266 of our MPs, who declared what is happening in China directed at Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities … is indeed a genocide and meets all of the criteria defined as genocide.”

— Senator McPhedran

OTTAWA, CANADA, March 30, 2021 / — Speaking at the Conference on the CCP’s Forced Organ Harvesting, Senator Marilou McPhedran, C.M., spoke about S-204, a bill in the Canadian Senate, that would make “any evidence of trafficking in human organs or humans an automatic refusal for any entry to Canada.” Senator McPhedran is a human rights lawyer, professor and activist, appointed as an independent senator in the Parliament of Canada by Governor General David Johnston on the recommendation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in November 2016.

With parliamentarians from Canada, European Union, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, and United States, Senator McPhedran lauded the recent unanimous vote in the Canada’s House of Commons as follows: “266 of our MPs, who declared what is happening in China directed at Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities and, I would include in this the Falun Gong, that it is indeed a genocide and meets all of the criteria defined as genocide.”

Prime Minister Trudeau and his entire Cabinet abstained from the non-binding motion. In abstention, Foreign Minister Marc Garneau said in a statement that there should be a credible international investigation in response to allegations of genocide. Released on March 8 by the Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy, the investigation by more than 50 global experts “supports a finding of genocide against the Uyghurs in breach of each and every act prohibited in Article II (a) through (e) [of the Genocide Convention].”

The report also claimed: “The highest levels of State—the President of China and the XUAR CCP Secretary and CCP Deputy Secretary—directly orchestrate these coordinated policies and practices, which are relentlessly implemented by a bureaucratic line of entities and officials all the way down to the internment camp guards. The nature of these interconnected and composite acts inescapably demonstrate the clear, effective, and firm control of the State over the ongoing genocide that cannot reasonably be attributed to others beyond the effective control of the State, or to accident or chance. Simply put, China's long-established, publicly and repeatedly declared, specifically targeted, systematically implemented, and fully resourced policy and practice toward the Uyghur group is inseparable from ‘the intent to destroy in whole or in part’ the Uyghur group as such.”

The report, “produced with the contributions of, and upon consultation with, numerous independent experts,” seems consistent with legal findings from leading lawyers at Essex Court Chambers in London, who have issued a legal statement affirming that “there is a credible case that acts carried out by the Chinese government against the Uyghur population in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China amount to crimes against humanity and the crime of genocide.”

UN estimates suggest as many as one million Uyghurs are being held in facilities which, according to human rights groups, are actually sites of forced labor and other human rights abuses against the Muslim minority. Still, China‘s Ambassador to Canada dismissed the House of Commons’ vote and these reports of genocide of Uyghur Muslims as politically motivated and are, in his words, the “lie of the century.”

In her speech, Senator McPhedran stressed that the vote by the House of Commons “is a clear and strong and principled voice that we hope that governments will be able to heed.” Dong Van Tran, a conference organizer and Secretary General for the Vietnamese Canadian Federation, concurred: “The Genocide Convention is preventive by design. Therefore, it is the obligation of all the governments in the world to stop and punish perpetrators of genocide, when such a threat is credible, to promptly prevent a possible extermination of a people in whole or in part.”


David Tran
Vietnam Democracy Center
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Conference on the CCP’s Forced Organ Harvesting

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Parent Marijuana Use Resulted in Many USA Child Abuse Deaths–Pennsylvania leads other states

Parents Opposed to Pot cites 256 marijuana-related child deaths in a plea not to legalize MJ.

MERRIFIELD, VA, US, March 30, 2021 / — As New York and Virginia legislators move closer to marijuana legalization this week, they should consider the traffic deaths of children whose caregivers drove after using marijuana. In the Bronx, New York, Sincere Mitchell, 8, died in a crash when his father was drunk and high on THC. In Virginia, Brian Cameron Hughes died after his mother’s boyfriend crashed, admitting he had smoked marijuana before driving.

“Those pushing for cannabis legalization want to keep marijuana users from getting arrest records. But legislators need to consider the potential loss of life from THC-impaired drivers on our roads,” explains Corinne Gasper, who lost her daughter to a speeding driver with high levels of THC in his system.

