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Wisdom Education is Brain Health Education; Where Wisdom Land is a Start...

Our Education System Has Cutting Edge Mind Education While Brain Education Is Under the radar Screen.

Brain and mind are two separate entities and so mind and brain education are different.

The quality of the self-image determines the quality of life for individuals, groups and countries.

Trump's emotionally challenged behavior is on full display at all times. His whole team consists of himself and his one and only adviser in chief his insane gut

By electing Trump we will be handing the White House once again to insanity. By electing Biden we will place wisdom in the White House. The choice is between wisdom and insanity.””

— Sajid Khan

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, October 28, 2020 / — In choosing a leader the biggest factor that must be considered is wisdom. As wisdom has remained fuzzy we have ignored the wisdom level of our presidential candidates. I have a simple formula for wisdom that makes clear what is wisdom. Wisdom above all is pure love and just as love is an emotion so is wisdom. Wisdom just like love springs from emotional health. Thus wisdom is emotional health.

Emotional health itself is neglected and ignored as it is misdefined as mental health. Mental health affects 10% of the population while emotional health affects about 80% from mild to severe. While mental health issues are visible and mental illness is mostly recognized and action taken. Emotional issues are misdefined. Crime, drug addictions, abuse, and all social ills are emotionally challenged behavior but all these ills of society are classified as criminal behavior. Criminal behavior is addressed with punishment when it should be treated as an emotional health issue.

Even when an emotional illness is addressed we try to teach, coax, threaten, and punish bad behavior which is the symptom of emotional illness. So we try to address the heat and smoke while letting the fire rage on. No wonder our social problems are as bad as ever no matter how much we try to control bad behavior.

Another issue that has a deep unhealthy impact on all life is the fact that our experts lump the brain and mind as just the single entity of the mind when these are two separate through interdependent entities. professional education is in the realm of the mind while emotional well-being is in the realm of the brain. As the brain is hidden under the mind our full focus is on educating the mind, while ignoring and neglecting brain education which is emotional health education. Thus we equip the mind with cutting-edge education while miseducating the brain.

This simple ignorance about the mind and brain results in social, emotional, educational, health, happiness, economic, relationships, crime, corruption, war, bloated defense budgets, etc. mess. Just imagine the benefits of recognizing and taking action on the mind and brain being two separate entities.

Crime alone costs over a trillion dollars. Why do you think 50% of America struggles to make ends meet? We make good money with our cutting edge mind education but we spend it with our miseducated brains.

We have to use the mind and brain difference knowledge in every aspect of our lives starting with the most important event of our lives: How to decide who to vote for American presidentship. We must put under the microscope the brain and mind of Trump and Biden to decide who deserves the White House.

Trump's brain is clearly insane. His attributes of insanity are on full display. He is insanely self-confident about being the biggest expert on all issues simply on account of being the commander in chief. The fact that he has failed again and again in business shows that even his mind is not all there. The reason he is hiding his taxes is that they will reveal that he is as incompetent and as insane in business as he is in political leadership. Emotional health/wisdom is the #1 qualification for the White House and Trump does not have it. Trump does not even have a plan and he will repeat the same insane behavior in his next term. Trump has changed America from a totally respected world leader to being ridiculed & looked down upon. We need to vote Trump out of the White House to restore our respect and dignity and make America America again. It is clear that Trump is emotionally unfit to be president.

Biden's wisdom is on full display. Biden's mind and brain are both professionally well experienced and emotionally qualified to be president. Yes, Biden does have a gaffe problem and that is because his physical brain is overworked and beyond tired. He does not have dementia. He needs deep brain relaxation which the best doctors cannot provide as they try to help him with mind relaxation when it is the brain that needs rest. I have figured out deep brain relaxation and I will help him with it.

I have a US patent on how to measure emotional health (EH) and as EH is wisdom, I have a presidential rating test that goes as follows:

1) Premature self (-2). A macho self considers itself above the law, is disrespectful, totally self-centered, prejudiced, has all the attributes of ignorance, and is insane.

2) Premature self (-1). Corrupt, opportunistic, cunning, etc.

3) Immature self (+1). Obeys the law but considers himself as the best.

4) Super mature (+2). Selfless, humble, has all the attributes of wisdom/EH like compassionate, loving, etc.

(Which level describes Trump?)

It is even more essential to wake up to reality and take action on the fact that Trump's insanity is the symbol in chief of an America that continues to produce these four levels of selves.

By electing Trump again we will be handing the White House once again to insanity.

By electing Biden we will place wisdom in the White House.

Sajid Khan, President
4th R Foundation
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