The Renown 2021 Impact Humanity Television and Film Festival is Now Taking Submissions

"We will be honoring films produced after June 2019, 2020 and 2021 in order to make up for those that will not be able to be recognized this year."

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2020 / — Following the global success of the inaugural 2019 Impact Humanity Television and Film Festival which received over 2,000 submissions from 112 countries, Festival Founder, David McKenzie, announced that next year’s 2021 Festival will have both a Virtual Event in February and an in-person multi day event later in the year; this comes after this year’s Festival was postponement due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The inaugural event was attended by prominent world dignitaries with submissions judged by an elite panel of entertainment leaders and was part of the impactful Aurora Humanitarian Initiative – (www./

David McKenzie said that starting December 1st, we will be welcoming submissions for next year’s Festival. We will be honoring films produced after June 2019, 2020 and 2021 in order to make up for those that will not be able to be recognized this year. Submissions can be made via FilmFreeway ( The winners will be included in a one hour nationally televised television special and award show about the film festival. The winners will be included in it as well as clips from the show. The Impact Humanity Television and Film Festival plans to do this every year as a TV special so that the winners and their projects are recognized globally via television.

In addition to established categories honoring filmmakers for Features films, Documentaries, Television and Shorts, this year’s Festival has added a Young Filmmakers Category to encourage young filmmakers to focus their efforts on global humanitarian rights and causes. The idea of the Impact Humanity Television and Film Festival is to raise awareness on the issues related to the global humanitarian crisis and actions to save people through the television shows, feature films and documentaries we present. The Festival highlights television and film projects that involve human rights and strive to preserve and advance humanitarian causes.

McKenzie said that he believes it is important to call attention to human rights issues everywhere around the world and that the Festival will serve as a bridge to encourage television and film producers to raise awareness of human rights issues through their future television and film projects.

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Minority Business News USA

Minority Business News USA

MBN USA November Issue

MBN USA November Issue

NVBDC proudly supports all Veteran Owned Businesses

Nations leading veteran business certification organization

Keith King, CEO, NVBDC

Keith King, CEO, NVBDC

NVBDC Equips Members with certification, credentialing to outlast COVID-19

I was acutely aware that before I created NVBDC, there was no supplier diversity recognition of veteran-owned businesses in corporate America.”

— Keith King, Founder & CEO, NVBDC

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2020 / — In a recent article published in the Minority Business News (MBNUSA) digital magazine, Keith King, Founder & CEO, National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC) provides an optimistic perspective of COVID-19 effects on Supplier Diversity and Procurement. King additionally proclaims an influx of NVBDC Certifications for Service-Disabled and Veteran-Owned Businesses due to the increased awareness of NVBDC’s value of providing corporate business connections.

As stated in the MBNUSA article, For the nearly 2.5 million veteran-owned businesses operating nationally, there exists a vast network of supplier diversity programs in search of certified veteran-owned businesses with which to do business. The National Veteran Business Development Council, or NVBDC, provides SD/VOBs with the credentialing necessary to meet the standards of corporate supplier diversity programs.

“I was acutely aware that before I created NVBDC, there was no supplier diversity recognition of veteran-owned businesses in corporate America,” said Keith King, Founder & CEO, NVBDC.

Through certification and mentorship, NVBDC paves the way for all veteran run businesses to compete for corporate contracts. Factors like professionalism, communication and presentation are a huge part of maintaining a successful business relationship at a corporate level. NVBDC exists to help Service-Disabled and Veteran-Owned Businesses (SD/VOBs) partnerships grow and last.


In addition to providing nationally recognized credentialing for SD/VOBs, NVBDC equips certified SD/VOBs with the skills necessary to empower their corporate relationships and foster sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships with clients of every size and industry.

In 2020, NVBDC launched the Supplier Mentorship Program (SMP) with eight trial corporations. This intensive annual mentorship places Service-Disabled and Veteran-Owned businesses under the leadership of well-established corporations for a chance to expand and enhance their business practices, while receiving guidance and direction along the way.

