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Brandon Irlbeck (CEO YoReSpot)

Brandon Irlbeck (CEO YoReSpot)

YoReSpot the only unifying social networking site.

BAYARD, IA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — Growing up in a politically leaning household will certainly mold how you see the world and develop your social and political preferences. If your parents believed something, and taught it to you, then more than likely you picked up at least some of those views; there are even scientific studies about these influences and how they affect us all. What people don’t acknowledge, however, is how these inherited stances and beliefs came hand in hand with negativity pointed at the “opposing” party. This started gradual, like a dripping faucet, and it wasn’t noticed. Now, however, you see it everywhere; the pipe has exploded. People are going so far as to avoid even just associating with anyone of “opposing” parties.

This is not how things should be. We are all just trying to survive and thrive in this world, why can we not put our political prides aside and bring back the humanity our people used to have, even upon disliking someone. This grand idea of unity and peace among the people cannot be so far-fetched, can it?

One Iowan doesn’t think so. Brandon Irlbeck, 33, of Bayard, Iowa, has created a social media site unlike any other. This site is functionally based around the idea that having a pleasant and community like social media experience is again very possible. Social media without all the anger, the finger pointing and the silencing that we have all experienced. It cannot be such an outlandish idea, because the site is growing. Fast. The app and site both have a smooth and familiar feel; with thousands of members, on every “side” and from all over the world, the lack of anger is truly astonishing. People are actually coming together, communicating, posting, creating new friendships and sharing with people from all over without even worrying about political views. This site is making unity happen. This is YoReSpot, an independently owned start to a big dream.

“I think it’s time to go back to the basics of what social media is supposed to be,” Irlbeck says. “There is this huge rift between us, and it is damaging everyone, and everything. I created this site with the belief that, without control over what is said, posted or even believed, unity and peace between people is possible. We can get back to helping each other, it’s even part of our plan.”

When asked what his political stance is, Irlbeck stated that he is a Conservative Republican. Yet, despite having strong political views, he still only speaks of unity, love and peace between the people of this nation, and the world. “I think we all can come together. You hear too much about the distance between people because of political views, or even country of origin. It’s a gap that is tearing us apart. That gap can be closed,” he pushes “we just have to be willing to work with each other.”

Irlbeck, father of 3, yearns for a safer and more loving world for his kids, with better chances for them to have meaningful relationships with people of all backgrounds. Don’t we all?

The question is, where do we start? Well, social media helped us get here, something all of us can attest to, so maybe social media can help us get back. Maybe instead of trying to change the current social media, we can all come together and make a change with a new start. “We don’t want to just make a place for everyone to feel welcome online, but we want to help our members too. We want to create a community like feel, where people can also help each other. My fiance and I have talked at length about living a more portable lifestyle with the goal of traveling to see members and to help each of them in some way.” This bold plan to travel across country, and potentially internationally, in an RV just to meet people and help out where needed, is something that has sparked inspiration among many in the YoReSpot community. Irlbeck has been called out as a man of integrity, honesty and perseverance by many of YoReSpot’s members. It is clear to the members that he has done so much already, for so many people, and this journey has yet to truly begin.

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Source: EIN Presswire