Calexit Founder to Run for California Governor Advocating National Divorce

Gubernatorial candidate Louis Marinelli at a press conference in Moscow

Louis Marinelli to be the first candidate in US history advocating for state secession through a "National Divorce" with the United States

Practically everyone is on board with National Divorce… except Gavin Newsom. He just wants to be president.”

— Louis Marinelli

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2021 / — California’s most prominent independence advocate confirmed today that he will challenge Gavin Newsom in the 2022 gubernatorial election in California. Calexit founder Louis Marinelli, who is making plans to return to the Golden State from his home in Russia where he has been building a house in the countryside and raising his daughter outside what he calls “political animosity and conflict in American society,” said Governor Newsom’s status quo campaign won’t stand a chance against a candidate advocating National Divorce.

“Gavin Newsom is the epitome of the status quo. Not only does he represent the continuation of one-party rule in Sacramento, which Californians are tired of, but he also thinks California should remain in its abusive relationship with the United States,” Marinelli said. “If you want one-party rule to continue, if you want California’s problems to continue getting worse, and if you want to stay in this forced marriage and broken relationship with the other states in this country, vote for Mr. Newsom. But if you want a fundamentally different future for California, one as a free and independent country with the ability to set its own course, to set its own policies, to determine its own future… my name is Louis Marinelli, I am the California Secessionist, a Bear Flagger, and I am running for governor to make all that possible by filing for divorce from the United States.”

The term “National Divorce” has gone viral in recent weeks as several public figures began expressing support for the idea on their social media platforms, receiving a surprisingly high amount of support from within their respective groups of followers. “Practically everyone is on board with National Divorce,” Marinelli said, explaining that Gavin Newsom is not because he has presidential ambitions.

“This is perhaps the last area where Americans from all sides of the political spectrum can find common ground. Over the past week, we’ve seen support for National Divorce from athletes, musicians, comedians, political commentators, politicians, and just regular everyday people from all sides of the political spectrum,” Marinelli said, pointing to Spike Cohen, the 2020 Libertarian candidate for Vice President who took to Twitter last week and did what Cohen himself never thought he would do: agree with liberal comedian Sarah K. Silverman on a political issue, namely, National Divorce.

“It is time for the factions within our society, the left and the right, to agree to disagree, split up the assets, and part ways peacefully,” Marinelli said.

Marinelli, 35, a Republican who ran for State Assembly in 2016 and maintains an address in Fresno, flirted with the idea of running in the gubernatorial recall election this past fall but ultimately declined to file his candidacy, saying he ran into issues getting a visitor visa for his wife, a Russian national, because the US Embassy in Moscow is not issuing visas to Russians as part of an ongoing sanctions war between Biden Administration and the Russian government.

With the regular elections occurring next year, Marinelli says he'll have more time to get his wife a visitor visa in time "to come back to California as a family" and campaign for governor. He said he plans to focus his campaign on California independence, a movement known around the world as Calexit. Marinelli believes a National Divorce between the states can actually help bring them closer together. “The reality is that the people of Texas and the people California, for example – I'm running for governor of California – but the people of the red states and blue states, in general, can get along better and develop friendly working relationships with one another "if we can all just get out of each other’s hair and stop interfering with each other’s domestic affairs," Marinelli said, adding that the people of California don't want Texans or Floridians telling them how to live, and vice versa.

Marinelli said he will also be releasing a detailed campaign platform to lay out his plans and solutions for California, which he said is not just limited to independence. "I have a plan on political reform to bring proportional representation to the State Legislature, I have a plans on police and criminal justice reforms, on healthcare and health freedoms, on reducing the negative impact of human civilization on our planet, on education, and on economic growth. These are not things Republicans normally talk about, but I am talking about them," Marinelli said, adding that the basic tenets of his platform are available on his campaign website at

“In the coming months, I’ll also be releasing an updated version of my book, California’s Future, which lays out the plan for how California can become an independent country, what the country of California would look like, what role it would play in the world, and most importantly, how it would better serve the people of California. That is what my campaign is about… when it comes down to it, independence means we’ll be able to achieve two things for the typical Californian: reduce the cost of living and increase the quality of life… and this updated version of my book, California’s Future, will go deeper into the platform upon which I run for governor, which of course, calls for a National Divorce from the United States of America.”

