COVID-19 Rapid Test Patent Granted

Announcing grant of US patent 10844442 "Rapid Viral Assay", for rapid & accurate detection & diagnosis of COVID-19 (SARS-2) & other viruses.

NanoLogix Incorporated (OTCMKTS:NNLX)

As a physician exposed daily to the virus, I would not opt to receive the vaccine without testing first for neutralizing antibodies. That would divert scarce vaccine resources from those who need them”

— Jonathan Faro, PhD, MD, and Medical Director of NanoLogix

HUBBARD, OH, USA, December 2, 2020 / — COVID-19 Rapid Test Patent Granted

We are pleased to announce the grant of United States patent 10844442, "Rapid Viral Assay", for the rapid and accurate detection and diagnosis of COVID-19 (SARS-2) and other viruses.

In addition to the fast detection of COVID-19, the sensitivity and accuracy breakthroughs that the NanoLogix technology provides enables it to be configured to rapidly detect other viruses, including but not limited to HIV, HPV, SARS, and MERS. This capability is described in the patent as being without limitation. In a world where experts are warning of the increased likelihood of new infectious diseases, it is vital to possess the ability to effectively identify other viral diseases and to quickly be able to effectively respond to those threats.

This newly-patented technology provides exceptionally accurate and rapid detection of the COVID-19 Spike Protein, Virion (actual virus) and related antibodies. It greatly reduces the potential for false positives and negatives that are present through the use of other testing methods.

An important additional application of the test is for a home-test configuration, projected as a reasonably user-friendly abbreviated assay capable of producing results in about 30 minutes using a nasopharyngeal swab or saliva sample.

The NanoLogix technology's additional ability to detect the presence of the neutralizing antibody to the virus is critical in determining the need for vaccination and the effectiveness and longevity of the antibodies that neutralize the infections.

This is vital because COVID-19 vaccines will initially be in limited supply in the US and internationally. Individuals will need to be tested for neutralizing antibodies prior to receiving the vaccine. Jonathan Faro, PhD, MD, and Medical Director of NanoLogix has stated: "As a physician who is exposed daily to the virus, I would not in good conscience want to receive the vaccine without first being tested for those neutralizing antibodies. To do so would be to divert scarce vaccine resources from those who need them.” This is also of critical importance because the asymptomatic carrier rate in the population may be as high as 40%—generating a significant rate of potential “invisible” transmission to individuals exposed to those carriers.

Continuing development work with other companies and individuals on the technology has indicated potential detection times of twenty minutes or less. This speed comes with enhanced sensitivity and accuracy not found with any other diagnostic technology.

An International Patent Application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and a Continuation In Part (CIP) were filed prior to the US Patent Grant. This provides international patent protection by expanding the geographic, legal and technological scope of Intellectual Property protection. The patent filings also protect aspects of the technology that have been discovered or invented since the original application date.

Full details of the granted patent, with a complete list of twenty-five granted claims, is available in the USPTO Patent Gazette Week 47 publication.

This information can be accessed by entering the patent number of 10844442 after following this link:

NanoLogix, a small, innovative, historically under-capitalized biotechnology company, has developed this technology through funding and research by the CEO and two Directors, with a keen awareness of the importance of this development relative to the current pandemic. The Company has also benefited from the assistance of a small number of long-term shareholders with lasting faith in the Company’s work and potential. Gratitude is expressed to all involved for their contributions. Thanks also to Gwen Acker Wood, IP Attorney, for her superb attention to detail and experience in patent work.

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Source: EIN Presswire