Mind Commerce Announces Standardization on Measuring Quality of Spam Detection Services

Highlights the need for agreed-upon definitions of “unwanted calls” and for a standardized framework for testing the quality of spam detection service providers

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, July 23, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The number of spam and fraudulent robocalls continues to grow in the United States, which recently spurred the Federal Communications Commission to encourage carriers to auto-block “unwanted” inbound calls. However, there is no commonly agreed-upon definition for what an “unwanted call” is or how the accuracy of unwanted call detection is measured.

While the FCC’s recent order comes with good intent, there remains a high likelihood for unintended consequences from overly aggressive or inaccurate call filtering systems. Aggressive call blocking can be damaging for businesses and lead to another cascade of US enterprise litigation and/or regulatory intervention much like what has happened with TCPA.

Mind Commerce sees an industry need for standardizing the following for the sake of protecting consumers and businesses:

● Definitions: Establish an agreed-upon definition of what an “unwanted call” is, and in particular, guidance for
scenarios in which a call should, could, and should not be blocked
● Framework: Establish industry-approved processes and methods for solution quality testing. This includes
procedures for testing unwanted call detection and advisory solutions and related metrics for assessing
performance among vendor offerings

Mind Commerce is spearheading cooperation to address these issues with leading unwanted call detection vendor, Hiya (who has pushed for standardization in the past), as the first committed participant. Additional industry constituents are encouraged to collaborate to develop definitions, framework, and processes for identifying and mitigating the impact of unwanted calls. Additionally, Mind Commerce is announcing an initial industry quality testing framework based on pre-existing test processes and scientific research. This new framework emphasizes:

1. Using representative data, ideally real traffic that is sourced from actual consumers to reflect the real spam volume being experienced today;
2. Reputation sampling in near real-time to get the analytics services’ labels for a number without bias or manipulation;
3. Measuring the key statistics of spam detection rate (amount of spam intercepted), error rate (instances of mis-flagged legitimate businesses), and the combination of the two as it impacts consumers and callers.

With agreed-upon definitions and a standardized framework for how to measure the quality of spam detection solution providers, Mind Commerce believes that consumers will not only be protected from unwanted calls, but businesses will be protected from their calls being unnecessarily blocked. Additionally, unwanted calls exist within a spectrum of legal, but potentially nuisance call traffic, ranging from surveys or solicitations, to maliciously fraudulent activity from scammers. Not all calls within this spectrum carry the same weight of importance or warrant the same consequence such as call blocking.

For more information, to request a study, and/or to join in this effort, contact Mind Commerce via phone at 206 395 9205 or email at Contact@MindCommerce.com

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