“The eight individual corporations involved in our program have been outstanding. Annette Stevenson, CPSD, C.P.M., SMP Program Manager, has done a terrific job promoting the opportunities of our program.” King said

A major theme of NVBDC’s story and development is an appreciation for corporations who have added veteran-owned businesses to their supplier diversity programs or prioritized their growth. NVBDC’s Supplier Mentorship Program (SMP) has helped VOBs maintain professionalism and business savvy in a way that increases their sustainability and longevity.


As the Supplier Mentorship Program begins laying the groundwork for its second year of programming in 2021, NVBDC also recognizes the impact of COVID-19 on the national supply chain, and how SD/VOBs have pivoted to meet supplier needs.

The pandemic, while difficult, has brought positive news. In March, nationwide interest in PPE products took off. NVBDC’s phone was ringing off the hook. Non-certified VOBs were approached by the NVBDC who were told that if they attained NVBDC certification, our member corporations would consider them for business opportunities. NVBDC was overwhelmed with the number of veteran-owned businesses that wanted certification and were then able to seek business with our Corporate Members.

This necessary supply-chain adaptation has yielded unexpectedly positive outcomes. The phone calls and emails haven’t slowed down since March. The reaction from our veterans has been incredibly gratifying. They are highly skilled and are highly experienced at adaptation. This situation has also demonstrated the sincerity of corporations who wanted to find and hire our veteran-owned businesses.

Looking ahead, the landscape of supply-chain diversity is bright; despite COVID-19’s ever-changing path. NVBDC is optimistic that certified SD/VOBs will continue to innovate and inspire.

“I see nothing but growth and opportunity for all Service-Disabled and Veteran-Owned Businesses. It takes some work on their part, but the rewards can lead to success.” Brigadier General (ret) Richard Miller, President, NVBDC.

For more information about NVBDC and to learn how to become an NVBDC Certified SD/VOB additional support is always available. Please feel free to reach out to NVBDC by visiting our website: or contacting us directly: (888) CERTIFIED.

NVBDC is the only Veteran Owned Business Certification organization developed by Veterans, for Veterans. The purpose is to provide a credible and reliable certifying authority for all size businesses ensuring that valid documentation exists of Veteran ownership and control.

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Big Cat Public Safety Act on Deck for Floor Vote in U.S. House This Week

A big cat in captivity.

It is finally our legislative moment to put the “Tiger King” sideshow aside and do something lasting to prevent the ongoing exploitation of captive big cats.

Not only are these roadside zoos a threat to those who enter its confines, but they also endanger surrounding communities.”

— Wayne Pacelle

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2020 / — The following was written by Wayne Pacelle, President of Animal Wellness Action:

In a nation driven indoors last spring by COVID-19, “Tiger King” became a home-viewing rage. But now, six months after Netflix released the episodes for binge-watching – with the producers creating a bogus equivalency between the antagonists in the debate over animals kept in roadside zoos – there’s much that’s been clarified about the big-cat owners.

The series ended with Joe Maldonado – aka “Joe Exotic” – staring out at us from federal prison after convicted in a murder-for-hire scheme and a tiger-killing spree. But what’s new is that Joe’s exotic-animal brethren, also featured in the series, may be close on his heels when it comes to trouble with the law. Indiana’s Tim Stark and South Carolina’s “Doc” Antle are now facing criminal charges for mistreatment of animals, while Joe’s business partner, Jeff Lowe, faces civil charges from the U.S. Department of Justice for his own alleged animal violations.
The courtroom proceedings in those cases are likely to give us a clear-eyed view of the misfortune, misery, and violence that befall animals thrust into the exotic-animal trade.

The U.S. House of Representatives should take note of those facts as it takes up the Big Cat Public Safety Act (BCPSA), H.R. 1380, later this week. That bill, backed by Reps. Mike Quigley, D-Ill., Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., Mike Garcia, R-Calif., Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., and 227 additional House cosponsors, seeks to stop the trade in big cats as pets, including breeding the animals for cub-petting opportunities by paying customers.

Here’s our legislative moment to put the “Tiger King” sideshow aside and do something lasting to prevent the ongoing exploitation of captive big cats.

