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MELVILLE, NEW YORK, USA, October 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — SpeakYourMindHere.com was developed to be a cut above Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms by offering an alternative outlet where content will be moderated, but never censored. All opinions are welcome. It is time to stand up now against censorship, as it has become the new norm and affects more than just conservative voices.

Scott and Michelle Zuckerman are business owners from Long Island, New York. Michelle specifically, is a very active participant on social media. During the election, she joined several conservative Facebook groups and one by one they were getting censored and even removed. She took it upon herself to start her own group and overnight it became a huge success with thousands of members. Eventually, Facebook turned off the ability to comment, defeating the purpose of the group.

Her husband, Scott, who is technically savvy, spent just a few days developing a simple social media website. It was launched and within just one day, there was so much traffic, the website crashed. It was then, the Zuckerman’s knew they were on to something, so they solicited a development team to build SpeakYourMindHere.com from scratch. In just three months, they were able to launch a robust, feature-rich platform. Every few days they add new functionality and enhancements, with membership growing rapidly and organically.

The Zuckerman’s are on a mission to restore core constitutional values in the United States, and they have decided to take on “big tech” and the media firsthand. Their members can do their own fact checking, and they will never sensor. That said, free speech is not hate speech, racial speech, or any other rhetoric that could incite violence. They want to restore social media the way it was originally designed. They encourage their members to engage and get to know one another. They also provide many valuable resources on their platform where members can do their part to help make a difference.

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