Hope on the Horizon – Two New Bridge Housing Projects for LA’s Homeless

Hope on Lafayette Bridge Housing – Local Hero Art Panels

Hope on Lafayette Bridge Housing – Courtyard Pavilion

Hope on Western Bridge Housing – Entry

Peter DeMaria's completed Homeless/Bridge Housing projects mark a new and innovative chapter in solving the homeless crisis in Los Angeles.

…People are meant to be loved & things are meant to be used. This thing – Architecture -must be used to create a healthy planet & positive change for the masses around the globe…”

— Peter DeMaria, Architect

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — LOS ANGELES, CA — This morning, Mayor Garcetti and the City of Los Angeles conducted a “ribbon cutting” opening for two newly completed Homeless Bridge Housing projects – Hope on Western & Hope on Lafayette and Architect Peter DeMaria believes this is a new and innovative chapter in solving housing challenges in Los Angeles and across the globe.

The steel prefabricated housing solutions are now providing a Bridge Home for nearly one hundred of LA’s formerly homeless – providing relief to those in need of immediate help. With the onset of the COVID pandemic, bringing the homeless bridge housing projects to fruition proved to be no easy task, but Aedis Real Estate Group and HBG Steel/Azria Home worked diligently and methodically, navigating the COVID related construction impact unknowns over the course of the year and finally completed the projects this past week. The City and County of Los Angeles have promised to provide 6,000 beds by the spring of 2021 and these projects are an incremental step in a huge undertaking. With the death toll for homeless up a dramatic 36% in LA County, over 1,140 deaths were reported in the first 10 months of 2020. The pandemic has compounded the immediate and urgent need for housing solutions.

The Hope on Lafayette and Hope on Western design solutions are complete with eighty-seven sleeping units, outdoor pavilions, intake/administrative offices, laundry and kitchen facilities – all part of a prefab design-build strategy where a service provider will manage each of the projects in the future. The projects include the installation of sixteen “Local Hero” portraits – a collection of oversized photographic images of unsung heroes who represent the true diversity, struggles and hope that each brings to their community as an everyday Los Angeleno. In addition, the Lafayette Project showcases a four-story backlit “Azria Tower” – a tribute to Max Azria, the visionary behind the project’s success who passed away in 2019. Azria’s mission to provide housing for the homeless lives on through the work of project Architect, Peter DeMaria.

While DeMaria’s prefabricated multi-family and homeless design solutions focus on the long-term challenge of eliminating global homelessness, concurrently, his local solutions make immediate impact on communities and their respective homeless. “She Does Haven”- a Bridge Home exclusively for women, has adopted DeMaria’s Hope On Western project as its new housing village and is located adjacent to Councilmember Wesson’s District Office. The larger and more recently completed Hope on Lafayette project is at the corner of Wilshire Blvd. and Hoover Street. Both projects provide housing for those experiencing homelessness in LA’s 10th Council District.

The projects celebrate their occupants, neighbors, local heroes and a visionary leader. DeMaria is thrilled with the final results adding, “vaccines will save countless lives, and this is a monumental medical accomplishment…however we cannot stop there. The plight of the homeless remains. Society must adjust its moral compass towards homelessness. If we can commit our energies to homeless solutions, with the rigor and intensity applied to finding a COVID vaccine, we can create a realistic strategy to solve this global challenge of inadequate housing and homelessness.”

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