ZAA Withdrawal of Opposition Clears Path for Big Cats Bill

H.R. 1380 is positioned for action now that the single notable organization opposing the measure has in recent weeks withdrawn its opposition. That group is the Zoological Association of America (ZAA), a relatively new zoo and aquarium consortium of about 60 institutions.
Before ‘Tiger King,” a handful of Republican lawmakers worked to stall the bill by creating one more hyped-up blood feud — between ZAA and the much more established AZA. That latter group is the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, which has long supported H.R. 1380. “Congress shouldn’t pick sides,” went the argument from the bill’s small coterie of critics.

Now that debate is moot, with ZAA having surveyed its 60 or so members and found that 59 of them do not favor public interactions with big cats and other dangerous carnivores. We applaud ZAA for revising its standards of accreditation to disallow public contact with powerful predators, even seemingly harmless juvenile animals.

Animal welfare groups and law enforcement agencies know all too well the fate of animals conscripted into this trade. Sheriffs and other first responders do not want to confront a 350-pound tiger when they rush in to stop a fire, attend to medical injuries or interrupt a domestic dispute.

Not only are these roadside zoos a threat to those who enter its confines, but they also endanger surrounding communities. The image I remember best from “Tiger King” was of a forbidding, endlessly tall and churning tornado approaching the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, with its 100-plus captive tigers. Had the tornado swallowed up the ramshackle park, it might have broken down barriers and allowed dozens of tigers to escape and gambol through the town.

A decade earlier, another emotionally troubled exotic animal owner in Zanesville, Ohio released 50 exotic animals, including grizzly bears, wolves, and big cats, into the community just before dusk. Sheriffs’ deputies were ordered to shoot the animals for public safety purposes.

Pick your cause for a dangerous-animals-at-large scenario: Tornado, derecho, troubled owner, vandal, disgruntled employee cutting a hole in a fence. Any one of them might trigger a Zanesville-like incident to recur at any one of the facilities with a one or more captive carnivores and a deficit of proper protocols and sound housing.

And for what? So someone can pet a tiger cub for 10 minutes and the roadside zoo owner can pocket the fee for this form of exploitation?
Each Discarded Big Cat May Cost A Million Dollars to a Sanctuary

Cub petting as a business strategy lasts just a few months for each animal. They are too big to handle after that, and that’s why the operators must keep breeding tigers and lions to keep a fresh supply in the pipeline.

Then, an unethical owner may kill the tiger for the bone trade, perhaps as Joe Exotic did, or confine the animal in a shoddy, filthy enclosure as an addition to their collection. Or the big cat may be traded before he or she is discarded through some other channel. If the animal survives that process, the cat may then be turned over to an animal welfare group. That group then has an enormous liability on its hands, needing to build a shelter big enough and strong enough to contain one of the world’s largest land carnivores, hire caretakers, enlist an exotic animal veterinarian, and fundraising to care for the cat for up to two decades.

Each tiger or lion thrust into that world costs an animal welfare group as much as a million dollars over the course of the animal’s lifetime.
This is an unfunded mandate on a small, non-profit business (that’s what rescue organizations are). So why not solve the problem on the front end and stop people from putting juvenile tigers and lions into this dangerous and cruel situation in the first place?

Opponents can no longer hide behind any legitimate organization. Only a shrinking band of roadside zoos object to the bill.

They cannot rely on conservation arguments, because no reputable advocate for the species believes that excessive breeding of animals of unknown genetic background helps restore tigers or lions in their habitats thousands of miles away.

Where in this whole cycle of abuse and unethical business practices is anyone who deserves the title of “responsible business owner?” These “business owners” are charlatans, their conservation arguments hocus pocus, their carnival barking just a distraction. Their legacy is one of cruelty, chaos, and cost-transference to the rest of society.

Let’s remember what happens in their first few months of life for the animals: The cubs are taken from their mothers at birth, deprived of the proper nutrition found only in mothers’ milk, denied sleep while being handled for hours on end, and physically punished for exhibiting their natural behaviors.

Kudos to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other House leaders for bringing the bill to the floor later this week. Time for advocates to give a lion’s roar in favor of the bill.

Please take action by asking your legislators to help the big cats.