Louis Marinelli
Marinelli for Governor 2022
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Land Betterment Exchange (LBX) Token is a Cryptocurrency That Is Not Forgetting the Once Forgotten Communities


Land Betterment Exchange

Betting on a positive solution for the future of the forgotten communities

The future of these forgotten communities need to be built based on innovation and positivity.”

— LBX Team

FISHERS, IN, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2021 / — The United States, through its technological innovation, have found ways to advance its use of alternative sources for energy generation beyond the traditional fossil fuels. While these advances have resulted in a cleaner environment and reduced pollution, those same communities that have traditionally supplied the fuel to produce that energy are being very quickly left behind by this transition. With this shift, the resulting collateral damage to the forgotten mining communities that have relied upon this income has resulted in scarred lands left from bankrupt companies, high unemployment, and families looking for ways to put food on the table and homes heated.

A real solution to both fix the scarred lands and lift these forgotten communities is needed and that solution is the Land Betterment Exchange (LBX). The Land Betterment Exchange is an ERC-20 token written off the Ethereum framework that flips the narrative on how to incentivize the clean-up of these abandon environmental liabilities. Prior to the Land Betterment Exchange, the only solution was a negative-based model by the government to fine and penalize already bankrupt companies to try to force them to clean up the environment. With $15 billion of estimated environmental liability outstanding underlying abandoned fossil fuel properties its clear and apparent that the government based model has historically not worked and can no longer be relied upon to fix the growing problem.

Instead of a negative incentive model, LBX utilizes a positive-based incentive reward system for the environmental clean-up work actually being completed. Essentially as the work is completed, the tokens are earned and issued to the party doing the work, that has applied for such tokens and has been approved. These tokens will soon trade on well-established exchanges, which will establish a market value for the tokens for value and monetization, in addition to providing further environmental offset opportunities to incentivize third-party sponsors to participate and help fund additional environmental clean-up work.

How do the forgotten communities benefit? These workers that were once mining the land to supply fossil fuels for energy generation will now be rewarded with family-supporting income to clean up the environment that has been left behind. The higher the market value of the LBX tokens, the more incentive for people and sponsors to provide additional resources and work to complete the environmental reclamation. This, based on supply demand economics, will directly translates into higher wages that can be paid to the workers themselves. Furthermore, the communities they live in will be cleaned up and provide a safer and more attractive place to live in a beautiful environment and a thriving economy.

The Land Betterment Exchange (LBX) has developed a win-win-win solution for all parties involved that is focused on driving social and environmental value to the holders of the tokens themselves. To learn more about the Land Betterment Exchange and the LBX token visit

About Land Betterment Exchange
Land Betterment Exchange (LBX) is an environmentally driven token that creates a financial incentive and trading market to pull forward environmental cleanup and transition away from fossil fuels while providing new sustainable jobs for the local community. Land Betterment Exchange has engaged Land Betterment Corporation, an Indiana Benefit Corporation and Pending B-Corp, as its token issuance partner to ensure that integrity of the token issuance process is adhered to. Land Betterment Corporation and Land Betterment Exchange both firmly believe that with real solutions it is possible for restoration of impacted areas to live side-by-side long term employment, while building sustainable and safe surroundings for communities and our planet. For more information visit or connect with the Company on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Special Note Regarding Comments and Statements herein
Please refer to our whitepaper which is linked to our website and included in the link here: for a clarification and or statements made with regards to the LBX Token.

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Robert Weiner



Robert Weiner, 22-year White House and Hill senior staff (a former Clinton and Bush White House public affairs director, and former congressional committee staff director and press secretary), and policy analyst Ben Lasky are proposing a compromise they say should be "a winner for all, progressives and centrists from Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez and Jayapal to Manchin and Sinema. It's the kind of compromise Congress regularly works out."

They propose: Cut the $3.5 Trillion bill in half to $1.75 trillion, by making it a five instead of 10 years package (so lose no programs), and for Manchin's push for some, "means testing," cut free college and daycare etc. to people earning from $400 K to $300 K. That does everything Manchin wants but also gives the programs that progressives want but just means renew in five years. That should sell to Manchin/Sinema."

