Freedom of Speech Muzzled

New social media platform features zero tolerance for the censure of free thought.

We are all born equal with the same Unalienable rights regardless of our political persuasion or skin color. We all possess the God given abilities of free thought, creativity and expression through our voice and words. A word, when written and is spoken becomes a living creation of our own expressions that we yearn to share with others. To muzzle, censure or silence the Freedom of Speech creates frustration, anger & division. offers a beacon of hope to the ‘tired, and huddled masses yearning to breathe free…’ In fact, longing to, once again, speak free. Our virtual “public square,” is such a platform. One that is intolerant to the censure of free thoughts. One comprised of a community that can post “threads” (i.e., news articles, opinions, and other media), intended for the free exchange of ideas and perspectives. WhyWould is a such a beacon for our times. Itself, a free speech alternative to services like Twitter© and YouTube©.
Our society clamors for a forum where the civil exchange of contrasting ideas can be measured, weighed, and assimilated with impunity. “We are the defenders of free speech!” Our goals; patently clear. To build a public “safe-space” for all. A space devoid of persecution, shadow-banning, harassment, and ridicule. We condemn both, violence and dishonesty while condoning civility of the highest order.” We encourage you to be bold and unite with us. functions as the definitive, “alternative” social media platform, with a central news feed, direct messaging for trending topics and alerts. A driver for meaningful dialogue which is question-driven, with the phrase “Why Would…?”

Do not let them silence us! “We have just begun the battle to protect our 1st Amendment Rights.!” Speak out and do not let your voices be muzzled because one side wants to cancel you out. There are two sides to every coin. Let us follow one another, as one beautiful, impregnable “wall” and shed light against the darkness.

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Source: EIN Presswire