THE WEREWOLVES WITHIN: Arab Shi’a clerics are in Iran, never of Iran

George H. Hassanzadeh

Save the Children!

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2021 / — The 1980-1988 war between Iran and Iraq was a direct result of the Islamic Revolution of Khomeini, and the Islamic Revolution was a direct result of a nation’s backwardness, ignorance, and intellectual deprivation. The backwardness goes hand-in-hand with the obstructive, detrimental set of harsh and punitive rules called Shi’a and Shari’a Islam.

I have chosen Iran as an example of a nation fallen victim to the biggest blunder in humankind's history. The current catastrophe is living proof that the Arab swords forced Islam (the laws of Arabia) into Iran, and Shari’a maintains it. The Arab Shiite hegemonic, mafia-style cult institution, wrapped in a holy Arabic cloak and turbaned, has destroyed a sovereign nation beyond any hope of recovery. The same force is working relentlessly to destroy the West at any cost.

Since the Islamic overthrow of 1979, Iran has become a base of deep-seated terrorist activities. A home for the most inhuman terrorists suppressing the indigenous and confronting the West, particularly the State of Israel and the United States of America, a nation that they call “the Great Satan,” I was born into a Shiite family in Ahvaz, Iran. As a Muslim child, I unenthusiastically accompanied my father to our local mosque and fulfilled all my duties to Islam. I studied Shari’a doctrine; I visited the holy shrines and cities, read the Koran in Arabic, and memorized it, even though I did not understand the content, what’s more, I grew up with and understand the mentality of today’s Iranian Arab Shiite elite.

Iran’s Arab concentration is the highest in my hometown of Ahvaz and the surrounding towns, especially around Susangerd, Hoveyzeh, and Veys. I remember my father worrying about all-out war and the ongoing conflicts among those Arab tribes. The tribes perpetually fought one another. The never-ending feud was often synonymous with family honor, justice, and simple revenge for repeated raids, executions, and the many unsolved, century-old issues.

So much self-serving fiction has been written about Islam by incompetent Arab and Iranian Muslims, particularly Iran’s Arab Shiite leaders, that I believe it might be enlightening, even ‘amusing,’ to report the facts. The facts, according to the actual eyewitnesses, writers, and historians, some of whom lost their lives in exposing the horrors.

I offer no apologies for what readers may call “fiery content.” How else can I inform the world that Arab Islam is inherently violent? That Islam in the Middle East exhibits that is not a “religion” but a set of harsh and punitive laws made by Arabs solely to crush others and seize whatever they may have.
I believe it is time for brutal honesty. This book brings out the unpleasant facts; nevertheless, the facts. It explains the horrors of imposed, impractical, seventh-century Arab tribal rules that extend well beyond the individual sufferers.

No writer takes pleasure in reporting gruesome realities. I have lost many old school-mates through firing squads’ actions, and I have lost family members as well, particularly my thirteen-year-old niece in the rural country town of Romhurmoz. She ran home from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Basij, and hid in her family’s unused tanoor (clay oven tandoor). Once found, taken to the headquarters, tortured, gang-raped, and executed in the early hours of the morning (Islam forbids the innocent “virgins” from being executed. Her crime: help distribute anti-revolutionary pamphlets.

My proximity to horrors created by the hegemonic Arab Shiite in control took no notice of the fine line between exposing the evil and being trapped by it. Nonetheless, my mission is to shed light on a secretive plot design by Iran’s Arab Shiite’ institutions against the free world. I keep a vigilant eye on the peril posed by Iran’s Shiite clerics, their methods, final penal code, and control ambitions.

The Shiite institutions will misinform and misguide the public of any nation by withholding their real intention. They will never assimilate into the mainstream of any society’s culture, and using Shari’a; they will manipulate the governing system of any state, test the limits of authority, and compel the would-be leaders to pay attention to them.

I equally believe that if the West, particularly the United States neglects to be alert and on guard, she will become handcuffed to a scheming foreign ideology for centuries to come. In the past, the only country that was relatively safe, and the superior protection a dissident could hope to describe his or her plight to the world was the United States. However, without warning, from 2013 through 2016, Iranian-Americans saw a massive storm that has landed in their gatherings, in their neighborhoods. They recognized hauntingly familiar faces, the faces that shattered their lives and caused them to flee their homeland. What’s more, thousands of hard-hitting, stone-faced, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Basij, Quds Force, and elite members penetrated the United States and, according to reliable sources, some given Green Cards (permanent residency) while they were still in Iran. They are here. Many Iranian-
Americans feel once more that they are on shaky ground.