Currently, law enforcement cannot adequately test or prove THC-impairment of motorists. Parents Opposed to Pot (, a Merrifield, VA, non-profit, finds news reports of at least 115 U.S. traffic deaths in which marijuana is the only impairing substance, and many more deaths with marijuana and other drug mixtures. also tracks child abuse and neglect deaths related to parent and caregiver pot use, finding 256 deaths in news reports since the first two states voted to legalize pot in 2012. This count includes deaths of 29 children that occurred because a parent or caregiver drove while impaired by marijuana, and 23 who died from infant THC exposure.

Parents Opposed to Pot’s tracking is informal, based on how much information gets reported by the press. The federal government requires all states to report child fatalities related to abuse or neglect. In three states that report on specific drugs connected to such deaths, Texas, Arizona, and Florida – not states with the highest rate of pot use– marijuana consistently comes up as number one drug, more than alcohol.

In Colorado, a father, Isaac Bullard was recently sentenced for the death of his 23-month son. After “dabbing” high potency pot one morning, he forgot to put his son in the car and backed out over him.

When first started tracking child abuse deaths linked to pot, Colorado and California led in the tally of deaths from late 2012 to 2015. Today, Pennsylvania leads Poppot’s count, with 25 deaths, most of them having occurred recently. Since medical marijuana was argued in the state legislature (the bill passed in April 2016), it seems that more children have been born to mothers who used during pregnancy or post-partum. Mothers using marijuana during pregnancy or postpartum pose many risks to their children, including low birth weight and breathing issues.

Marijuana impairs memory and executive functioning which can lead to poor judgement. Other side effects include: distortion of time, addiction, paranoia, anxiety and mood disorders. The worst outcome is psychosis which, if left untreated or not resolved by quitting drug use, can become schizophrenia. An adult who is high or in psychosis may fail to give adequate supervision, or may act violently towards a child.

Eighteen children died in fires related to parents using pot. Three sets of twins, all toddlers, died in fires, either because their moms left home and abandoned them in order to acquire marijuana, or, in one case of a father given court-ordered visitation, the parent fell asleep after smoking it.

California has reported many instances of child endangerment when children were present at home marijuana labs, called butane hash oil labs. Two of 18 children who died by fire involved BHO explosions and at least three children had to be treated for BHO burns on more than half of their bodies.

Twenty-five children died from drowning, 8 of them in Florida. Adult marijuana use was a likely factor in at least 21 hot car deaths of infants and toddlers since 2013.

Parents Opposed to Pot is a 501c3 educational nonprofit based in northern Virginia. Contact at 773-322-7523 or visit the website,, Facebook @poppotorg.

Kimberly A. Hartke
Parents Opposed to Pot
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Within Days, Animal Equality Gathers Thousands of Signatures to End Egg Industry’s Routine Slaughter of Newborn Chicks

Chicks being sorted by workers moments after birth.

Chicks being sorted by workers moments after birth.

Confused and scared, baby chicks move through the processing facility.

Confused and scared, baby chicks move through the processing facility.

Viewed only as a commodity by the industry, newborn chicks await their fate.

Viewed only as a commodity by the industry, newborn chicks await their fate.

30,000 Chicks are Suffocated, Electrocuted, or Ground-Up Alive Every Hour in the U.S.

No consumer would consider suffocating chicks in a trash bag or grinding them up alive humane.”

— Sharon Núñez, President of Animal Equality

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2021 / — Animal Equality has launched a campaign in the United States to draw attention to the widely unknown practice of killing male chicks as soon as they are hatched, known as chick culling. Billions of birds across the globe face death on the day they are born simply because their lives are not considered profitable. In the U.S. alone, over 260 million male chicks are killed each year. This means about 30,000 freshly hatched chicks die every hour.

Because male chicks cannot lay eggs and they are not the same breed of chicken used for meat, these baby animals are deemed worthless by the egg industry and are killed by gassing, suffocation, and electrocution. One of the most common methods used is maceration, in which the animals are dumped on conveyor belts that lead to a machine called a grinder and are killed by “shredding.” The birds are alive and fully conscious as their bodies are ground up.

