CCHR Warns: Mental Health Month Marketing Feeds Lucrative Psychiatric Industry

According to Scientific American, 1 in 6 American adults reported taking a psychiatric drug in a 2013 study.

According to Scientific American, 1 in 6 American adults reported taking a psychiatric drug in a 2013 study.

The headquarters for CCHR Florida are located in downtown Clearwater.

The headquarters for CCHR Florida are located in downtown Clearwater.

Psychiatric Drugs and Suicide

NBC News reported on April 22, 2018 that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) findings show that suicides in the U.S. are at the highest level in “almost three decades”.

NBC News reported on April 22, 2018 that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) findings show that suicides in the U.S. are at the highest level in “almost three decades”.

There are over 78 million people taking psychiatric drugs in the United States with global sales reaching $76 billion a year.

The real motive behind this observance comes into question when normal human activities such as exercising too much or too little are viewed as signs of potential mental illness.”

— Diane Stein, CCHR Florida

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2020 / — With global sales reaching $76 billion a year, psychiatric treatment is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world and according to IMS Health, a company that provides information, services and technology for the healthcare industry, there are over 78 million people taking psychiatric drugs in the United States. [1,2]

While the month of May has been observed as Mental Health Month since 1949 for the stated purpose of educating people on mental health issues, the real motive behind this observance comes into question when normal human activities such as exercising too much or too little are viewed as signs of potential mental illness. During Mental Health Month, individuals interested in learning more about mental illness are driven via posters and social media to websites where they can take a series of quizzes called screening tools which are touted as the quickest and easiest way to determine if someone is experiencing “symptoms” of a mental health condition. [3]

“These quizzes are designed to generate more consumers for the psychiatric industry,” said Diane Stein, President of the Florida chapter for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. “What these screens don’t tell a person is that there are dangerous side effects to taking psychiatric drugs.”

According to Scientific American, 1 in 6 American adults reported taking a psychiatric drug in a 2013 study. [4] This same study notes that there are demographic differences such as older adults reporting a higher rate of psychiatric drug use and nearly twice as many women as men reporting psychiatric drug usage. In comparison to other developed countries, Americans use more medicines overall and rank first in the use of antipsychotics. [5]

Alarmed by these statistics, CCHR Florida is encouraging people to visit their website to learn more about psychiatric drugs and dangerous side effects that can lead to suicidal ideation and completed suicide. To learn more, please call 727-442-8820 or visit CCHR also operates a hotline to report mental health abuse and this hotline, 800-782-2878, is open despite COVID-19 restrictions.

About CCHR: Initially established by the Church of Scientology and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz in 1969, CCHR’s mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, first brought psychiatric imprisonment to wide public notice: “Thousands and thousands are seized without process of law, every week, over the ‘free world’ tortured, castrated, killed. All in the name of ‘mental health,’” he wrote in March 1969. For more information please visit

[1] Total Number of People Taking Psychiatric Drugs in the United States
[2] Psychiatry: Hooking Your World on Drugs
[4] MENTAL HEALTH: 1 in 6 Americans Takes a Psychiatric Drug – Antidepressants were most common, followed by anxiety relievers and antipsychotics
[5] Why do Americans spend so much on pharmaceuticals?

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CCHR: Imagine a World Without Psychiatric Abuse

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Scientists share their research about the potential origin of coronavirus and predict the progression of Covid-19

Map of Coronavirus spread

Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe

Scientific researchers released their findings about the source and predicted direction of the coronavirus and proposed critical measures for the pandemic.

LONDON, UK, April 28, 2020 / — Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe and his team of researchers believe that the novel coronavirus arrived on meteorites in Oct 2019 and instantaneously infected hundreds of thousands of people through the atmosphere, as meteorites were reported in China, Northern Italy, Michigan in October 2019. This is somewhat at odds with the mainstream assertion that it originated in bats in WUHAN, China. Given this disparity, they went to great lengths to produce a timely research paper to back up their argument.

