Murray Challenges Carney: Where Do You Stand On The Caesar Rodney Statue

Murray Condemns Taking Down Rodney Statue and Attacks on Statues Of Founders

Where does John Carney stand? Does he agree that statues like that of Caesar Rodney, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson need to be protected or does he agree with the senseless mob?”

— Julianne Murray

SEAFORD, DE, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2020 / — Georgetown attorney and Republican gubernatorial candidate, Julianne Murray challenged Governor John Carney on if he supported taking down the statue of American founding father and Delaware statesman, Caesar Rodney. Wilmington, Delaware took down the statue of Rodney following demands from protesters because Rodney owned slaves. Rodney, a member of the Second Continental Congress broke the tie allowing the Declaration of Independence to be adopted. He also served as President (the equivalent of governor) of Delaware during the American Revolution and is considered one of the founding fathers of Delaware. Murray noted that Carney has stayed silent on the issue of the Rodney statue. She said it is time for him to take a stand does he support protecting statues of the founding fathers or does he believe they should come down even after presumptive Democratic nominee and Delaware resident Joe Biden said he was against removing statues of the founding fathers. Murray stated she was adamantly opposed to removing the statue of Rodney and all the founders.

“Where does John Carney stand,” asked Julianne Murray, “Does he agree that statues like that of Caesar Rodney, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson need to be protected or does he agree with the senseless mob that has been destroying statues daily? It is time for the Governor to take a stand.

“No nation is perfect, but the nation that Caesar Rodney and the founders created is in the words of Abraham Lincoln, the world’s last best hope,” continued Murray. “They created a nation that is the envy of the world and their memory should be honored. It is sad that John Carney can’t make up his mind if he believes this or not. Guess he is waiting for his advisers and donors to tell him what to say.”

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Chinese School Excursions suspected to be the cause of South Korea's Coronavirus Epicenter in Daegu

A large school-excursion group from Henan Province, China visited Daegu, South Korea.

Daegu’s citizens may have been exposed to the virus at the city’s busy tourist attractions.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 30, 2020 / — “It has been confirmed that more than 1,100 Chinese students from school excursions visited Daegu–where a large number of confirmed coronavirus cases have recently occurred–up until this past January. This led to suspicions that the source of the large number of coronavirus cases in Daegu may be from the impact of these Chinese school trips,” reports Sujung Lee of Cheonji News. Critics quote a proverbial adage saying, the government “opened the doors for the thieves,” but blames the citizens. Daegu’s citizens may have been exposed to the virus at the city’s busy tourist attractions.

Between January 14 to 16, 488 elementary and middle school students from Henan, China visited the city of Daegu. This visitation was followed by 1,100 students from China which included 670 elementary and middle school students from Jiangsu and Henan provinces from January 18 to 20. They visited the Citizens' Safety Theme Park, Bangjja Yogi Museum, E-World, and Dongseong-ro and Keimyung University in downtown Daegu. They also participated in cultural exchange experience events between Korea and China with local teenagers, according to the Gyeongbuk News and the Yeongnam News. The school groups visited Daegu five days after Covid-19 deaths in Hubei, China.

China's Henan Province is about 200 kilometers away from Hubei Province, the location of the first Covid-19 outbreak. The Henan Province also has the second highest number of deaths after the Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak in China.

Many well-known global news outlets reported the source of the Daegu Covid-19 outbreak was the Shincheonji Church, specifically a woman referred to as Patient 31. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has failed to determine how Patient 31 was infected. Given that it usually takes four to five days for one person to infect another and show symptoms, the simultaneous surge in infections of the Shincheonji church members support there were other sources of the infection rather than this one individual.

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Will the People Finally End Racism in America

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

“We the People” can make all these things possible, but it is the “Will of the People” that can finally eliminate racial injustice?”

— John Reaves

MATTHEWS, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2020 / — The United States is fighting a raging pandemic, tackling a recession, and circumnavigating through racial injustice. Many of us ushered in 2020 with the hopes of good health and prosperity but had no idea that the events of 2020 would attack our bodies, our minds, and our wallets. For people of color, “injustice lives in the fringes of our psyches.” Today, it has rightfully catapulted to the ranks but not above COVID-19 and the recession. All are holding our country hostage and desperate for swift solutions. The pandemic and recession are likely to be contained in the coming months but less likely for racial injustice.

