Murray Releases Opioid Plan for Delaware

Plan Will Solve Growing Opioid Crisis

SEAFORD, DE, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2020 / — Today, Republican gubernatorial nominee, Julianne Murray announced her plan to solve the opioid crisis in Delaware. Delaware ranks thirteenth in the nation with deaths from opioid abuse. Additionally, the state serves as a hub for the movement of illegal opioids throughout the nation. The Murray plan will address this public health crisis.

“Opioid abuse in Delaware is a public health emergency and it is long past time that it be declared as such,” said Julianne Murray. “On day one I will do this. The emotional and financial toll this takes on families is impossible to describe.

“We must modify prescriber practices in prescribing opioids,” continued Murray. “Far too often we see doctors just prescribe opioids never thinking of the consequences. That must stop.

“Finally, we must combat the illegal transport of opioids through Delaware,” concluded Murray. “This means giving law enforcement the tools they need to stop the transportation of illegal opioids.”

The Murray Plan for Delaware’s Opioid Crisis consists of:

• Declare Opioid Abuse in Delaware a Public Health Emergency
The emotional and financial toll the crisis has taken is impossible to quantify. Declaring opioid abuse, a public health emergency will allow Delaware to qualify for federal grants and avoid having to tap state resources in combatting this epidemic.

• Statewide Task Force on Opioid Drug Abuse
Create a statewide task force on opioid abuse that will develop a strategy for Delaware and identify best practices to combat the opioid epidemic through education, treatment, prevention, and law enforcement. This task force will be comprised of health care specialists, business leaders, educators, and members of law enforcement.

• Modify Prescriber Practices
One of the biggest causes of opioid abuse and death in Delaware is through prescriptions by health care providers. The medical community over prescribes pain killers. To prevent this, Murray supports a restrained approach to prescriptions from physicians, and encourages a policy of requiring physician authorization before each refill. Murray also supports limiting opioid prescriptions to an initial seven-day dose, which would adequately address the majority of conditions currently eliciting prescriptions, such as routine surgeries and outpatient procedures. Additionally, practitioners should have frequent conversations with patients before prescribing opioids to ensure that it is the best solution for their pain management.

• Community Health Education Initiatives
Alienation, lack of education or support system, and connection to resources are all contributing factors to opioid addiction. These are also factors that frequently contribute to delinquent behavior in minors. Murray supports peer education programs in high schools to increase a sense of community and raise awareness around the warning signs of addiction, the dangers associated with opioid abuse, and how to get help if you are experiencing the symptoms of early addiction. Other components of community health education include educational resources for parents, and training school nurses and police officers in the delivery of Narcan. A particular emphasis will be placed on educating Delaware communities with the highest growing rates of opioid-related deaths such as Wilmington.

• Crackdown on the spread of illegal opioids in the state
Give law enforcement the tools to combat the transport and sale of illegal opioids in Delaware. Murray is dedicated to providing support for the cities and towns where this problem is most prevalent and ensuring that local and state police forces receive the necessary training to better understand how to identify and stop these crimes before they happen. Murray also favors harsh penalties for criminals found distributing these substances, including upholding mandatory minimum sentencing.

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Source: EIN Presswire