The book, First Comes the Mosque exposes the false accounts of Arab prophets and Arab imams where knowledgeable Iranians believe that a single one of them is enough to poison a nation’s mind and impair its capacity.

This book also warns that the failure to understand Iran’s Shiite ambitions is a failure to acknowledge the world wars and the catastrophes that might have been prevented. The harsh tone and realistic style are likely to pose a challenge to many Shiite Arab ayatollahs that have benefited from the countless nonsensical and inconsistent accounts they present as facts. It also acknowledges the vital need for fast and accurate information in today’s turbulent world.

I have been fortunate to be outside of the powerful grasp of Iran’s Shiite institutions; thus, I decided to go against the tide and walk alone instead of following the crowd and succumbing to the widely repeated and thoughtless fashion demonstrated in the Islamic nations, “coerced” or not.

I discovered why the Persian writers, poets, fact-finders, and historians of the past were so restricted in presenting factual accounts of events unfolding before their eyes. One exception was the great Ferdowsi (935–1020 AD), who feared the savage sword of the Arabs and went into hiding and produced the epic Shahnameh, “The Book of Kings,” a literary masterpiece by all standards that saved the Persian language. The rest, many Iranian scholars, writers, intellectuals, and poets often answering to slave Arabic names, succumbed to the Arab will. They obeyed and wrote whatever the crude Arab desired during the Arab occupation of their homes.

Today’s Iran, again under Arab control, is an actual and accurate example. One look at today’s Iranian prisons, filled with university students, teachers, journalists, and political activists tortured, hanged, executed, and kept in dungeons. One look at the total absence of freedom in Iran attests to the hardship that Iranian writers of yesteryear endured.

As you read this narrative, the reports coming out today detail mass hangings, extermination, policies of and cruelties meted out to Iranian families that have shaken Iranians and the world for their severity and excess. What’s more, for more than four decades, these atrocities have been going on with no foreseeable end.

I feel the responsibility to bear witness to and pronounce the suffering of a nation trapped in a dilemma and not have the power or the privilege to describe its predicament to the world. Every page of First Comes the Mosque has been exhaustively researched and is intensely investigative of the world’s current turbulent events. In writing the book, I encountered a unique problem in translating Persian expressions unique to the Persian culture and are more often explanatory paraphrases than literal translations.

In telling the story, I let the mystery unfold chronologically concerning the events as happened through the Persian historian's eyes under duress and had to write what pleased Iran’s Arab Shiite institution. Through the eyes of those who live there, readers will experience how the reach and effect of a radical religion can touch you in the life you live in, here in America, or anywhere in the world.

You will experience reality instead of the glossed over, made-to-control philosophy that runs the Shiite cult.

You will learn what children study about Islam. You will understand how the information is taken in by the young and how it shapes their minds.

You will also learn how the Iranian nation came into being and how Arab Islam shaped the unsuspecting innocents' future.

Does this sound familiar, do you remember thinking, is Iran dangerous?

• Who are these radical clerics?
• Where did they come from?
• What is their fundamental ideology, their cagey and perilous philosophy?
• What are their global ambitions, and what do they have in mind for the Christians, Jews, Baha’is, and Sunni Muslims?
• Are they real clerics or imposters in holy cloth?
• How are they using Islam as a tool to help take over the world?
• What is the permissible lie (Taghiyah) in Shiite Islam (it is in the Holy Koran) that allows transgression and is now the core problem of Iran and the world?
• What is the mullah’s five-hundred-year-old dark secret, and how did the Islamic Revolution bring it out into the open?

Finally, as a young Iranian, I remember my nation on the road to an exciting future. Yes, I remember how hard we worked to join the world’s modern and prosperous countries under the Pahlavi Dynasty. Once home to the most jubilant and varied ethnic community, Tehran was a city full of life and vigor, a capital that held her arms wide open in welcome to the entire world. Now, with the exodus of its intellectuals and ethnic population, it has turned into a lifeless monument to the petty tyranny of Arab Islam, Arab mullahs, the Arab Shari’a, and the Arab ayatollahs. What is left of my generation remembers a beautiful world that vanished in 1979 with Arab Ruhollah Khomeini and the Arab coup.

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