be forced to publicly disclose private health information, as the population density of their respective seating sections will be apparent from a distance. The class structure that Governor Cuomo has created around peoples’ vaccination status creates a de facto regime of vaccine mandates – do as you are told, or remain separate from everyone else. Let us be clear: this is not optional participation. This is an invasion of medical privacy and a forcible vaccine mandate.”

For more information about the Libertarian Party of New York, please visit You may also visit Facebook at, Twitter @LPNYOfficial, or Instagram @LPNYOfficial.

Anthony D’Orazio
Libertarian Party of New York
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George Floyd Commemorative Concert Announced For May 30th in Houston, TX

George Floyd Foundation Logo

George Floyd Commemorative Concert Image

The George Floyd Foundation will Host a Commemorative Concert To Mark The One Year Anniversary of The Tragic Death and The Continued Fight for #JusticeForGeorge

We could not have predicted, that George Floyd's killing by police would inspire a
year of worldwide protests, unifying people of all nationalities to end systemic racism and police brutality.”

— Shareeduh Tate, President of The George Floyd Foundation

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2021 / — The George Floyd Foundation (GFF) announced today that they will host a George Floyd Commemorative Concert on Sunday, May 30, 2021 in Houston, Texas. The event will take place at the Fountain of Praise Church where George Floyd’s funeral was held before he was taken to his final resting place in Pearland. The all white affair will commemorate the one-year marking of George Floyd’s tragic death and serve as a reminder of the continued fight for #JusticeforGeorge (9:29) and so many others that have lost their lives unjustly, #SayTheirNames. There will also be a week of events in Minneapolis to mark the anniversary and it will culminate with this finale celebration in Houston on the 30th. Guests and virtual participants will include; Members of George Floyd’s family, friends, VIP’s, celebrities, political and community leaders and supporters representing various parts of the world.

Event Details
The George Floyd Commemorative Concert (Houston, TX.)
An All White Affair Presented by The George Floyd Foundation
Date: Sunday, May 30, 2021
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm CT
Location: The Fountain of Praise Church in Houston (Dr. Remus E. Wright, Senior
Pastor and Mia K. Wright , Co-Pastor)
13950 Hillcroft Ave., Houston, TX 77085
Open To The Public, With Limited
Link To Register to Attend:

Media: Media must submit requests for coverage in advance for approval
Live Onsite Coverage Available (Subject to space availability)

“We could not have predicted, that George Floyd, whose killing by police would inspire a year of worldwide protests, unifying people of all nationalities, calling for an end to systemic racism and police brutality. A year later, his injustice has continued to shake the nation and the world and it is our intention that the sacrifice of his life, is not in vain and does result in justice, saving other lives and ultimately change the world” says Shareeduh Tate, President of The George Floyd Foundation and George’s 1st cousin.

About GFF
The George Floyd Foundation (GFF) was founded by the family of George Floyd as a response to the brutal murder of George Floyd that occurred for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, by the hands of the Minnesota Police Department. Georges ‘I can’t breathe’ plea for his life was a cry heard around the world. The GFF is dedicated to ensuring that Georges plea never goes unanswered, that Georges voice is never again silenced and that the community is served by achieving greater access to social justice education and advocacy, youth services and workforce development programs to assist with relieving the burden of inequality and injustice.

The mission of the George Floyd Foundation is to create social justice equality and equity opportunities in the areas of social justice education and advocacy, youth services and workforce development. Website:

Though George Floyd's voice was TAKEN from him…


Media Contact: Priscilla Clarke, Clarke & Associates, LLC 240-476-9643,

Priscilla Clarke
Clarke PR, LLC
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The Ohio People’s Party Kicks Off Ballot Access Petitioning

Movement for a People's Party is registering as the People's Party in several states.

MPP is transitioning to the People’s Party and will seek national party formation.

Joins four other states in official party formation

People will discover that we are a party that represents people of all walks of life, that cares about them and their needs.”