Marty Irby
Animal Wellness Action
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HIV is Turning Gray

As HIV turns gray, the need for a community-based long term care system becomes increasingly important

TURLOCK, CA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2020 / — HIV is turning gray: Will the Biden White House Accept the Challenge?
By: Jeffrey R. Lewis

Since 1982, more than 690,000 Americans have died of HIV-related illnesses. That's more Americans than were lost in any armed conflict in this century or last – combined.

It has been nearly 40 years since a new public health threat reared its ugly head in the United States on June 5, 1981, when the Centers reported five cases of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia for Disease Control & Prevention. Identified as a gay-related disease would later be labeled by scientists as the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Some years later, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) caused AIDS, and it started the dark legacy that lives on today.

Fortunately, things are changing. Significant advances in care and treatment available to people with HIV means they are living longer.

In other words, HIV is turning gray.

In the U.S. today, young adults with HIV-infection who adhere to their antiretroviral treatment maintain lower viral loads and live longer. Many such patients are expected to mirror someone's life expectancy in the general population, which is around 78 years. Antiretroviral therapies have transformed HIV/AIDS from a death sentence to a manageable, chronic illness like diabetes, epilepsy, or cardiovascular disease, according to a 2017 World Health Organization report. This stands in stark contrast to the early days of the AIDS epidemic – before there was even an HIV-specific test – when life expectancy was often only one or two years after diagnosis.

Indeed, what once seemed unthinkable is now more common. According to the CDC, half the people living with HIV-infection in 2016 were 50 and older. That is not to suggest the epidemic is over, because that same year, there were 10,944 deaths among people in the U.S. with HIV aged 50 and older.

Still, the demographics of HIV continue to shift. Next year, as many as 65 to 70 percent of people living with HIV-infection will be 50 or older. But as the face of the epidemic has aged, so have the challenges facing people living with HIV-infection.

For many long-term survivors, the evolution of this epidemic has been mentally and emotionally taxing. After all, they watched so many around them lose their battles with AIDS. For patients who lived through the dark days of the epidemic, it has also taken its toll on their bodies. AIDS-defining illnesses among people aging with HIV have been replaced with HIV-associated non-AIDS conditions. Common are cardiovascular disease, lung disease, certain cancers, dementia, and liver disease, according to

Other troubling trends are emerging. Co-morbidities among long-term survivors typically associated with people in their 60s and 70s are striking two decades earlier. And despite ambitious plans to end the epidemic by 2030, our public health system needs to adapt to these new challenges. Older HIV patients struggle to cope with many obstacles – among them mental health problems, homelessness, and co-morbidities – daily.

Research has shown that anxiety, mood disorders, and depression are common among people living with HIV-infection, yet fewer than one-half of the cases get recognized clinically. We have an opportunity to integrate HIV/AIDS service programs and mental health care, which would improve these patients' overall health and outcomes. Long Term Survivors Awareness Day, which is now recognized nationally on June 5, represents an excellent first step in raising awareness for needed changes.

As HIV grays, the need for a community-based long-term care system is needed more than ever. A successful program must be blind to disabilities while focused on patient-centered care and a sliding-fee scale to ensure that people who can afford to pay more do.

Like other long-term care challenges, the need is great and growing. A Biden Administration cannot ignore the reality of our time: community-based long-term care services for all Americans is a national priority. But unlike other federal programs, we must build solutions based on income, so the wealthy pay their fair share.

Jeffrey Lewis is the President and CEO of Legacy Health Endowment. The views expressed are his own.

Jeffrey Lewis
Legacy Health Endowment
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Tv Talk Show Host Anne Elizabeth calls on California officials Newsome, Garcetti and Ferrar to forgo their salaries

Tv Talk Show host Anne Elizabeth calls on California Gov Newsome, La Mayor Garcetti & Barbara Ferrer to give up their salaries to restaurant workers

its time for California Gov Gavin Newsome, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and La top health Official Barbara Ferrer to give up their salaries and donate to the restaurant workers they put out of business”

— TV Talk Show Host Anne Elizabeth

LOS ANGELES , CA, USA, November 30, 2020 / — California TV Talk Show host Anne Elizabeth, who hosts the popular tv talk show ANNE ELIZABETH – SMART CONSERVATIVES, is calling on California Gav. Newsom, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, and LA Top Health official Barbara Ferrer, to give up their lavish salaries until they reopen restaurants and businesses that they have shut down. Elizabeth said, “It’s just weeks before Christmas and they shut down outdoor dining and closed businesses, costing restaurant employees their jobs!”

