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Rendition of the daughter of Zeus.

You and your Heart are the Ace!

This Man brought you through the Brain to the pathway toward the Heart.

Babies make funny faces.

Blank slate, anything is possible. I am hear to receive all datas!

Learn the Most Credible Earth, Human and Creator models known to date and an Action Plan for Thriving in today's World.

Unfinished business always comes back to bite us. It is best to make a 'first list' of what you value the most and what your foundational principles are. A set of basic agreements.”

— Kevin Gilbert

BURNS, OR, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — We aggregated 10s of thousands of pages and thousands of years of documentation combined with two people's personal experience from Philly to Portland since 1960.

Wisdom Warriors University has many contributors sharing their life experiences and long study of self, the world and it's origin. The human condition is complex and varied but over the many Ages we can put together patterns and a story that shows us all the details of where we have been, where we find ourselves and how to approach tomorrow.

What to expect from WWU:

Creator Model: Solved
Relationship Issues: Solved
Emotional Issues: Solved
Who Am I: Solved
What is Earth: Solved
Physical Issues: Solved

The site is committed to self repair to the best life possible. Achieved though section 1, Knowledge shared from the Ages mixed with observable and provable science. The basic knowledge modules prepare you for section 2, Action which has all that you need in simple terms to make immediate and permanent changes in your overall well being

Finally, in section 3, Unity, we learn where all the contributors are from and how their groups toward self repair are progressing. Discussion groups in different categories are here. All the daily blog articles show up here and the archives.

All financial contributions received support WWU and their contributors. The rest goes to groups we have befriended around the world who are in desperate need of food and shelter. Come to section 3 to read all the stories of people benefitting from our support.

Kevin Gilbert
Wisdom Warriors University
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