Forrest Walker Conner Starts With Quiet Leadership

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, USA, September 25, 2021 / — Forrest Walker Conner is a college student at Sewanee: the University of the South who is working towards a major in economics and a minor in business. This young student has been active in many programs to further his experience in the field, including participating in the Fund for American Studies, where he gets real experience working in the economics program.

Throughout his experience, Conner has made many meaningful connections in the industry and is beginning to prepare for a leadership role. One thing that sets Conner apart from other leaders is that he believes in quiet leadership. Actions speak louder than words, and Conner always has respected leaders who can accomplish the mission without getting aggressive.

When Forrest Walker Conner steps into leadership, he always wants to encourage his team to see their full potential. To him, aggressive leadership never made sense. How was a person supposed to feel confident about what they were doing if their leader was constantly in their face or getting upset over every minor setback?

Conner aims to encourage his team to do their best by showing them what the best is. He aims to set a good example by being one himself. Many of the young people who have been under Conner's leadership felt like they could succeed. His approachable style and open mind help others feel confident about asking him questions and learning from him.

Every time Forrest Walker Conner is in a leadership position, he values the relationship he has with each member of his team. He recognizes how important it is to treat each team member with respect to feel motivated to continue improving their performance. Quiet leadership is one management style that is more effective when it comes to building a team's confidence up.

Forrest Walker Conner supports quiet leadership because quiet leaders are often more knowledgeable than leaders who use aggressive tactics with their teams. A leader should be able to think logically and know how to encourage their team. They should also be able to solve problems rationally and be open to hearing new ideas and participate in collaborations.

A leader who simply wants to be in power often lacks these skills. To compensate for that, they will try to show their power by using fear techniques, which results in a team that feels discouraged. An aggressive leader will demand respect from their team, where a quiet leader will be able to earn it through their actions.

Conner takes the initiative to hear what his team has to say. He believes that every members' input is important for success. A quiet leader will always be open to hearing new ideas and coming up with a strategy to implement them. Forrest Walker Conner highly respects the morals of the quiet leaders that he has learned from. They encouraged him to be the leader he is today.

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