WhyWould.com Launches Virtual “Public Square”

New social media platform features zero tolerance for censure of thoughts

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, US, August 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

WhyWould.com Launches Virtual “Public Square”
A Free Speech Alternative to Twitter & YouTube

New social media platform features zero tolerance for censure of thoughts

WhyWould.com launched today, offering the world a new, virtual “public square,” where there is zero tolerance for the censure of thoughts. The site, which enables members to post “threads” (i.e., news articles, opinions and other media), is intended for the free exchange of ideas and perspectives. WhyWould presents itself as a free speech alternative to services like Twitter© and YouTube©.

The creators of WhyWould.com believe that society needs a forum where the civil exchange of contrasting thoughts and views can be measured, weighed and assimilated with impunity. “We are defenders of free speech,” said a spokesperson for the site. “Our goal is to build a public square for the virtual world where any and all viewpoints can be freely exchanged devoid of persecution, shadow-banning, harassment and or, ridicule. We espouse neither violence nor dishonesty. Just civility of the highest order.” We encourage you to be bold and don’t be afraid of controversy.

WhyWould.com functions as an interactive social media platform, with a central news feed, direct messaging, trending topics and alerts. As the site’s name suggests, curiosity is envisioned as a driver of meaningful dialogue on the platform. The interface is question-driven, with the phrase “Why Would…?” kicking off many of the site’s conversation threads, e.g. “Why would you eat a salad instead of a steak?” or “Why would the NFL bend the knee during the National Anthem” and so forth. We also offer a “Talker” which allows users to open the conversation with any word or phrase.

Members can follow one another, and each member gets a “wall” where they can post personal information and keep track of conversational threads. Categories include politics, sports, entertainment, religion, technology, business, health and lifestyle—though this list is guaranteed to change and expand over time based on user preferences. WhyWould enables hashtags along with site-wide search. The site also offers podcasts and Op-Ed pieces for members and sometimes, special guests of national prominence.

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