“This practice is unacceptable and must be legally prohibited. No consumer would consider suffocating chicks in a trash bag or grinding them up alive humane,” says Sharon Núñez, President of Animal Equality. In addition to animal cruelty, the industry’s practice of killing day-old male chicks raises an issue of consumer deception, given the common use of animal welfare claims on egg products. For instance, even eggs labeled as “American Humane Certified” are produced from supply chains that kill male chicks.

With increasing public knowledge and disapproval about chick culling, there has been a race for which company can solve the problem first. In 2019, the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) and the Open Philanthropy Project, awarded over $2 million to 6 companies to develop a technology that can accurately and rapidly determine a chick’s sex as early as possible in the egg production process. Last year, Soos Technology, an animal science company in Israel, was awarded a $1 million grant by Grow-NY. Worldwide, various alternatives to chick culling are currently in development or are being tested to bring this practice to an end. This technology is usually called “in-ovo sexing,” which allows producers to determine the sex of the embryo before it develops into a chick. In fact, due to the availability of this technology and the outcry regarding chick culling itself, France has pledged to outlaw the practice of culling unwanted male chicks by the end of 2021, and Germany has announced that the culling of day-old male chicks will be outlawed in 2022.

“The practice of male chick culling by industrial egg producers is a violent, unnecessary step in an already cruel industry. It's time for legislators to act swiftly to ban this despicable slaughter and for U.S. egg producers to immediately stop the avoidable killing of day-old chicks,” says Núñez.

To learn more and take action, visit

Ollie Davidson
Animal Equality
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Paraquat Herbicide Manufacturer Faces First Federal Lawsuits Over Link to Parkinson’s Disease

Fears Nachawati Law Firm represents workers exposed to dangerous chemical

Syngenta Group (SZSE: 000553)

It’s time for some real action to protect workers and anyone else who might come into contact with these inherently dangerous products.”

— Trial Lawyer Majed Nachawati

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2021 / — CHICAGO – Agrochemical giant Syngenta Group ignored and downplayed known risks of its paraquat-based weed killer Gramoxone despite research over decades linking the chemical to neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, according to the first two product defect lawsuits filed against the company in federal court.

The new lawsuits were filed by Dallas-based Fears Nachawati Law Firm in U.S. District Courts in California and Illinois, alleging that exposure to the herbicide led to the onset of Parkinson’s disease in two men.

First manufactured in the U.S. in the early 1960s, paraquat products have been widely used to control weeds in orchards and farms. Chinese-owned and based in Switzerland, Syngenta Group includes Syngenta AG, headquartered in Switzerland; ADAMA (SZSE: 000553), based in Israel; and the agricultural businesses of Syngenta Group China. It is the leading manufacturer of paraquat-based herbicides. The lawsuits also name Chevron USA Inc. as a defendant. Chevron has licensed sales of paraquat products from Syngenta.

Parkinson’s disease is an incurable progressive neurological disorder that affects the motor system, often characterized by tremors, body rigidity and impaired balance. Numerous scientific studies have established links between the chemical and Parkinson’s, including research by the Agricultural Health Study in 2011 that found that people exposed to the chemical were twice as likely to develop Parkinson’s.

According to medical studies, exposure is particularly dangerous because paraquat is easily absorbed by the body, in part because it is commonly applied using handheld sprayers and sprayers attached to airplanes and tractors. In addition, chemicals called surfactants are added to the herbicide to help penetrate the waxy surface of weeds and reach plants at the cellular level. Those same additives increase dangers for human exposure. There’s no known antidote if accidentally swallowed, and ingesting even small amounts can cause death. Risks associated with paraquat have led to it being banned by more than 50 countries.

Internal documents obtained in related litigation have revealed debates within Syngenta and its corporate predecessor, Imperial Chemical Industries, over measures to make the product less dangerous.

“Syngenta has taken too long to acknowledge the very real health dangers associated with paraquat,” said Fears Nachawati trial lawyer Majed Nachawati. “It’s time for some real action to protect workers and anyone else who might come into contact with these inherently dangerous products.”

The cases are Paul Rakoczy v. Syngenta Crop Protection et al., Case No. 4:21-CV-02083, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California; and Michael Joseph Kearns et al. v. Syngenta Crop Protection et al., Case No. 3:21-CV-00278, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois.

