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The Legal Edition – Legal, Business & Policy News

Host, Mary Kay Elloian, MBA, JD, Esq.

Host, Mary Kay Elloian, MBA, JD, Esq.

The Legal Edition Host, Mary Kay Elloian & Renowned Expert on PTSD, Dr. Roger Pitman

The Legal Edition Host, Mary Kay Elloian & Renowned Expert on PTSD, Dr. Rober Pitman

The Legal Edition – Legal, Business & Policy News – Adds Podcasts to Nationally Syndicated TV Program & Articles. High-Profile Topics, Guests & Legal Analysis.

The Legal Edition – Provides Insightful, Educational Programming & Legal Analysis on Issues that Mainstream Media Ignores or Overlooks. Experts & Scholars sharing Knowledge & Information to Empower”

— Mary Kay Elloian, MBA, JD, Esq.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, January 28, 2021 / — The Legal Edition – Legal, Business & Policy News award-winning TV programming, and its ‘In-the-News’ articles & publications has added Podcasts to its program lineup. Embarking on its ninth year in broadcasts, the discussion format provides viewers with thought-provoking insights, on high-profile issues.

From climate change to politics, women’s rights to immigrant rights, privacy rights to constitutional insights, racial justice to voting rights – analysis of the facts and the law – provides viewers with insightful, informative and engaging content.

Interviews with scholars, experts, NY Times Best-Selling Authors – even Nobel Prize recipients & nominees. Covered stories from legal and policy perspectives – aimed at the intellectually curious – wanting to learn more about topics and issues – affecting themselves, their families, their way of life – here in the US, and around the world.

A sampling of TV programming includes:

• The Sound of Silence: the Hidden Epidemic of Domestic Abuse & Trauma with Dr. Judith Herman of Harvard Medical School, Co-Founder of the Victims of Violence Program at Cambridge Hospital;

• Conquering the Enemy, the Memory Within with Dr. Roger Pitman of Harvard Medical School, expert on Trauma & PTSD;

• Election Security: Securing the Vote While Securing the System with International Cybersecurity Expert & New York Times Best-Selling Author, Bruce Schneier

• Reconstructing the Reconstruction: the Aftermath of Slavery, and the Continuing Fight for Equal Justice with Dr. Michael David Cohen, American University

• Liberty, Justice & Healthcare for None – Litigating the Affordable Care Act (ACA) During COVID with Attorney & Professor, Nicole Huberfeld, Boston University

• Where to Draw the Line? Dr. Daniel Breen discussing the deleterious effect of gerrymandering districts on ‘representative government’ – especially on people of color, and those in the lower income strata;

• Our Oceans, Our Survival, One Earth with the late Dr. James J. McCarthy of Harvard University, a member of the Nobel Prize winning panel of experts at the “first” Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), appointee of former President Obama to the U.S. Arctic Research Commission.

In addition to programming, the ‘In-The-News’ Articles & Publications provide new insights on issues that mainstream media ignores or overlooks.
From the rules on presidential pardons to those on treason and tyranny – it is explained in clear and insightful terms.

Samplings of ‘In-The-News’ Articles & Publications:

• Is there a traitor in the House?
• 14th Amendment Blueprint for Congressional Expulsion
– outlining the means of holding Congressional lawmakers accountable for their tyrannical acts against the nation they vowed to protect;

• Capitol & Lawmakers Under Siege: Capital Punishment for Treason, Sedition & Murder?
– outlining legal methods to hold ‘lawmakers’ – many now see as ‘lawbreakers’ accountable – all based on the Siege at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021;

• Pardon me Please? How Far Can a Trump Presidential Pardon Go…?
– Can a president be lobbied to pardon those to whom he has ties;

• Pendleton Act in Peril: Trump Dismantles 137 Year Old Civil Service Act Dislodging Gov’t Employees
– How Trump changed the rules making it easier to fire certain civil service employees, while making it harder to fire others – some put in place without qualifications to serve;

• Trump’s COVID Coverup: Panic Prevention or Criminal Homicide, the Art of Deception
– the reasons that Trump punted in telling the American people the truth about the lethality of COVID.

Learn all this and more from renowned experts and scholars in conversation with Host & Producer of The Legal Edition – Legal, Business & Policy News, Attorney Mary Kay Elloian.

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PTSD in Domestic Violence Victims & Veterans of War ‘Conquering the Enemy, the Memory Within’

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