— Carla Welch

COLUMBUS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2021 / — The People’s Party has kicked off petitioning for ballot access in the Buckeye state of Ohio. The seventh most populous state is also known as the Mother of Presidents, having elected seven U.S. presidents.

The Ohio People’s Party needs to gather the signatures of 60,000 voters by June 2022 to get a ballot line and run candidates. Organizers will be looking to double that as a cushion. All signatures must be in person. Ohio joins the states of California, Colorado, Maine and Oregon in officially beginning the ballot access process.

Todd Jelen, People’s Party Midwest regional coordinator and Ohio petition elector, points to several factors bringing down the quality of life for working Ohioans: a lack of affordable housing, few good-paying jobs, little prospects for upward mobility, and a continuing opioid crisis.

“Instead of addressing these and other issues, the corporate parties would rather turn a blind eye to the suffering of average people and instead try to suppress votes, ban free speech through protest, and not hold anyone accountable until the story is too big to sweep under the rug,” said Jelen, a resident of Cleveland.

The state’s unemployment rate is around 5%, having seen a loss of 243,200 jobs or -4.4% in the past year, according to the federal Labor Department. Like other post-industrial Midwest states, Ohio residents have suffered from the continued loss of manufacturing jobs in the steel and automotive sectors, including the 2019 closure of the General Motors Lordstown factory in Youngstown that employed 1,400 people. From January 2019 to January 2020, just before the pandemic, 12,500 manufacturing jobs were cut, most of them permanently.

In Ohio, there is a large gap between rural and urban residents, labeled the Buckeye Divide by political observers. In many ways, however, it’s an artificial label created by politicians, pollsters, and academics to attempt to explain the voting behavior of this swing state where in recent history the state elected Obama and Trump. What it doesn’t account for are the increasing numbers of disaffected, independent and unregistered voters who are looking for the corporate free alternative that the People’s Party represents.

“In my small town (Union City) in particular, people are apathetic to politics because they know that neither party represents them,” said Carla Welch, petition elector and an Ohio People’s Party organizer. “It is a very poor community and poor people, in general, have been left behind in the two-party system.”

On a larger scale, she noted, “nearby metropolitan areas with a larger population of people of color have never been represented and are taken for granted by the Democratic Party.” As organizers fan out across the state and the People’s Party gains visibility, Welch believes that the party’s progressive populist message will resonate with voters in cities, rural areas and places in between. “People will discover that we are a party that represents people of all walks of life, that cares about them and their needs.”

The share of independent voters nationally has trended upward in the past two decades. Polls show that two out of every three voters now want a major new party, an all-time high. For the first time, half of the country identified as independent in February. Gallup projects that the unaffiliated population will continue growing.

The party is organizing for ballot access in all 50 states and will hold its national founding convention this fall. It will run a slate of about a dozen candidates for Congress in 2022, and possibly a candidate for the U.S. Senate. The party will run a presidential candidate and at all levels in 2024. It opened community nominations for its first generation of candidates in April.

Carol Ehrle
Movement for a People's Party
+1 248-808-4200
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The agent orange usage list at Fort McClellan along with other herbicides. Taken from the 1990 Army Corps Of Engineers site review of McClellan.

The pesticides usage list for the same 3 year period as agent orange at Fort McClellan. Taken from the 1990 Army Corps of Engineers site review.

The report cover by the Army Corps Of Engineers where the agent orange use was found at Fort McClellan

Three different Chairmen of the Senate Veterans Committee & all have worked to block a GAO Report authorization to declare McClellan as an agent orange site

ALBANY, NEW YORK, USA, May 7, 2021 / — During the primary years of the Vietnam War, the herbicide chemical known as agent orange was pre-mixed at Dow Chemical factories and then shipped overseas to the jungles of U.S. combat zones. The compound could also be made on site at any location by simply buying the separate chemical ingredients for it. The main ingredients for agent orange are known as 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T. As the years have passed, veterans everywhere have learned how to screen old military environmental reports for any mention of the dreaded chemicals.

