J. Prince, TI, and Trae Tha Truth amongst celebrities who are speaking out in support of Larry Hoover Sr.

ADX Supermax engaging in Unconstitutional behavior by denying Larry Hoover Sr. legal visits and medical aid.

FLORENCE, COLORADO, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Attorney Justin A. Moore, was denied a scheduled and approved meeting, with his client, Larry Hoover Sr. He was offered no alternative, instead guards threatened him with violence, as if he were a criminal. Attorney Moore was meeting with Larry Hoover to discuss his case as well as health complaints. The denial of Larry Hoover’s legal counsel and medical issues raise great concern. Multiple influencers have voiced support including J. Prince, Killer Mike (Instagram live), TI, and Trae Tha Truth.

The following statements regarding the unconstitutional behaviors of ADX Supermax are below:

“As you can see, they are treating our brother Larry Hoover like he is by himself and does not have people that love him out here. Let me speak to those who love him and feel like I do. This is not a threat but facts. If our brother is harmed due to the prevention of medical attention (by those in control at the ADX Supermax prison) with the purpose of murdering him, there will be swift consequences.”

-J. Prince via Instagram

“It’s crazy how the system makes rules and then they don’t follow them. We will not be bullied, they will see Larry has real Friends, Family and Supporters. We won’t stop until he has a fair chance.”

-Trae Tha Truth

This is an atrocity!!! We all must advocate for our brother Larry Hoover. No one in prison deserves to be denied medical care or legal visitation. Martin Luther King said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

-TI via Instagram

Previous statement issued by Attorney Justin A. Moore (May 4, 2021)

“Being arbitrarily denied the ability to have my legal visit with Larry Hoover Sr.
regarding his current health condition and pending litigation is alarming. At bottom,
citizens, regardless of if they’re incarcerated or not, should have unencumbered access
to medical care and legal counsel. When a penal institution in this country endeavors to
deny, delay or overly burden an incarcerated person’s ability to health care and their
access to the Courts, they are committing the gravest of civil and human rights
violations. Larry has been faced with an impossible task of having to fight for medical
care while being denied access to legal counsel to assist. Our constitution is clear on this issue.
To deny and delay medical care is a clear constitutional violation that is addressed by the Courts.
If ADX supermax seeks to violate Larry’s ability to get medical care and,
subsequently, deny his ability to seek redress in a US court, they are participating in a
form of torture that has no place in a developed country.”

-Justin A. Moore, Esq
Attorney for Larry Hoover, Sr.

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