Kennedy Condemns Brownley $ Pelosi For Playing Partisan Politics With Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

Says Brownley Needs To Be A Leader and Put the Interests of the 26th District First

WEST LAKE VILLAGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , March 24, 2020 / — Today Ronda Kennedy, the Republican nominee for U.S. Congress in CA 26, condemned Congresswoman Julia Brownley and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for playing partisan politics with the stimulus bill that would provide direct cash payments to American families and relief to businesses suffering from the coronavirus pandemic. Kennedy said that while the people of the 26th District are suffering economic hardships from the coronavirus pandemic, Brownley is in Washington playing political games. Brownley has been AWOL from the 26th District and appears oblivious to what is happening in the District, Kennedy stated. The residents of the 26th District expect a fulltime representative who will put their needs first and instead have an absentee Congresswoman in Julia Brownley who does whatever the Democratic House leadership wants regardless of the consequences to the residents of the 26th District, Kennedy charged. Instead of addressing the dire and pressing economic needs of the 26th District, Brownley and House Democrats are trying to get included in the stimulus bill a radical job killing agenda that they could never get voters to approve at the ballot box.

“The people of the 26th District expect a representative who will represent them and not a partisan agenda during a time of national calamity and disaster,” said Ronda Kennedy. “Yet Congresswoman Brownley in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi is putting the Democratic radical agenda ahead of the needs of the 26th District.

“Brownley and Pelosi fiddle like Nero did when Rome burned, as the economy continues to be hit from the coronavirus outbreak,” continued Kennedy. “The citizens and businesses of the 26th District need immediate help, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month but now. Congresswoman Brownley is not only an absentee representative but an uncaring representative as our District suffers.”

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Source: EIN Presswire