After conducting sweeping internet searches to find the environmental report history for the former federalized Army base known as Fort McClellan, Alabama, the veterans who were stationed there have identified ten significant toxic spill sources that makes up their current health risk profile. One of the ten hazardous sources on their list, is the collection of papers verifying the use of 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T chemicals along with hundreds of pounds of other herbicide and pesticide products that were all used during the same three-year period at the base. They say that the mixtures of these products, when placed alongside all other known multiple spill sources that took place during the same range of years, forms the likelihood of a cumulative cause to their health conditions.

The collection of papers was first brought to the attention of the former congressional staffers for Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia who was the chairman of the Senate Veterans Committee at the time. When he suddenly left Congress, the papers and issues of the veterans were rolled over to the staffers for Senator Jerry Moran. When the majority flipped in the Senate, the veteran’s issues and papers were rolled over to the staffers for Senator Jon Tester. To this very minute, the issue of agent orange used at Fort McClellan remains unprocessed, neglected, abandoned, unresolved, and largely ignored by Tester’s office and the current Senate Veterans Committee. All the men have no military service.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has published an official site list of all United States military locations where agent orange was used or stored during the Vietnam War years and thereafter. Fort McClellan is not on the list. The Dept. of Veterans Affairs has been deferring to the GAO version of the list in their processing of veteran’s disability claims. In order to have the base added to the GAO list, then an authorization letter has to be issued by a Veterans Committee or some other member of Congress to commence a new report showing the site changes. The veterans have done the preliminary work with the committee staffers to set up the boundary of questions that was to be probed or answered by the new report. The agent orange matter is included in their range of proposed topics. But the delivery of an authorization letter to start the report sits dormant at the hands of Senator Jon Tester of Montana.

At the end of February 2021, the activist for the veteran’s group, Sue Frasier, received a phone call meeting with a resigning staffer from Senator Tester’s office alleging that he was issuing a letter to the GAO that very week. The letter was to see if they would voluntarily add the new Fort McClellan site information for agent orange storage and use. Since that time, there has been no reply from any new staffers from Tester’s office either to verify the letter was sent or to speak on the matter of them issuing the other authorization letter for the entire new report. Veteran’s disability cases at the VA are languishing in limbo or are falsely denied by clerical raters based on the missing site information at the GAO and VA. Some of the effected veterans are medically matching to the “presumptive” diseases that are listed for other groups who are claiming agent orange exposures, but they are getting denied by the VA because of the GAO locations technicality.

The veterans have been frustrated and outraged by the lack of urgency and attention from Tester’s office. The patient group says that Senator Tester has been advancing the issues of other toxic exposure groups at the committee who are not holding the level of certainty for toxic site papers and matching published health sciences to the extent that they are. They consider the obstructionism that has come so far from Tester, Moran, and Isakson as the product of civilian incompetence. The veterans have long complained that the Senate Veterans Committee has been used as a deceptive platform for political and news media exploitation rather than a fair and equal oversight and legislative process available to all veteran’s patient groups. According to them, the committee works from a charade agenda where only certain patient groups are helped with the full package of hearing and news media grandstanding, while at the very same time, other groups who are better documented in their causes are blocked or held in perpetual limbo and concealment.

The veterans have recently made a consulting connection with offices at the Environmental Protection Agency regarding their overall cause stemming from Fort McClellan service. But they also insist that a new GAO Office change still must be made to establish the base as a former agent orange usage site. AO disability claims stemming from service at McClellan will not likely be resolved by any expert assistance that may come from the Environmental Protection Agency. The veterans are hoping that the dislodging of one assistance venue will also leverage the dislodging of the GAO report project in their favor.
UPDATE TO THE APRIL 20, 2021 STORY ABOUT THE NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION: A meeting has been held between the veteran’s group and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It was revealed at that time that NRC inspectors had tried a few times to gain access to the Chemical Corps environmental papers for Fort McClellan but were denied access under the excuse it was classified. The NRC was helpful & assisting to the veterans group.

