Florida State Parks Have Their Own Specialty License Plate

Will provide significant and ongoing funding

The approval of the specialty state park license plate is huge and will provide significant and ongoing funding to enable us to protect and preserve the nation’s best state park system.”

— Julia Gill Woodward

TALLAHASSEE, FL, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Florida State Parks Foundation today applauded the Legislature’s decision to authorize a specialty license plate for Florida’s award-winning state parks.

“Thanks to overwhelming bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate, the Florida State Park specialty license plate is one step away from being a reality”, said Foundation President Gil Ziffer. “It is extremely unusual for an enabling bill like this to go through in just one legislative session but that demonstrates how much support it had in both chambers,” he said.

“Our Florida State Parks are a wonderful resource for our citizens to learn, grow and play. Our parks need to be protected and I am excited to get this license plate bill passed and help provide some much-needed funding to preserve these state treasures,” said bill sponsor, Senator Dennis Baxley.

House Bill sponsor, Representative Allison Tant said, “The “Florida State Parks” specialty license plate will provide funding to address crumbling infrastructure, improve structures, preserve animal and plant habitats, and provide more ADA certified improvements to increase access to the great outdoors”.

“The approval of the specialty state park license plate is huge and will provide significant and ongoing funding to enable us to protect and preserve the nation’s best state park system," said Foundation CEO Julia Gill Woodward.

“Although our state parks are the only four-time National Gold Medal winners for excellence, there is much that needs to be done to ensure they continue to be recognized as world leaders. Funds from a specialty license plate will help us achieve this,” she said.

“Florida’s state parks play an important role in providing open spaces where people can recreate and exercise in a safe, socially distanced environment. The demand for these open spaces will continue to increase as Florida’s population is expected to top 23 million by 2025 and tourism numbers grow,” she added.

“To meet this growing demand, it is important that state parks continue to provide exceptional value in terms of visitor experience and the range of outdoor pursuits available. It is also important that these pursuits are available to the widest possible audience both in terms of accessibility and diversity."

The bill is now headed to the Governor’s desk for his signature, with anticipation of being signed into law.

The Foundation, founded in 1993 as Friends of Florida State Parks and renamed in 2018, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is to support and help sustain the Florida Park Service, its 175 award-winning parks and trails, local Friends groups and more than 20,000 park volunteers.

It does this through programs that preserve and protect state parks, educate visitors about the value of state parks, encourage community engagement and active use of state parks, and advocacy.

The volunteer Board of Directors represents private and public sectors as well as local and statewide interests.

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Cullman Mutual Capital Details Fed Leaving Interest Rates Unchanged as Economy Heals

TOKYO, JAPAN, April 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tokyo-based asset management company Cullman Mutual Capital has detailed the Federal Reserve chair, Jerome H. Powell, making it clear that his central bank wants to see further healing in the U.S. economy before officials consider reducing its support by slowing government-backed bond purchases and raising interest rates.

"Mr. Powell spoke at a press conference following the Federal Reserve's announcement that it would keep rates close to zero and continue purchasing bonds at a steady pace, as we expected," said Steven Perry, Senior Executive Vice President at Cullman Mutual Capital. "He also painted a picture of a recovering economy, aided by vaccinations, government spending and the Fed's own initiatives," he added.

Fed officials have indicated that they want to see more progress toward their goals of full employment and stable inflation before reconsidering their cheap-money approach. Officials made it apparent that they see the recent rise in inflation, which is expected to intensify in the coming months, to more likely be short-lived rather than concerning.

Mr. Powell was mindful not to come across as though he and his team understood precisely what the future held. He pointed out that reopening America's giant economy from pandemic-era shutdowns was a risky undertaking.

"After reaching a low point one year ago, employment is bouncing back, consumers are spending, and the future is looking brighter as vaccines become widely available. Data released on Thursday is expected to show steady improvement in the first three months of this year, which we believe will give way to rapid gains in the next quarter," concluded Perry.

The Fed has repeatedly stated that it wants to see substantial improvement in economic data, not just expected recovery, before reducing its support. Based on March's economic projections, Fed officials forecast interest rates near zero until at least 2023.

About Company
Cullman Mutual Capital is a global asset management and institutional financial services business with a proactive attitude that delivers the results our client’s demand. Founded in 2016, we have grown rapidly to 130+ staff, managing over $12 billion (USD) in assets.

Working with diverse clients, including corporations and high-net-worth individuals, we provide high-quality asset and wealth management services for all. Our investments are with some of the largest global financial institutions, hedge funds, mutual funds, alongside other varied investment opportunities.

