EM-P and the Process of Unifying and thus Saving Liberal Democracies Worldwide

The Process of Unifying and thus Saving Liberal Democracies

Creating National Unity is a National Imperative

SOLON, OH, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Washington & Associates, Inc. (W&A) is announcing the publication of white paper no. 007 entitled “EM-P and the Process of Unifying and thus Saving Liberal Democracies Worldwide.” White paper no. 007 is a 65-page summary of the “Equity Manage-Plato Strategic Plan,” which comprises 1,300 pages. We wrote white paper no. 007 to be an easily accessible introduction to all things EM-P. The white paper is a work in progress; it is 90 percent complete, and we were going to hold off publishing until it was 100 percent complete. But, given the dire state of liberal democracy in America and worldwide, we felt compelled to release it now. As Voltaire once said, “don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.” Even in its incomplete state, white paper no. 007 and EM-P are far better than anything else out there.

So, what is EM-P, and why should you care? For those unfamiliar with W&A or EM-P, EM-P is the acronym for “Equity Management-Plato.” Equity Management (“EM”) is a ground-breaking management system made up of an interrelated set of novel concepts, methods, and tools. The core of EM is made up of four concepts: (1) the social and economic justice, fairness, and inclusion of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; (2) John Rawls’ concept called “Justice as Fairness;” (3) the American public policy known as “affirmative action;” and (4) the judicial principle called “strict scrutiny.” These four concepts are woven together to form Equity Management (“EM”). The second part of the system is a web-based computer system called the Plato Management Information System (“Plato” or “P”). Plato is designed to manage sectoral transactions, conduct evaluations, and report on transactions in many different sectors. EM-P Additionally, W&A dipped into 17 other disciplines to fill in the gaps in the EM-P logic model and help explain EM-P to the layman.

White paper no. 007 explains how the Equity Management-Plato Strategic Plan can help unify liberal democracies worldwide by doing the following:

1. Resolving societal divisions
2. Creating new social contracts
3. Creating a new political center
4. Mitigating political polarization
5. Mitigating hyper-partisanship
6. Revitalizing representative democracy
7. Resisting authoritarianism
8. Dismantling systemic racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia
9. Empowering the people (positive populism)
10. Creating a positive national ethos
11. Creating a positive socio-economic orthodoxy

After the climate crisis, disunity in liberal democracies is the second greatest existential threat facing the world. Therefore, uniting liberal democracies is of paramount importance. The steps involved in uniting liberal democracies are listed below and outlined in the schematic attached to this news release:

1. You must design a system that can ensure justice, fairness, and inclusion in the country and appeal to and unify all citizens (EM-P).
2. You must build the Equity Management-Plato System capable of promoting justice, fairness, and inclusion worldwide.
3. You must conduct Truth and Reconciliation Commissions to lay the groundwork for a new social contract in each public sector entity in each country worldwide.
4. You must replace the Virulent Majoritarian Democracy ethos with Equity Management-Plato.
5. You must dismantle the machinery of inequality as represented in all affected sectors in public sector entities.
6. You must implement Equity Management-Plato in public sector entities in each country that adopts Equity Management-Plato.
7. Each country that Adopts Equity Management-Plato must make common cause with other liberal democracy-loving countries worldwide
All these steps are essential to unifying America and other liberal democracy worldwide. If you cannot perform these steps, you cannot unify America, and the lights could go out on American liberal democracy. If the lights go out on liberal democracy in America, they could go out on liberal democracy worldwide.
We at W&A developed the Equity Management-Plato Strategic Plan and wrote white paper no. 007 for the American people and liberal democracy-loving people worldwide. We think all Americans and people worldwide who care about the state of liberal democracy should read the items in the strategic plan. It has long been evident to us at W&A that solving the crisis of liberal democracy was never going to be strictly a top-down exercise. Too many of our leaders are too committed to maintaining the status quo. The status quo is incompatible with the health and wellbeing of liberal democracy. The reality is we can maintain the status quo or save liberal democracy, but we cannot do both. If liberal democracy is to be saved, it must be saved in America first, and it will take a bottom-up, people-driven process to save it.

W&A has been in the fight to save liberal democracy from the beginning, and we are in it for the long haul. W&A’s commitment to deal with solving the problems of liberal democracy can be seen in our company motto, “Creating One Vision (“E Pluribus Unum”) and Empowering One Future (“Equity Management-Plato”). It took 31 years and a small fortune to develop EM-P. W&A spent much of the previously mentioned 31 years trying to educate the public about the coming calamity that is now upon us and how EM-P was available to deal with these crises. But, for the longest time, EM-P seemed to be a solution in search of a problem. Few of the people we contacted could see what we could see. Well, time and circumstances have forced the realities we saw coming 31 years ago onto the public consciousness. Over the last several months, everyone has come to see what we can see. As the French writer and poet Victor Hugo once said, “There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.” The time for EM-P has come, and we ignore it at our collective peril. So, this is a call to action. Go to the W&A website. Download and read white paper no. 007 (and all the other white papers. They are free.). Buy, and read the book, Buy, and wear the gear. Let’s band together and save our way of life.

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