In most major cities in the United States, millions of people from all walks of life are protesting the racial inequalities that have subjugated our country since August 20, 1619. This date marked the birth of slavery in the United States. According to The United States Archives, the government entity that preserves all US records deems America’s key founding documents to be the Declaration of Independence (1776); the US Constitution (1787); and the Bills of Rights (1791).

Each of these documents contributed to forming the governance of the United States. 244 years later, legislation, in theory, was supposed to eliminate racial injustice and supremacy. It instead institutionalized it, and from the surface, it appears it was by design. By no surprise, all the persons who created these documents had no vested interest in enacting equitable freedom for Black, Brown, Women, or any other type of person who did not look like them or share their wealth.

From the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, several laws, and measures, such as Quotas and Affirmative Action, have been formed to govern racial discrimination. Regrettably, none of these actions have eliminated it. The question becomes: can we end racial injustice in the United States?

The quick answer is yes, but what will it take to deinstitutionalized 401 years of racism? Do we need a commission on racial justice to discuss this issue for another 400 years? What about new legislation that offers a way for our country to move forward without rewarding the systems that manufactured racism in the first place? What about reparations? A payment system to financially make all people of color whole. The question about reparations is: why would any non-person of color vote for such an approach to solving racial injustice? Who would pay for it, and who would receive it?

In other words, there are no easy answers to addressing this problem. A step forward would be for “We the People of the United States” to first stop disputing that racial inequity plagues our country. Too many centuries have been spent arguing and debating this fact. It would be great for the United States to provide an example to the civilized world on this problem that has plagued our country for over 400 years, but first things first. We need to admit and own our problem. No true progress can occur on racial injustice in the US until this action occurs at the highest level of our government.

What I appreciate about the United States is our ingenuity and the beacon of hope that resonates with most people worldwide. We are a great country, and I have no desire or will to live in any other country. An opportunity for “We the People of the United States” is to finally make our country GREAT by no longer being the dictionary definition for racial injustice. Inspirational words and softball legislation have fueled this inequity for way too long.

As a country, we must again admit that we have a problem, address it, and take responsibility for our previous inaction. We must be willing as individuals to call out all instances of racial injustice in our homes, in our communities, in our jobs, in our schools, in our churches, in our governments — in all places where this ugly cancer exists. As a society, we must eliminate the institutional walls of silent racism by requiring everyone to pay a tax on reforming the system. We must reject polite racism by voting for elected officials whose actions complement their words. We must raise our hands when we are in positions of influence and wealth and stop asking why people of color are not at the table and bring them to the table. “We the People” can make all these things possible, but it is the “Will of the People” that can finally eliminate racial injustice?

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We Want To Live

Waves of Life

We Want to Live – The Pain of Black Men

I know this is 2020 — and it is hard to believe that such requests are not welcomed by many people in our society — but people of color should not have to plead to live.”

— John A. Reaves

MATTHEWS, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2020 / — June 1, 1977, is a date that I will never forget — for it is the day my world shattered. Early that morning, I heard my father, William Roger Reaves, in the bathroom; when he came out, I shot out of bed to tell him goodbye as he prepared to go to work. Two hours later, he died from a massive heart attack.
His death came without any warnings or final goodbyes. I have since wondered if my father’s skin color was a factor in the care he received when he was taken to the hospital prior to his death. I have wondered what my life would have been like had my father been alive to share some of the important milestones in my life -my high school and college graduations; the purchase of my first car and home; my wedding, and births of my children; the celebration of my first Father’s Day. While I will never experience these significant events with my father, I am grateful to be alive and to celebrate numerous achievements with my wife and children.

Generally, on June 1, I recognize my father’s passing by saying a prayer and then calling my niece to wish her a happy birthday. This year was quite different not only because of the approx. 100,000 deaths related to COVID-19, but also the recent heinous murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks. What all of these terrible deaths have in common with my father’s death is that there were no final goodbyes — and each left behind a multitude of family and friends who loved them unconditionally, with no regard to what they had accomplished in life or their skin color.

I thought COVID-19 would unite us as a nation because of how it randomly afflicts someone healthy or a person with a preexisting illness. I thought COVID-19 would bring us together because so many of us can empathize with the death of someone we love. I thought that death was an equalizer for humanity, but even with death, some people still believe that people of color, particularly black men, are not worthy to live. To those who believe this, I say WE WANT TO LIVE!

