Democrat Angel Luis Vega declares Candidacy for the United States Congress District 22 in Texas

Katy resident vows to flip TX-22

Angel Luis Vega, Congressional Democratic Candidate for TX-22

It’s Time for a New Vision in Washington!

KATY, TEXAS, USA, November 5, 2021 / — On October 18, 2021, Angel Luis Vega filed to officially announce his candidacy seeking the Democratic nomination for the United States Congress district 22 in the upcoming 2022 election.

“As your next congressman, I will serve my community with excellence, honesty, integrity, compassion, commitment, and humility. I will take to Washington a leadership approach that seeks your interest and contributes to the growth and development of our communities. Over the next 13 months, I’m going to run a different kind of campaign, focusing on my vision for the district and our communities. Not attacking my opponent or mentioning their campaign. My strategy is going to be by the hard way, organizing a strong and vibrant grassroots movement. I’m going to bring my message to the people directly. I'm going to knock on people's doors, walk a couple miles daily, make calls and connect with thousands of people within the next couple months. I believe in connecting with the people and to have the opportunity to know their stories and their needs.

There’s a lot of people in need, working hard every day, working one, two, even three or more jobs, and they still can’t make it. It’s hard, almost impossible to start a family, buy a home, live in a safe place, pay for medications, eat healthy or even eat three meals per day, and I am sick of that. I’m not implying that I am the person that’s going to resolve these situations entirely, but I am a person that wants to be part of the solutions. I will do my best to help our district, to address these necessities and do my part to improve my community’s situations. My commitment is to work hard, so we can win as a community. Starting with leading by example, preventing misinformation, promoting union and not division and stopping hate. It is not going to be easy, but it is not impossible. I’m optimistic that a better tomorrow is possible.”

As your next Congressman, Vega wants to focus on:
– Unite Our Communities
– Establishing a Vibrant Economy
– Our Children’s Education & Future
– Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement Reform
– Veterans & Military families
– Diplomacy & Foreign Policy
– Women Equality & Rights
– Retirement Security
– Immigration
– Human Rights
– The Environment
– Fixing Our Democracy
– National Security

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Source: EIN Presswire