To find out more about Cullman Mutual Capital, visit our website: www.cmcadvisory.com/

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Georgia FBI National Academy Conference and The Submarine Way Partner

Georgial FBI National Academy

John Gregory Vincent – MBA

Transformation through Inclusion

Bringing impactful, culture-changing resiliency and personal accountability training to our law enforcement departments across the State of Georgia

The most practical, relevant, training I have ever seen. The time The Submarine Way takes in learning the organization combined with their powerful reinforcement creates highly effective training.”

— Allen Heidler – Chief of Police Florence SC

AUGUSTA, GA, US, April 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Georgia Chapter of the FBI National Academy is deeply committed to the well-being of law enforcement personnel, understanding the direct connection between emotional and physical well-being and the critical decision-making officers face multiple times a day. The Submarine Way has been working with law enforcement departments for years to drive more effective personal leadership, personal and peer accountability, and a more interdependent, collaborative approach of partnering internally to be more effective when interacting within their community. The specific program being delivered at the conference by The Submarine Way's Principal Advisor John Gregory Vincent will focus specifically on resiliency. The conference is being held June 20- 24 at Jekyll Island Georgia. The participant will walk away with tools to address the issues toxic stress brings to policing.

This session will be highly interactive and impactful with open and small group discussions throughout. The focus is providing immediately applicable tools for those that attend to deploy throughout their organizations to build resiliency, establish interdependent and collaborative relationships, and understand the difference between negative conflict and positive conflict. The participant will walk away with life-changing tools to apply when under pressure and to use to shake off issues after a dramatic situation.

As is the case with all of our partners in law enforcement the Georgia Chapter of the FBI National Academy is committed to better policing, better communities, and better relationships internally and externally.

John Gregory Vincent
The Submarine Way
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SB-17 will force Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other Big-Tech oligopolies to be uncensored, equally accessible, and unbiased social platforms.

These platforms are the new ‘21st Century Town Square’, albeit an electronic ‘Town Square’, and must allow for the free speech which is essential to our democracy in America.”

— Mark Pukita

DUBLIN, OH, US, April 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — 2022 US Senate Candidate Mark Pukita will introduce legislation to stop social media censorship on his first day in office.

Pukita’s proposed SB-17, otherwise known as “The Stop Social Media Censorship Amendment”, will take aim at social media censorship. Pukita has the draft legislation written and is ready to introduce it on January 3, 2023.

“The Stop Social Media Censorship Amendment” will end liberal bias that has censored many conservative voices, including President Donald Trump. SB-17 will hold Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media companies responsible for interfering with America’s First Amendment principles of freedom of speech, association, and religion.

The legislation will amend Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. When passed and signed into law, SB-17 will remove the unfair protection social media companies have from litigation. Those censored will be able to seek compensatory and punitive damages from social media companies. SB-17 will force Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other Big-Tech oligopolies to be uncensored, equally accessible, and unbiased social platforms.

“These platforms are the new ‘21st Century Town Square’, albeit an electronic ‘Town Square’, and must allow for the free speech which is essential to our democracy in America,” Pukita stated.

Proposed SB-17 can be downloaded here:


Mark Pukita
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1000 Dumbest Things Donald Trump Has Said And Done Sells 1,000 Copies On Amazon.com

1000 Dumbest Things Donald Trump Has Said And Done has sold 1,000 copies on Amazon.com

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES , April 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — 1000 Dumbest Things Donald Trump Has Said And Done (ISBN: 978-1440428944), a book authored by Terry Silverman, has sold 1,000 copies on Amazon.com.

1000 Dumbest Things Donald Trump Has Said And Done is a collection of 1,000 of the most horrible, insensitive, senseless, polarizing and wicked things Donald Trump has done and said over the years before and during his presidency. This book hopes to remind you of Trump’s lackluster executive orders, his brazen racism, his islamophobia, disregard for the environment, sexism, egoism, and hatred for low-income Americans.

1000 Dumbest Things Donald Trump Has Said And Done is available for purchase at: https://www.amazon.com/1000-Dumbest-Things-Donald-Trump/dp/B08FSGDHYS/

In this easy-to-read book which was published in August 2020, the author, Terry Silverman, lists Donald Trump’s very serious blunders – like his rollbacks on DACA and ObamaCare – and the less serious (yet, equally repulsive) stuff like him like him defending his penis size.

“The book is a reminder for Americans as they prepare to vote in November. I hope the readers find something in this book that makes them angry, makes them despise Trump even more, and makes them go out to vote against him in the November 2020 polls. Trump must not return to the Presidency,” Terry Silverman says.

The book, '1,000 Dumbest Things Donald Trump Has Said And Done’ is now available for sale exclusively on Amazon.com here: https://www.amazon.com/1000-Dumbest-Things-Donald-Trump/dp/B08FSGDHYS/ .

Terry Silverman
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