We want to live in a country where all lives are meaningful; if death falls on our doorstep, it is only because of natural causes. We want to live in a world where a black man can jog in any neighborhood or stand in an elevator and hold his head high without someone calling the police, clutching their purse or wondering if he will be harmed simply because of that person’s skin color.

As black men, we want to go to the hospital and receive high-quality care without the presumption that all black men are supermen and do not require medication to fight ailments. We want to live in a society where a black man can ask questions or engage in discourse without being killed. I know this is 2020 — and it is hard to believe that such requests are not welcomed by many people in our society — but people of color should not have to plead to live.
Let us honor the tens of thousands of people of color who lost their lives because of their skin color by individually looking in the mirror and asking ourselves “Do Black Lives Matter?” Our verbal answer to this question matters, but our personal actions when no one is looking over our shoulders will matter more.

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HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2020 / — More than 19 months have passed since the formal request was made to the Harris County Conviction Integrity Unit for the release of the disciplinary file of former DEA Agent John Jack Schumacher. Schumacher, who was once investigated by congress for Civil Rights Violations, has been subpoenaed by state officials to testify in the wrongful conviction of case of Lamar Burks.

Burks has spent the last 20 years in the state for a murder he claims was pinned on him by Schumacher and partner Chad Scott in their effort to destroy black owned businesses in the Fifth Ward Section of Houston, Texas. Scott was recently convicted by a Federal jury for lying under oath, falsifying records, falsely identifying suspects, excepting bribes, and stealing cash and other property during arrest.

The Department of Justice has reopened this investigation into Schumacher and Scotts involvement in the Burks case. On November 6, 2018 Attorneys at Hughes Arrell & Kinchen LLP emailed and delivered a formal request to Harris County DA Kim Ogg and her Chief of the Conviction Integrity Unit Assistant District Attorney Gerald Doyle seeking the file on Schumacher who has been professional disciplined 19 times and who allegedly is responsible for the deaths of 9 African American civilian while in the line of duty. The following exchange was captured on record between the late Congressman Elijah Cummings and R.C. Gamble Chief Inspector of the DEA during hearings held of Capitol Hill, The House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform:

Mr. CUMMINGS. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
I have been sitting here and something is missing. Let me ask
you a few questions, Mr. GAMBLE.
Did you have an opportunity to look into Mr. Schumacher’s back-
Mr. GAMBLE. Yes, I did.
Mr. CUMMINGS. What did you find?
Mr. GAMBLE. Disciplinary actions, that would be the only thing that I
would be concerned with. While he was with the Houston Police
Department, there were 19 allegations, complaints filed against
Him, and four since he has been at DEA.
Mr. CUMMINGS. What about shootings? He seemed to be unclear
About shootings and killing people.
Mr. GAMBLE. There were a total of about eight—just 1 second
and I can tell you.
There were a total of nine shootings—two, four, six, eight, with
the PD one with DEA.
Mr. CUMMINGS. Did they occur in the Houston area?
Mr. GAMBLE. Yes.
Legal experts say that Lamar Burks Constitutional rights would be seriously violated if the Harris County District Attorney’s Office continue to intentionally withhold what is known as legal circle as Brady evidence without this evidence lawyers for Mr. Burks would be denied the right to properly cross examine Schumacher about his disciplinary history or subpoena as witnesses family members of the 9 people Schumacher has killed. The NAACP and Civil Rights Leaders have called on Harris County DA Kim Ogg to drop the charges. Any critics view this as blatant systemic racism due to Ogg’s relentless pursuit of two African American former HPD officers. Burks’ release the following statement:

“Ms. Ogg is engaged in a witch hunt of former HPD officers Gerald Goins and Stephen Bryant, two African Americans, and at the same time she is given a pass to two white EX COPS would killed, tortured, and falsely imprisoned members of the African American community for over two decades.”

Political analyst views the Burks case as the turning point in the race for the DA seat in the November election. Mary Nan Huffman, the republican candidate for the Harris County DA has promised equal justice for all residences of Harris County Texas. With backing from PAC’s like ENGAGED TEXAS, who boasts a 50-million-dollar war chest, Mrs. Huffman will most likely shine the light on racism and corruption as the race heats up.

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