In the research paper released on COVID-19, Professor Wickramasinghe puts forward several thought-provoking arguments. Notably that: “our informed view is that many people were almost simultaneously infected and naturally inoculated with the same COVID-19 virus strain.”

The research papers:

Predicting the future:


Support for their arguments can be found in scientific research recently published in Italy about the coronavirus being found in abundance in air filters which may indicate that it is an atmospheric phenomenon:

The research also points out the obvious fact that the highest occurrences of COVID-19 infections between December and April 2020, were all in the same belt of latitude. Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the foci of infection outside China is that they are all located close to latitude 30-50 degrees N.

Concerning the potential future direction of the virus and concerns by the WHO that regions such as Africa, Latin America and India may be particularly vulnerable in coming months, the research points out the likeliness that “a primary source of the virus from the troposphere declines in late spring due to well- attested atmospheric circulation patterns. A reservoir of viruses deposited in the troposphere will thus have a cyclical seasonal turn over – coming down more vigorously in the winter months. Likewise, a new virus deposited in the stratosphere over the northern temperate latitude belt will be largely confined to Northern latitudes until it diffuses to the southern hemisphere and is thereafter deposited to the ground 6 months later.”

This is a relevant discussion particularly as it concerns the re-opening of several European countries and U.S. states who believe that they have flattened the curve in the end of April 2020. Professor Wickramasinghe says that: “We might predict that the in-fall in temperate latitudes may wane after April. However, if smaller clumps of viruses still remain in the stratosphere, the repeated flushing will occur seasonally over the winter months.”

The scientists warn the various measures being taken to “contain” or “delay” the progress of this pandemic fall short of planning for resurgences caused by a continuing sequence of further in-fall episodes of this viral-dust.
What governments and their public health authorities don’t realize is that there are two forms of exposure to the virus. The first, more intense and deadly, is the instantaneous infection through the exposure to the virus in the Earth’s atmosphere and the second milder outbreak, comes subsequently from a person-to-person, community transmission.
This would explain how shelter-in-place measures outside the meteorite dust influx zones mitigated the community spread of the virus. However, zones where the virus was deposited into the atmosphere directly from the meteorite suffered as deadly hot spots.

Professor Wickramasinghe and his collaborators suggest that aircrafts, balloons and rockets could be deployed along with next generation gene sampling technologies to give us advanced warning of future pandemic-causing pathogens before they fall to Earth.
While Prof Wickramasinghe and his team unveil the mystery of the novel coronavirus and offer scientific evidence for the outbreak and its spread, it remains a mystery why public health authorities don’t make it their priority to base their preventative measures on this remarkable astrobiology research and evidence.”

About Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe: British astrobiologist, conducted doctoral research at University of Cambridge under the supervision of Sir Fred Hoyle, one of the most influential astronomers and cosmologists of the past 200 years. Wickramasinghe’s influence is global. His nearly 300 published scientific papers (over 70 in the highest impact journal Nature) and 31 books are a veritable catalog of the evolution of the emerging science of astrobiology, and of his undisputed role in this area.

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Vincent Imhoff and Shannon Leis of Imhoff & Associates, Examine Coronavirus Wreaking Havoc on Criminal Justice System

Vincent Imhoff

Imhoff & Associates

Shannon Leis.

“We must acknowledge these attacks on fundamental constitutional rights and fight for better standards to be implemented."

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2020 / — The novel coronavirus is creating devastation not only to individual’s health, but also to the entire criminal justice system. According to legal experts, the pandemic will have repercussions for a criminal defendants’ right to a speedy trial under the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution. If that right is found to be violated, a defendant’s conviction or sentence can be set aside. Most states have statutory speedy trial limits and says the impact of the virus is going to overwhelm dockets in courthouses all over the country. Vincent Imhoff, Managing Director of Imhoff & Associates, and Shannon Leis, Managing Attorney at Imhoff & Associates, certainly are frustrated by the current state the criminal justice system is in. They too agree that some constitution violations are most certainly being enacted as we speak. The two co-authored an article detailing such specifics in the Imhoff & Associates Newsletter. Check out their thoughts below from the Imhoff & Associates Newsletter.

