Biozek Covid-19 Rapid Test Offered At Queen’s Pharmacy, John Bell & Croyden

John Bell Croyden is now using Biozek Rapid Test for Covid Testing

John Bell Croyden is now using Biozek Rapid Test for Covid Testing

John Bell & Croyden expands same day coronavirus testing service with launch of new 15-minute point-of-care test.

Offering this new 15-minute test is the next step in our efforts to fight against the pandemic, and to help provide the reassurance customers increasingly seek”

— Reshma Malde, Superintendent Pharmacist

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, August 4, 2021 / — John Bell & Croyden – the renowned pharmacy emporium in London’s Harley Street Medical Area – has announced the launch of a new Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test Cassette that delivers rapid, accurate results in just 15 minutes.

The Biozek Medical Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test Cassette (Nasopharyngeal Swab) involves a simple swab of the nose and throat and takes just moments to carry out, providing an ideal solution for those wanting to ensure they are virus free. The test offers a high accuracy of 98.98% and is an expansion to the pharmacy’s same day and next day covid-19 in-store testing service launched last month.

As lockdown rules ease and families are able to ‘bubble up’ with two other households over the Christmas period, John Bell & Croyden hopes that offering the new test will provide peace of mind for families, enabling them to mingle safely with their loved ones with the reassurance that they are protecting them from infection.

Reshma Malde, Superintendent Pharmacist at John Bell & Croyden, said: “Following the government announcement that families and friends will be able to get together over the Christmas period, we have seen a surge in both enquiries and bookings for the Covid-19 rapid testing service. People are finally able to make travel plans and arrangements to see family members who have been shielding or are in a higher risk category.

“We hope that by offering this rapid 15-minute testing option in local community stores, John Bell & Croyden can provide additional access to testing and supply our customers with the confidence that they can safely see their loved ones during the festive period and beyond.”

Since the government made the announcement for new restrictions once lockdown ends on 2 December – including the easing of covid-19 restrictions for 5 days over Christmas – there has been a surge in the number of customers seeking rapid point-of-care coronavirus tests.

John Bell & Croyden – who have held the Royal Warrant since 1909 and been pharmacists to Her Majesty the Queen for almost 60 years – has seen over 1000 patients seeking a covid-19 test in the last 2 months.

The luxury pharmacy says that during this difficult period, as winter approaches and with additional pressures on health services, pharmacists will continue to play a vital part in the national response to covid-19 as we head into the new year.

Reshma adds: “Pharmacists have taken on a vital role through the pandemic, offering advice and guidance to those who are unable or reluctant to visit GP practices, and they are likely to continue to play a more primary healthcare role into the future. John Bell & Croyden has been proud to support this vital work from the very start. We have adapted our services and will continue doing our part to support the country’s healthcare needs during this challenging period; offering this new 15-minute test is the next step in our efforts to fight against the pandemic, and to help provide the reassurance customers increasingly seek.”

The pharmacy recently launched a same day and next day coronavirus testing service which is currently available to customers in store. The quick and convenient service is available as a private pre-flight test for passengers, allowing them to produce evidence of a recent negative COVID-19 test prior to flying, or as a reliable solution for those who would prefer peace of mind before seeing friends and family. The launch of a new fifteen-minute test provides an even faster extension to this service.


Biozek Medical is a Netherlands-based biotechnology company that serves its customers worldwide by providing a range of innovative diagnostic solutions. It manufactures in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products and specializes in the research and development of point-of-care test kits and medical diagnostic and immunodiagnostic tools.

In its pursuit to help medical communities react more effectively to the current pandemic, Biozek Medical has pioneered the creation of several COVID-19 rapid tests, which offers quick and highly accurate results: The COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Test, which uses serum, or plasma specimen samples, and two COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Tests, which are conducted either through nasal or throat swabbing or saliva extraction.

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Source: EIN Presswire