Sue Frasier, activist
Toxic Exposure Army Veterans of Fort McClellan
Visit us on social media:

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Reddit Crypto scam causes huge loss for Consumers, TDA Says Warning Signs Could Have Prevented Losses

A crypto scam on Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum made consumers loose millions. Trader Defense Advisory points out numerous red flags

SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2021 / — A crypto scam on Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum robbed traders of $2 million. Trader Defense Advisory points out numerous red flags that could have prevented these losses. The scam artists fooled consumers by offering an opportunity to purchase a new kind of digital coin that turned out to be fake. When they promised to deliver the coins an hour after purchase, consumers never received the coins that were promised.

Trader Defense Advisory experts consult regularly with clients who have lost money to crypto scams, works with authorities to track down scams of all kinds, and assists in fund recovery and providing consumer information. They demonstrate how the case of Crypto Pumps is a cautionary tale illustrating the nature of crypto scams.

How Crypto Pumps Duped Consumers

An account called WallStreetBets-Crypto Pumps on Reddit used the Telegram messaging service to inform consumers of a hot new opportunity to grab a token called WSB Finance before it appeared on exchanges.

The appetite for new cryptocurrencies is huge. Some new coins can fluctuate in value as much as 1000% in one day and traders decide to take a risk. However, many traders experience significant losses. This is common when there are real digital coins, but as it turned out WSB Finance was entirely fake.

Consumers were told to send Binance coins to its Crypto Pump’s token bot and individuals were given messages that they would receive WSB Finance coins within an hour. However, the coins did not arrive. Then WallStreetBets-Crypto Pumps sent another message that because of an error, the coins could not be delivered right away. Instead, they needed to resend their Binance coins in equal amounts to the first transfer or they would lose their funds entirely.

In the message, Crypto Pump insisted they were “a serious company” with “only positive feedback” and that consumers only had ten minutes to make the duplicate transaction and lose everything. The person behind this crypto scam’s final message at the end of the ten minutes was “buying lambo now” which may be a clue where the money went.

The victims of the scam put 3,451 Binance coins in Crypto Pumps wallet, and each coin was worth $625 for a total of $2.1 million. They are now on a desperate search to locate the identities of the people behind Crypto Pumps.

There Were Telltale Signs According to Trader Defense Advisory
TDA representatives note that there were a number of signs that may have protected these consumers from the Crypto Pump scam. Analyzing this specific scam can help consumers locate other fraudulent offers in the future.

The Name Was Suspicious
It is odd that a service offering investment and trading opportunities would call itself “pump” which to traders connotes “Pump and Dump” practices that are unscrupulous and illegal. This may seem like a minute point, but a forum called TheWallStreeBets should have members who would stay away from an account called “Crypto Pump.”

It Was Offering a Coin No One Had Heard Of on a Reddit Forum
People often recommend investment in a coin no one has heard of. This is called an ICO or an Initial Coin Offering. However, according to Investopedia, 80% of ICOs are fake, especially those offered on social media. Legitimate ICOs are on special platforms designed for ICOs.

It Asked for an Additional Payment Without Offering a Product
The notion of asking someone to pay again or lose all of their initial payment is not logical or professional. Also, the hastiness and pressure of the message seem coercive and show signs of a scam.

Wording of Messages
Crypto Pump wrote things like, “We are a serious company and there is only positive feedback about us.” No serious company would have to tell people they were a serious company. Also, even serious companies do not have only positive feedback.

The Bottom Line: Stay Alert to Avoid Crypto Scams
TDA understands consumers want to get in on the cryptocurrency trend, but it is important to stay safe and avoid scams. Working with only licensed companies and brokers and avoiding ad hoc schemes on social media will keep you and your money safe.

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