“In California, the Chief Justice and the Judicial Council voted unanimously to extend what qualifies as a speedy trial during the COVID-19 pandemic, states the Imhoff & Associates Newsletter . “As a result, criminal defendants now face longer waits in pretrial detention and for key hearings. Deadlines for a felony defendant to appear in court extends from 48 hours to 7 days, for a preliminary hearing to be held from 10 days to 30 days, for a speedy trial for an additional 30 days. These changes are to remain in effect even after the emergency ends for an additional 90 days. Imagine being arrested and sitting in jail for an entire week before seeing a judge regarding release.”

Many federal and state courts have suspended or postponed criminal jury trials. Among the states most seriously affected by the pandemic is New York, where state courts responded by ordering courts to finish pending criminal and civil trials while delaying new trials until further notice. In Washington state, multiple courts suspended or delayed trials. California has issued no statewide delays or restrictions, which is why individual courts have to decide how to handle new cases.

“While extensions of time may be necessary in some cases, these blanket time extensions are a betrayal of justice and an attack on fundamental due process rights”, continues the Imhoff & Associates Newsletter. “We should be alarmed and fiercely resist any effort to normalize attacks on due process rights where less offensive means are available to address an issue.”

Due entirely to the pandemic, there still seems to be more breaches to be aware of than solely Sixth Amendment rights. The pandemic is resulting in compromised Fifth and Eighth Amendment rights of defendants in custody as well. At a time when the government is urging Americans to follow CDC guidelines, almost every single guideline is being violated in its jails and prisons. The crowded and shared living spaces make social distancing virtually impossible. Detainees are not provided masks, and living spaces are not properly cleaned and sanitized. The Fifth Amendment forbids any form of punishment for those held in pretrial detention and the Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Although all might seem hopeless, Vincent and Shannon believe that the system can turn around with a serious dedication to preserving rights and that a solution is on the horizon.

“We must acknowledge these attacks on fundamental constitutional rights and fight for better standards to be implemented. We should be alarmed and fiercely resist any effort to normalize attacks on due process rights where less offensive means are available to address an issue,” concludes the Imhoff & Associates Newsletter. “With trials suspended and arrests down, judges should have sufficient time to conduct video arraignments and pretrial hearings. Every effort should be made to respect and afford due process. The consequences could not be graver; being incarcerated awaiting trial or serving a sentence should not amount to a death sentence. It is our duty to demand better.”

Imhoff & Associates

Imhoff & Associates, PC, provides the highest quality representation for individuals who have been accused of committing criminal offenses. They understand that people who come to them are going through some of the most stressful times in their lives and want these individuals to know they do not have to work through these matters alone. Their nationwide criminal defense attorneys are prepared to provide creative, hard-hitting defenses for clients across the nation, no matter what the case may entail, how complicated matters may seem, or what crimes the accused are charged with. "We have a powerful and highly experienced team of attorneys from different legal backgrounds in your area and we bring the determination to win, a great deal of resources, and extensive knowledge to every case we handle", states Imhoff & Associates. "Let us put our extensive experience and successful track record of defending thousands of clients to work defending you!"

If you have been accused of committing a criminal offense, it is essential that you reach out to their firm as soon as possible. The sooner you begin working with them, the sooner they can begin examining every detail surrounding your case, gathering all the evidence, and building the strongest defense possible. Because they have experienced lawyers throughout the nation, they are knowledgeable of every state’s criminal laws, and know how all of these states’ criminal proceedings are carried out.

"Individuals who turn to our firm for defense are met with respect, honesty, and diligence throughout the entirety of their case," states Imhoff & Associates. "No two cases are alike, and we ensure every client is provided with the customized defense needed to meet their unique needs. We believe in doing everything we can to put our client's minds at ease, which is why we also implement one-time, flat-fees. This means you do not have to worry about how long you are on the phone with us or how many times you meet with us; you will never be charged any hidden expenses." With Imhoff & Associates, it looks like no matter what your case entails, you will work with the right attorney for your case; someone who is from your area, is well-versed in that particular area of law, and knows how to customize the best possible defense for your specific case.