Elizabeth went on to say : “It’s time for these politicians to put their money where their mouth is! Friday news dump revealed that Los Angeles California dictators and our Governor want to shut businesses down, put restaurants out of operation, stripping people of their jobs! They are putting people out of work JUST WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Think about that… these are people, they have families, they have kids with sugarplum fairies dancing in their heads and hopes of Santa Clause coming to town!”

Elizabeth also stated “They are people who need to pay rent, utilities, and mortgages! People who will now have to try to figure out how they’re going to make ends meet, let alone how they will get through the holidays! People with modest incomes living paycheck to paycheck.
These unconstitutional restrictions are crushing people.“

Elizabeth also said, “shutting down restaurants affects entire communities. A chain reaction from restaurant workers to restaurant suppliers to Uber and Lyft drivers to beverage distributors, to garbage companies, to bakers, to farmers, to everybody around. THIS doesn’t just affect people in the restaurant, it affects everyone."

Elizabeth said “Time for them to put their money where their mouth is and pony up!, I'm calling on Health Department head Barbara Ferrer, who is calling for further shutdowns, and not allowing ANY gatherings AT ALL as of this coming Monday to everyone in LA excluding protestors and religious gatherings… so on a side note, good news churches, reconvene and gather! Barbara is one who KNOWS the science, as a virologist, and she is aware that this doesn’t spread in open environments outside. While she sits back in her health department, social “Welfare” job reaping in a whopping $38,000 plus per month salary! It's unconscionable!
Also, I'm calling on Governor Gavin Newsom who makes a whopping $100,000 dollars a month… while his winery stays open, by the way.
I'm calling on Mayor Eric Garcetti, who lives in a free mansion donated by the Getti’s, making $20K per month.
If They want to take money away from people then it’s only fair to ask them to do the same!
"Garcetti, Newsom, Ferrer… will you give up your extravagant incomes during this restriction period and stand In solidarity with the very people you are putting out of work? Will you give up your income to a special fund that will directly benefit the very people you are hurting?

Will you put your wealth behind your strong-arm devastating demands? Will you do this to show that you will stand with the people?”

Elizabeth continued “There is no science behind shutting down outside dining …none! Meanwhile these … politicians, they sit in their cushy estates, on their extravagant sofas, eating their lavish meals, with luxurious gifts under their Christmas trees.”

Anne Elizabeth also said “All while they sit back by their cozy fireplaces, and their government-sponsored mansions, making their hefty incomes while stripping others of their modest ones with their unjustifiable rules. This is straight out of Scrooge! Will they think about the very people they are hurting this holiday season? Do they care? Because, They’re hurting the working class, not the wealthy! It’s a joke!”

Elizabeth explained “ The data showed the last lockdown, the highest spread was where the lockdowns remained, Los Angeles and New York. The data showed that the spread was in the homes, not in the restaurants and stores. The data showed, extending lockdowns didn’t work. The data shows us that covid has a 99.97% cure rate! Identical to the Flu, which we don’t lockdown for, and those statistics are on the CDC website itself! So why are we running? …Why?!! And why aren’t they monitoring flu this year? Did big-bad-covid have a meeting with familiar-Flu? Or are we going to assume flu IS covid this year and keep the flu in the covid numbers? And it. Is. Not. Fair”.

Elizabeth said, “Their salaries should be put in a special fund that can be divided up among restaurant workers that these so-called leaders who are elected to work for the people, meanwhile they just put out work! Let’s give their salaries to people who work at businesses that they caused to be lost or shut down, effective Monday, Nov 30th.”

“The people of California deserve better than these three official’s who act like we are all in this together, NO WE ARE NOT, these three officials do not live by their own rules and they continue to take a salary, dine with family, and keep their businesses open. It is time they see what it’s like in the real world.” Said Elizabeth.


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