Natalie Cline proposes federal social and medical disaster relief plan to help communities recover from crises

 Natalie Cline for Congress

Natalie Cline for Congress

How our government can responsibly reinvest in our communities and families, ensuring everyone has access to necessary services

WHEELING, WV, USA, March 20, 2020 / — Democratic Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Natalie Cline, proposes legislation that will provide access to care for communities who have been affected by social and health crises. The Family Reinvestment Act will open medical clinics, rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities and food banks in communities and public schools who qualify for social and medical disaster relief. Not only would this legislation provide access to affordable care and nutrition, but it will also create jobs in these industries where we see communities that are desperately seeking employment opportunities.

Cline stated, “We recognize that many communities across the country have been ravaged by social and health crises, such as the opioid epidemic. Our legislators have not done nearly enough to stop it, let alone help communities recover. Many communities across the nation are seeing medical and treatment facilities close; and are forcing our teachers to pack meals so that our kids have something to eat in the evenings and weekends. It’s difficult enough when your community does not offer any alternatives or solutions. Then your legislators, who are supposed to be looking out for your best interests, vote to repeal your health care, and vote against preexisting condition protections. This is a disaster and unacceptable.”

Instead of repealing legislation that provides funding for school-based health center construction, the Family Reinvestment Act would fund these necessary services in our schools and extend them into our communities.

This legislation would serve to establish a federal emergency relief program that can offer qualifying communities funding for medical clinics, rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities and food banks. It would establish mental health programs in qualifying public schools, as well as, additional school nurses, and food banks. We recognize that for many children in these affected communities, the only stable environment where they can seek any sort of care or service is our public schools.

Natalie Cline is a woman working in STEM and has a passion for reinvesting in our communities. She believes that we must begin to prioritize people over large corporations and work together in a bipartisan manner. Our families must come first.

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Source: EIN Presswire