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This is a sign from the Spanish flu epidemic.

Sign during the Spanish flu

Photo of sick soldiers laying in rows at Fort Funston, Kansas.

Beds crowded into a barracks at Fort Funston, Kansas.

A victim of the 1918 Spanish flu is loaded into an ambulance.

A victim of the 1918 Spanish flu is loaded into an ambulance.

Symptoms began with headaches, violent coughing, body aches, sore throats and high fevers.

One of the worst massive public exposures, a mistake that cost thousands of lives, occurred in Philadelphia when a Liberty Bond parade wasn’t canceled by the city’s leaders. ”

— Colleen Adair Fliedner

By Colleen Adair Fliedner

On April 6, 1917, Woodrow Wilson declared war on Germany and its allies, collectively called the “Central Powers.” The president had flipped his anti-war promise on its proverbial head, facing the challenges of preparing the country for war like a bull charging a matador’s cape. Going to war had been a difficult decision, but Wilson was left no choice when Germany had become more aggressive towards the Unites States. Kaiser Wilhelm II had announced that all ships, including American passenger liners, would be sunk on sight. In addition, the British had intercepted a coded telegram sent by Germany’s Foreign Secretary to the German Ambassador in Mexico. The message proposed that Mexican troops invade the United States to start a war to reclaim New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. The Central Powers would supply weapons and money to support Mexican troops. That way, the U.S. military would be too busy fighting against Mexico to send troops overseas to join the Allied forces.

With only 127,151 men serving in the U. S. Army at that time, Wilson would have to implement the draft immediately. Make-shift training camps were set up, and steel mills and factories producing weapons would have to move at lightning speed. To keep up morale, Wilson’s representatives made sure that newspapers were censored so that nothing negative about the war was printed. People who spoke against the war were often brought to trial; some were even imprisoned.

In the military encampments, new recruits were squeezed into barracks and tents, their cots so close together that there was barely room to move between them. At Camp Funston on the massive grounds of Fort Riley, Kansas, an estimated 56,000 young men were being trained. Little did anyone know that a battle almost as terrible as the one they would face in the trenches abroad would soon come to call on the home front.

To this day, scientists battle about where or how the “Great Influenza Pandemic” began. One theory is that the virus infected pigs on a farm near Camp Funston. It all started, they said, two days after the farmer burned piles of hog manure. The wind carried a storm of smoke laden with the virus into the camp. Men began to sicken by the scores. Within three weeks, 1,100 had died. Other researchers stated that it was impossible for this kind of virus to survive burning, let alone to be infectious after being swept along for miles before finding a human host.

A more popular theory was that the killer influenza had been created by German scientists and brought to America on a submarine. The newspapers picked up on this idea and people believed the story. After all, the Germans had created deadly gases which killed thousands of soldiers in the trenches.

Yet another hypothesis was that the influenza outbreak during the winter of 1916-17 at a British encampment in France had symptoms eerily similar to the strange new strain of the killer flu. Some researchers believed that because of the weakened condition of the soldiers and the filth in the rat-infested trenches, the germs had mutated into an even stronger strain that was easily transmitted. The killer flu spread from stricken French soldiers in concentric circles to soldiers on both sides and into the cities. It hitched rides on unknowing hosts boarding ships bound for ports all over the world, eventually making its way to America…and possibly to the overcrowded military base in Kansas.

Ironically, the new flu was nicknamed “the Spanish influenza” even though it didn’t begin in Spain. Most likely, it reared its ugly head in France and Britain first and was likely carried to Spain by infected people spending time in Spain’s warm coastal resort towns. Because the war’s propaganda machine in the Allied countries had forbidden their newspapers from printing information about the outbreak of the flu and the toll it was taking on the troops, Spain, a neutral country with newspapers that included stories about the influenza outbreak in its country, was blamed for its beginnings.

