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Investigating Law Enforcement, Fire Personnel and Public Office Employees The Guardian Agency Helps to build Transparency to Build Public Trust

LODI, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2021 / — The relationship between law enforcement and the public has become incredibly tumultuous in the past few years, coming to an apex in 2020. Mistrust, fear, and corruption are common themes seen left and right whenever law enforcement is mentioned in the media. This creates a massive hurdle for law enforcement agencies all over the country to provide the transparency that internal affairs investigations simply cannot provide. The Guardian Agency, was created to become a streamlined solution in bridging this gap between law enforcement accountability, and public rapport.

Founder Steven D. Ward has over 34 years of experience as a licensed private investigator. As Founder and CEO of Guardian Public Safety Background Investigations, LLC, his company services law enforcement and fire agencies around the State with Public Safety Backgrounds. He has partnered with Retired Police Chief Tracy Busby to create an Internal Affairs Investigations agency that addresses the lack of transparency for the public. Over 22 years of experience in the fore, Tracy Busby is well versed in the law and leads the investigations team at The Guardian Agency in a thorough, professional, and detail-oriented process to uncover the truth.

The Guardian Agency covers investigations regarding:

-Violation of policies
-Use of force and control
-Accusations of criminal wrongdoing
-Allegations of misuse of public office

As a third-party, The Guardian Agency provides top quality investigations, removing any biases to report the facts alone. Since mistrust of law enforcement’s accountability and competency to investigate internal problems without bias is at an all-time high; The Guardian Agency is set to become the number one resource for Internal Affairs across the state of California. Their Investigations Team will consist of POST Certified regional investigators, experienced law enforcement officers and are Licensed Private Investigators with extensive experience in internal affairs investigations. Whether it is an administrative or criminal investigation, these IA Investigators take the process from A to Z under the guidance of Mr. Busby. The Guardian Agency will also be creating an advisory board of retired police and Fire Chiefs for guidance in complex cases, i.e., officer involved shootings.

“It something I have wanted to do for a couple years. Considering what has happened over the last 9 months, with perception and trust issues in law enforcement, the time is right to offer this service to help county and city law enforcement in their transparency to begin to rebuild trust with the public again.” – Steven D Ward, Founder & Qualified Manager.

Through proof of concept, dedication to transparency, and unwavering commitment to public safety, The Guardian Agency’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the implementation of the new Internal Affairs Investigations Agency.

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About The Guardian Agency

The Guardian Agency is a private investigations company based out of Lodi, California. Founded by Steven D. Ward, a licensed private investigator with over thirty-four years of experience, The Guardian Agency aims to create transparency and public trust through comprehensive internal affairs investigations. Known for his digital Investigations reporting with his background company, he will implement technology to help with communication, oversight of investigations and professional investigative reports. Retained to investigate violations of policy, allegations of misuse of public office, use of force and control, and accusations of criminal wrongdoing; The Guardian Agency eliminates the natural bias that occurs when law enforcement agencies investigate themselves. Director of Investigations and retired Police Chief, Tracy Busby, oversees all Internal Affairs Investigations, working with the field investigators with guidance and support, and collaborating effectively to report the truth.


The Guardian Agency™ is licensed by the State of California holding license number PI 188266

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