Federal Security Council launches the Highest Level of Legal Protection for all Federal Law Enforcement Officers

Federal Security Council ” Protecting the Thin Blue Line”

Federal Security Council launches the Highest Level of Legal Protection for all Federal Law Enforcement Officers

Say goodbye to the days of unions and associations representing both senior leaders and the rank and file. That stagnant conflict ends with the FSC. Aggressive, representation is our brand.””

— Federal Security Council President David Londo

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA , UNITED STATES , November 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, there were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by a militant Islamist terrorist group Al-Qaeda against the United States of America. The attacks resulted in 2977 murders and over 25,000 injuries and substantial long-term health consequences. Since this tragic day, thousands of federal law enforcement officers answered the call of duty, and now twenty years later many have suffered from serious health conditions, have been unfairly targeted with frivolous internal investigations, and left to defend themselves without proper legal respresentation. We have witnessed fellow law enforcement officers endure expensive legal fees to clear their good name, protect their rightfully earned federal benefits and safeguard their future. Due to the ongoing egregious actions targeting Federal Law Enforcement, the Federal Security Council FSC) was created by Federal Law Enforcement Officers to fight for the rights of our brothers and sisters, to ensure benefits will not be unjustly removed by a rogue supervisor or targeted by an unfair and unjust internal investigation. As a federal employee, you must be fully vaccinated by November 22, 2021, unless you have received or have requested an exemption for religious or medical reasons, FSC has attorneys standing by to assist our members with filing exemptions. We believe in freedom to choose.

Throughout 2021, the Federal Security Council (FSC) has been building on the momentum of providing full legal coverage protection to all Federal Law Enforcement Officers and now our work is exploding. The Federal Security Council changes the way our Federal Law Enforcement Agents are represented by announcing the most significant legal and administrative protections in the history of federal employees. Full 24/7 criminal and civil legal protections, full administrative representation, discrimination representation with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and access to licensed, experienced police psychologists for Federal Law Enforcement Agents. FSC’s partnership with the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) gives the FSC the largest and most aggressive congressional presence to ensure the Heroes who protect or nation voices are heard.

Simply said, FSC will respond to increasing attacks by Congressional proposals to slash long held important police protections such as qualified immunity and drastic proposals to change use of force laws, Federal Law Enforcement more than ever needs strong legal protections and real representation in Congress.

Clearly, no other association on the Federal level comes close to the legal protections, partnerships, or administrative benefits offered by the FSC. Most importantly, the FSC does not cower to agency interest, we do not cower to senior leaders, our passion is representing the hard working men and women who risk it all every day to keep America safe. Our investigators and attorneys use federal law to stop lawless agency corruption by exposing the truth about what our federal agencies are up to. This kind of thorough and persistent work is a FSC core belief, because while others organizations or associations talk, we act!

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Federal Security Council Protecting All Federal Law Enforcement Officers

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