The reality is that we may never know the influenza’s origin. The fact is that it moved through military bases in America and overseas like locusts ravaging a wheat field. Soldiers who had been exposed – and even those who were already showing symptoms – were deployed overseas. Shiploads of sick men arrived and spread the disease by the thousands. The strange virus preyed most often on the young and healthy. Symptoms began with headaches, violent coughing, body aches, sore throats and high fevers. Although some recovered, others weren’t so lucky. After a few days, their lips and even their faces turned blue when their lungs became congested with blood and fluids. Scientists worked madly to come up with a cure or, at least an inoculation. But in 1918 their microscopes weren’t advanced enough to view, let alone understand how to destroy, the viruses that were wreaking havoc on the world.

It’s ironic that the pandemic struck during a time when the world was at war. Military ships with soldiers carrying the flu stopped for fuel and supplies in ports all over the world. There are stories about sailors disembarking their ships in a port and infecting entire communities, such as in Western Samoa, where 8,000 people died after a vessel from Auckland docked there for refueling.

Meanwhile in America the flu continued to sweep across the country. People wore flimsy gauze masks hoping to protect themselves from the invisible enemy. Restaurants, churches and theaters closed, and people were advised to avoid crowds and stay home as much as possible. Mingling closely with other people was banned in many areas. For most Americans, however, that wasn’t an option. They had to work. Without them, who would build the much-needed military trucks and guns and cannons to ship to the troops? And of course, they caught and passed on the flu to their fellow workers.

One of the worst massive public exposures, a mistake that cost thousands of lives, occurred in Philadelphia when a Liberty Bond parade wasn’t canceled by the city’s leaders. An estimated three-hundred thousand residents lined the parade route and within three days, an estimated hundred thousand men, women and children became infected. Thousands of men, women and children – often entire families – died.

Overseas, the influenza sickened and killed thousands of soldiers on both sides. By fall, battle-weary Bulgaria, Austria, Hungry and Turkey had asked the Allies for peace. Germany would soon do the same, signing an armistice on November 11. The war was over, and the flu had more than a little credit for its somewhat quick end.
Although the flu continued its killing spree in second and third waves for months, the epidemic seemed to be over by the early winter of 1919. The public was ecstatic, patronizing their favorite eateries, partying, attending social functions, and shopping. Slowly, things returned to normal.

The total number of people who died from the 1918 influenza is believed to have been more than the those who died in World War 1. Because many of the countries affected by the virus didn’t keep accurate records, the numbers of dead are only estimates and range somewhere between 40 million and 100 million worldwide. Added to the 20-plus million soldiers and civilians who were killed in World War 1, the loss of life during this time is staggering.

For the scientists who couldn’t find a cure or what had caused this new variety of killer flu, their work continued. No one doubted that the day would come when another mutated disease would disrupt the world. It took over 100 years, but during the current outbreak of COVID 19, lessons learned from the 1918 flu were put into practice. Avoiding crowds, closing businesses, and asking people to stay home, helped then as it has helped now.

And the good news is that our ancestors’ lives did, indeed, return to normal. Strangely, the 1918 influenza hasn’t been included in history classes, and few books have been written on the topic. Until the recent pandemic, the “Spanish” flu had been forgotten by most people…with the exception of the generations of scientists who have worked to understand exactly what caused the deadly flu of 1918. Their hope has always been to prevent another similar outbreak.

And the battle to find a vaccine goes on….

Colleen Adair Fliedner is the author of In the Shadow of War: Spies, Love & the Lusitania.

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LPC Supports Voluntary Compliance Regarding Current Pandemic

The LPC believes it isn’t just business owners who were recklessly shuttered in the knee-jerk reactions of politicians, draconian measures have literally put tens of millions of people out of work…”

— Mimi Robson, Chair, LPC

SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, April 28, 2020 / — The Libertarian Party of California (LPC) condemns the local and statewide mandatory shelter-in-place orders in California and believes that these orders should be relaxed immediately.

The LPC believes that in a pandemic of this kind, government needs to employ a balance to reduce harm and focus on providing the most vital support needed, accurate information and guidance, rather than stopgap orders. Imagine the cooperation and innovation that could have flourished if Californians had logical and consistent guidance from a source they knew they could trust. Assuming that the adults of California cannot be trusted to protect their own health and welfare is unfathomable.

