Airwheel SE3mini riding luggage: a faster and freakier alternative to schlepping on foot

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BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, May 20, 2019 / — Abstract: Airwheel’s goal is and always has been to provide a new perspective on what a travel transport is and what it can do. The only way Airwheel can do that is by ensuring the best experience, like the SE3mini smart suitcase modobag for a faster and freakier travel experience.

If you're considering purchasing a product, it's important to choose a company with a good track record and quality regime in place. Airwheel riding luggage is such a company specialized in smart products, for instance the electric scooter, power chair, e bike and smart suitcases. Airwheel SE3mini suitcase electric scooter is a case in point, a faster and freakier alternative to schlepping on foot.

Airwheel SE3mini smart luggage is very reliable and extremely well designed. reduces the marks left by bumps and is not easily deformed whether it is dragged or ridden, and you can feel at ease.

To make it rideable, Airwheel SE3mini smart backpack installs three wheels, a smart handlebar, and powerful motor and quality battery. It takes one second to transform it into scooter, which will open multiple lives for you. You must be wondering how long the battery will last before you need to replace it. Airwheel SE3mini motorized rideable luggage uses high performance quality lithium battery cells. Riders should get a few hundred recharges out of their battery. Battery life will vary greatly depending on conditions. It is normal for the battery range to decrease with time over subsequent recharges.

What’s more, the USB port on the battery provides much convenience for charging the portable electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Then, what is the range on one charge of Airwheel SE3mini smart luggage carry-on smart luggage? There are many variables such as weight of rider, terrain, headwind, speed, stops/starts, condition of battery/tyres etc, but up to 10km per hour. Surely, it is a faster and freakier alternative to schlepping on foot.

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