Dallas-based Fears | Nachawati Law Firm represents individuals in mass tort litigation, businesses and governmental entities in contingent litigation and individual victims in complex personal injury litigation. The largest and most diverse products liability law firm in the nation, Fears | Nachawati was ranked number one nationally in product liability filings in federal court. For more information, visit

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Opinion: Drug Test All Mass Shooters and Make Results Public

An Open Letter to the NRA From LifeTime Members and Drug Prevention Activists

CARMICHAEL, CA, USA, March 30, 2021 / — There is a clear and well-researched connection between drug use and violent crimes including mass shootings. The role of marijuana-induced psychosis (which is becoming more common) in violence is also well documented.

If we expect to maintain gun rights in this country, the National Rifle Association (NRA) must recognize and begin speaking from this truth.

–NRA needs to call attention to marijuana-induced psychosis as a cause of mass shootings.

–The NRA needs to fight for toxicology discovery and reporting in all gun violence incidents.

The auto-response to every mass shooting seems to be more gun control. Yet, as the NRA and its members are always quick to point out, it is the shooter who is out of control.

The National Rifle Association is powerful enough to help our politicians focus on the root cause of mass shootings. It also has the ability to educate the public, media, and elected officials about the probable culprit in these mass killings.

The NRA needs a defensible position against mass shootings and gun violence that will protect gun rights, guns and gun owners.

We ask the NRA to promote a national bill that would be turned into law to drug test all mass murder suspects and make results open to the public to see within a reasonable time frame. The results will be eye opening for many. As members of the NRA and drug prevention organizations, we see that marijuana psychosis, and polysubstance abuse are playing a substantial role in mass shooting incidents around the U.S.A.

Getting the toxicology on mass shooting events is ESSENTIAL to forming public policies that can actually address this national crisis. In our experience, even when positive test results of such perpetrators are found, there is precious little publicity. So, we believe it is critical that there is public release of the test results.

We also plead with the media, editors and crime reporters to make the substance use history of the shooter a standard follow up story to any mass shooting incident.

As early as the 1960’s experts noted a connection between heavy cannabis use and paranoia. Often these people imagine they were being followed. Of course, they were hallucinating; they were not being followed. This was back in the decades when cannabis was far lower in THC potency (the cannabinoid in marijuana that causes mental disorientation). Most pot was 2% – 3% THC. Present levels of THC in marijuana plant and product form far exceed that. Some reach THC levels nearing 100% and cause greater mental problems, including psychotic breaks, psychosis and schizophrenia.

News reports about the most recent shooter in Boulder, Colorado clearly reveal that he was paranoid and experiencing hallucinations about being followed. We need authorities to follow this evidence to the facts. What substance or substances were in his system which influenced his disordered thinking and unspeakable acts of violence?

The people promoting drug legalization are happy to let the NRA and their second amendment advocacy become the fall guy for every mass shooting. It is time to place the blame where it actually belongs. We need to address all causes of violence and mass murder.

Mass murder is on the rise. We have to ask what has changed in society to increase the numbers of mass murders? Two of the things that have changed are the increase of marijuana use and its potency.


Scott Chipman, Vice President Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana, Lifetime Member
Dave G. Evans, Esq., Senior Counsel, Cannabis Industry Victims Educating Litigators, Lifetime Member, NRA
Robert DuPont, President, Institute for Behavior and Health
Phillip Drum, Pharm D
Cris Dosev, Lifetime Member, NRA
Jeff & Stephanie Haynes, Lifetime Member, NRA
Harold Patin, Global Drug Consultants
Roger Morgan, Take Back America Campaign
DeForest Rathbone, Chairman, National Institute of Citizen Anti-Drug Policy
Dr. Carol Fox, co-author of textbook, Creating Drug-Free Schools and Communities.
Dr. Shirley E. Forbing, co-author of textbook, Creating Drug-Free Schools and Communities.
Paul Chabot, Texas Conservatives Against Legalizing Marijuana & Coalition for a Drug Free Texas
Merilee Fowler, Executive Director, Matforce
Sally Schindel, Marijuana Harmless? Think Again
Brook and Carla Lowe, 44 years volunteer

Kimberly Hartke
Hartke Communications
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