"On the other key gridlocked legislation, voting rights, we also hope leaders Hoyer and Clyburn could point out to Sen. Manchin that he could feel the guilt trip of his life if his role in history were to block on absolute necessity of the voting bill to stop voter suppression, and promise him nomination to The Profiles in Courage Award, and amazing coverage in all world media and assure his place in history, if he does move the bill. That includes tweaking the filibuster with a voting rights carve-out which does appear necessary for passage.

Weiner and Lasky point out that Manchin has proposed the dollar figure for the human programs of $1-2 trillion in various interviews, and asked for some means testing so the ultra-wealthy do not unnecessarily receive benefits "they do not need." On voting rights, he has said he could improve the filibuster to be real, not just the phone-in it now is.

President Biden has asked Democrats to come up with a plan and get back to him. Speaker Pelosi at her September 23 press briefing said the issue is "priorities, not dollars," but all the debate is over the top line dollar figure. "This proposal would solve both issues, priorities and dollars,” Weiner and Lasky asserted, and it's the way Congress has solved dollar debates for decades. John King said on CNN, "The main thing is a final number " and "divide it out." Today's Pelosi-Schumer "pay-for" outline is only part of the solution. Bernie Sanders told the media Wednesday, "We will come up with an agreement." .House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer added, "I think the moderate wing is supportive."

Long-time Republican strategist Norm Ornstein told MSNBC that he believes "some version of cut the years and provide the programs" would devise the ultimate outcome.

Following his White House and Congress years, Weiner directs an op-ed writing group recruiting young journalist co-authors that has published over 1000 articles in major papers and won the National Press Club President's Award for the program.

Link to opeds:

Robert Weiner and Ben Lasky
Weiner Public News
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AEsir Technologies Selects Rapid City, South Dakota, for Gigafactory Location

Aesir Technologies Logo

AEsir Logo

Aesir Technologies gigafactory to eventually produce 1250 jobs in South Dakota

This level of hi-tech manufacturing AEsir is bringing will forever change the economic landscape of our region. The jobs created here will encourage continued growth and innovation.”

— Matt Brunner

RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2021 / — Æsir Technologies, Inc., a nickel-zinc battery manufacturer with its headquarters in Joplin, MO, announced today that it has selected Rapid City, South Dakota for its new gigafactory location intended to produce nearly 2 billion watt hours of batteries per year. The batteries produced in this factory will service the data center and 5G network markets providing backup power to prevent data loss or service interruption during power outages.

Commenting on the selection of Rapid City, Governor Kristi Noem said, “I want to thank Æsir Technologies for selecting Rapid City as the location for its new gigafactory. To all the employees who are planning to make the move, we look forward to welcoming you to your new home.” In appreciation of the Governor’s support, Randy Moore, Æsir’s CEO, said, “The economic development package put forward by South Dakota was significantly superior to the other 20 locations being considered. Incentives offered by many other locations consisted of tax abatements of taxes that don’t exist in South Dakota. Here, the incentives provided true leverage to make our financial plan come together.” Phase 1 of the $250 million total projected investment was secured through a syndication with U.S. Finance and the local investment community. The State of South Dakota is providing debt support for the building and equipment with an additional commitment for up to $1 million in workforce development.

With proposed employment of up to 400 employees in the first phase of the project and expansion plans to quadruple capacity to 8 billion watt hours and 1,250 jobs., the economic impact this facility will have on South Dakota and surrounding states will be exponential. According to Matt Brunner, Economic Development Director of Elevate Rapid City, the move to western South Dakota will result in high end talent and diversified jobs in the region, making this is a huge win for the state. “This level of hi-tech manufacturing AEsir is bringing will forever change the economic landscape of our region. The jobs created here will encourage continued growth and innovation as complementary businesses come alongside their one-of-a-kind product. AEsir’s commitment to the region embodies what it means to elevate the region for all.” Said Brunner.

In contrast with lithium-ion manufacturing where the equipment and materials come from China and other parts of Asia, most of the equipment used in the manufacturing process will come from Wirtz Manufacturing out of Port Huron, Michigan. In an additional step aimed at securing its supply chain, Æsir recently announced its plan to directly source its nickel laterites from the Philippines and domestically convert it to nickel hydroxide, the main ingredient, for its cathode. The data center market has traditionally used lead-acid batteries, and lately, lithium ion has been garnering market share due to its longer life and reduced weight. However, recent fires such as the one at OVH in France, are slowing the adoption of lithium ion for the application. Bob Galyen, a member of Æsir’s technical advisory board and former CTO of CATL, said, “Of all the possible battery chemistries to be applied in a data center or 5G solution, nickel zinc is probably the best suited due to its energy density, safety attributes, and broad operating temperature range.”