Mimi Robson, Chair of the LPC said, “It takes political courage to propose that ordinary people will rise to the occasion in a crisis, but history reveals that they always do. The truth is, more people act responsibly than not when a crisis evolves. California politicians couldn’t seem to believe that small businesses will employ practical solutions to keep their customers and employees safe in a crisis. Perhaps that’s because they have never had to work to retain a customer. Certainly, an important issue is safety, but arbitrarily shutting down hundreds of thousands of businesses, many of which will never reopen, is simply irresponsible.”

The LPC believes it isn’t just business owners who were recklessly shuttered in the knee-jerk reactions of politicians, draconian measures have literally put tens of millions of people out of work and jeopardized their ability to provide for their families. Additional consequences of the subsequent high rates of unemployment are likely to include suicide, depression, substance abuse, domestic violence, reduced access to healthcare and even hunger. Will these statistics be considered when the politicians congratulate themselves for “flattening the curve” of a scientific guess?

Virtually none of our California politicians employed balance in their “strategies” and it appears that shutting down the economy was not even a significant factor in their decisions. The substantial destruction of our economy and the inability to trust elected officials will be with us and our children for many years to come. Libertarian values would demand the political courage to employ balance. We as adults, with varying degrees of needs and conditions, are better able to make good logical choices for our well-being than our government.

The LPC’s Executive Committee voted with no opposition, to adopt the following resolution:

Since the actions of government impact the lives of individuals in vastly different ways, government must consider the potential consequences relative to the various challenges its diverse constituents face.

By restricting access to commerce, the governments in California have directly restricted access to earnings and employment. For many individuals and families who have no savings this is no less devastating than bearing the risks of falling ill.

High unemployment rates historically impact the rates of suicide, depression, substance abuse and domestic violence. In addition, unemployment means hunger and reduced access to healthcare for at-risk populations.

The “social distancing” rules imposed by government have been inconsistent with the purported goals and have resulted in the criminalization of non-threatening, ordinary human activity.

Each individual is best equipped to deem what is and is not essential for the well-being of themselves and their families. We believe that ordinary people will rise to the occasion during a state of crisis, such as a pandemic and act in a responsible way, with voluntary cooperation, to take all proper precautions to not harm others, and will ensure they take care not to spread any virus to others.

We, the Libertarian Party of California, support the voluntary actions of individuals as they see fit to ensure their own health and the health of their families, which could include using voluntary self-quarantine measures, personal protective equipment, and nutritional supplementation, so long as they don't harm the person or property of others.

Governor Gavin Newsom and his administration are wrongfully dictating what people can and cannot do with their own bodies and property, and impeding travel and trade upon which people's livelihoods, and in some cases, their lives, depend.

The government's orders have caused tremendous damage to the people of our state by subjecting them to poverty and restricting their movement. The harm disproportionately impacts low income people, undocumented people, LGBT people, and other at-risk populations.

Therefore, be it resolved, the Libertarian Party of California opposes the local and statewide shelter-in-place orders, all similar laws, penalties, mandatory bureaucratic and legislative "recommendations,” and we call for their swift removal.

On May 1st, several Libertarian County Organizations will be involved in peaceful protests against the current stay-at-home orders and closures of local businesses.

The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County (LPLAC) will be protesting at the Los Angeles City Hall at 1:00 pm. For more information contact Angela McArdle, LPLAC Chair, at or (909) 237-0798.

Other peaceful protests will be held in Huntington Beach, San Diego and Sacramento. For more information contact the LPC Chair, Mimi Robson, or (916) 446-1776 ext. 3.

About the Libertarian Party: The Libertarian Party was founded in 1971 and is the third largest political party in the United States. The LP seeks to expand personal freedoms, dramatically reduce taxes, decrease interference in the economy and avoid meddling in overseas conflicts. The Libertarian Party of California (LPC) is an affiliate of the Libertarian National Committee which has affiliates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. For more information go to

Peter Moulds
Libertarian Party of California
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