The Californian Shutdown is a Wake-Up Call

Covid Subway Ride

There’s Lemonade in the Lemon that is the Coronavirus

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, March 20, 2020 / — For a start, Trump will be gone soon!! We avoided the St. Patrick Day boozy, street peeing, binge-drinking parade. We are free of hugging and kissing everyone. Let’s celebrate cleanliness, efficient non-monied elections, televised shows and athletics free from screaming audiences and silly standing ovations. Applause please!!

Now let’s get serious. Our politicians failed to have a strategy in place to combat this previously predicted pandemic. Now these incompetent phonies— in both parties — are scrambling to figure out a solution. They have none. Worse, their public policy directives may put this country into an economic DEPRESSION from which it will NEVER recover.

The people who survived the Depression (1929–late thirties) are called the GREATEST Generation. Compared to us today, they were Super Heroes. The difference between them and us is almost immeasurable. Take the most talented athlete in the world and compare that individual to an amateur and that’s the size of the chasm. We are a population of fragile, entitled and hypochondriacal beings.

The government and public health officials are incapable of connecting the dots. How can they analyze the necessary tradeoffs? Meanwhile, the public is just hoping that people they know and the economy they depend on does not die. But if we continue to shutter businesses, the economy won’t come back, and we will wish we were dead. (During the Depression people jumped out of open windows to their death. Others died because someone fell on top of them.)

The public expects that the government can dole out money so we can pay our bills even without working. But there’s no tunnel into Ft. Knox. The stock market was going to decline before this virus happened. The economy was heading south. Our binge and purge structure based on getting people to buy stuff they don’t need with money they don’t have has timed out. Turns out the Coronavirus is a handy cover for CEO incompetence and greed.

Obviously, the media loves crisis because their jobs become more important. So, they scare us practically to death, so they stay alive. But health experts say that 70% of us will get this bug regardless of what we do and 97% will be just fine. We are told to stay inside to “flatten the curve.” The result is that the economy will flatten FOREVER. At least, it will seem like forever.

A physician who has worked in other pandemics said on TV a day ago that we will need Mass Casualty Triage. In mass casualty situations, triage is used to decide who is most urgently in need of transportation to a hospital for care (generally, those who have a chance of survival but who would die without immediate treatment) and whose injuries are less severe and must wait for medical care. The people we hope will take care of us already decided that everyone cannot be treated.

Maybe it would have been different if we had had the proper preparation:free home testing kits. Still, even if we had more hospital beds; more medical staff; and more ventilators, we must accept that a small number who die is better than a Depression that will result in almost everybody losing almost everything.

It’s up to us to make sure we don’t slide into a Depression because our politicians can’t get anything right. In a recession, biz is down– but not destroyed. Right now, our avoiding restaurants or movie theatres (still staying 6’ from other patrons) is economic suicide. When you are washing your hands ten times a day, ask yourself if you want to be holed up in your residence (if you have one) and virus free or living in an economic DEPRESSION with no future. And no escape. # # #

About Joan Breibart:
The author—age 78– predicted this current crisis; every recession for the past six decades; all the unnecessary wars; the obesity epidemic in 1978! and lived through WWII food rationing and her family’s recovery from the Great DEPRESSION. Her experience and perspective can alleviate your anxieties. More articles to follow and on listen to her ‘Body Conversations’ Podcast (Episode 10).

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