Æsir has built a demand backlog of 1.5 million batteries from leading cabinet manufacturers, system integrators and distributors. Dave Mettler, Chief Revenue Officer of CPG, a leading provider of integrated data center solutions, said, “nickel zinc batteries offer several economic and technical advantages versus VRLA and lithium-ion solutions. Given the lengthy testing AEsir has undergone with US Navy and the positive experience our data center customer has had with system deployed nearly two years ago, it makes sense for them to build this plant to expand capacity.”

“We are excited about this phase of our company’s growth,” said Randy Moore, Æsir’s president & CEO said. “It is important to note that we will continue to serve our aerospace and defense customers out of our Joplin manufacturing plant which will also need expansion soon to serve growing demand in those sectors.” Æsir’s Joplin facility, and its employee base, are currently working with the Navy and Air Force to develop Nickel Zinc technology for Virginia Class Submarine and the Minuteman III ICBM, respectively. AEsir will continue to rely on Defense and Aerospace contracts to strengthen and grow the Joplin facility in order to address the growing demand for Nickel Zinc technology.

Æsir’s batteries are produced under non-exclusive license to use ZAF Energy Systems, Inc. intellectual property. The license includes provision for Æsir to service the aerospace, defense, medical, and critical infrastructure markets.

Kirk Plautz
AEsir Technologies
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Governor Kristi Noem Welcomes Aesir Technologies to Rapid City South Dakota

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"Portland Must Make Public Safety a Priority by Supporting Law Enforcement" says Dr. Bud Pierce

Square logo, light blue, text says Doctor Pierce, A Prescription for Oregon, Sane, Secure. Stable.  In the upper right corner there is a green circle that says Governor 2022.

Bud Pierce for Governor Logo

Bud Pierce, MD, Candidate for Oregon Governor

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Bud Pierce releases a statement on Portland violence and lack of support for law enforcement.

Portland's crime wave is a direct result of its cutting back on law enforcement last summer.”

— Dr. Bud Pierce, Oncologist and Candidate for Oregon Governor

SALEM, OREGON, USA, September 23, 2021 / — In the first nine months of the year, Portland, Oregon, has seen over eight hundred shooting incidents. Portland is on pace to have 1,070 shootings in 2021.

When nine-year-old Hadar Kedem testified before the Portland City Council that she had to hide from gunfire in a Portland park, Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Bud Pierce called out the city for its lack of support for law enforcement.

"What has Portland become when a nine-year-old has to run from gunfire in a public park? The city has made no apparent progress on its $6 million plan to curtail gun violence," Dr. Pierce said.

The city is struggling to fill the jobs in their specialty gun violence unit. Earlier this summer, fifty police officers, who volunteered to serve on Portland's specialized crowd control unit, resigned from the rapid response team. Officers said they didn't receive support from city leaders.

Pierce noted that even Portland's Community Safety Director Mike Myers said that the city has failed to address public safety issues. In a council work session, Myers is quoted by KATU news saying the city has not been managing the violence and that the police are overwhelmed with call volume.

"Portland's crime wave is a direct result of its cutting back on law enforcement last summer. Some of the city's leadership can't seem to make that connection. Law enforcement must have the proper resources and training necessary to combat this surge of violence. They also must have a government that supports them, not demonizes them. You don't have a civilization when you don't have public safety," Pierce's statement concluded.

Dr. Bud Pierce has placed public safety at the forefront of his campaign agenda. He has committed to strengthening law enforcement's role and providing citizens with the protections they need to live without fear of violence.


Bud Pierce, M.D, Ph.D. is a business owner and senior partner of Oregon Oncology Specialists, one of the last physician-owned practices on the West Coast. He announced his candidacy for governor on the Republican ticket in April 2021. Approved photos and biography can be found at To arrange an interview with Dr. Pierce, email

Media Relations
Bud Pierce for Governor
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