Cuomo’s Justice Center Lacks Transparency

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Justice Center abuse hotline is operating illegally and unconstitutionally, it is not tranparent, there is no oversight, it is corrupt and it must be shut down

The truth must be told about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s abuse hotline, it is concealing evidence of crimes against the disabled from local police and prosecutors

The Justice Center is not protecting children from sexual predators. The Justice Center is not protecting women with disabilities from being raped.”

— Michael Carey – Civil Rights & Disability Rights Advocate

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2018 / — “Thousands of sexual assaults of children and women with disabilities continue to be reported to Cuomo’s Justice Center and almost all are kept from 911 call systems, local police, County District Attorney’s and from criminal prosecution. Gov. Cuomo has ignored the New York Times Editorial board, as well as civil and disability rights advocates calls for 911 immediate reporting and surveillance cameras to finally end decades of discrimination and to ensure the protection of our most vulnerable.” – Michael Carey – Civil Rights & Disability Rights Advocate

It is not just the Jonathan Carey Foundation making these claims. Comptroller DiNapoli attempted to audit Cuomo’s abuse hotline, but his audit was severely obstructed. The audit of the Justice Center’s operations was requested by well known and respected Civil Rights and Disability Rights Advocate, Michael Carey. The audits main mission was to determine what sex crimes, physical assault crimes and deaths actually were reported to and investigated by local police and reported to county elected District Attorney’s. Comptroller DiNapoli described the lack of transparency and obstruction as “troubling.”

Carey received this statement from the Comptroller in an email following the public release of the audit;

“As we discussed, when the Justice Center provided to our auditors the population of substantiated cases, they did not provide us with information related to whether the cases were referred to 911 or other law enforcement.”

Records obtained by Michael Carey through Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) reveal that
the vast majority of crimes committed against the disabled within Cuomo’s extremely dangerous mental health care system never gets to the police. Assemblyman Tom Abinanti in an extremely damning BuzzFeed investigative report called what the Justice Center is doing as “obstruction of justice.”

The Justice Center’s Executive Director, Denise Miranda is attempting to paint a different picture or spin the corruption into something different, but she is making it worse for herself. Covering up sexual assaults and rapes of vulnerable children and women and defrauding the federal government are State and federal crimes. The falsification of public records is illegal. The numbers released by Miranda are not even close to being accurate numbers; the Justice Center is cooking the books. Miss Miranda’s statement claiming that the Justice Center “investigates every allegation” is not true; approximately 2% of the calls to Cuomo’s abuse hotline are ever investigated by the Justice Center.

The Justice Center is a deceitful and extremely corrupt State agency that is protecting abusers and sexual predators, not people with special needs. The Justice Center is not protecting children from sexual predators. The Justice Center is not protecting women with disabilities from being raped. The Justice Center is not ensuring the prosecution of all crimes committed against the disabled. The Justice Center is not holding people that take the life of a disabled person accountable. The Justice Center is not a Justice Center, but the exact opposite. The Justice Center must be shut down and the people involved in covering-up countless sex crimes and deaths must be indicted and prosecuted, including Miss Miranda.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Justice Center abuse hotline is ensuring the cover-ups of almost all reported sexual assaults, rapes and deaths. The wide-scale obstruction of justice is off the charts and many State officials are involved. You just do not conceal this level of State and federal crimes without many powerful people and parties being complicit or actively involved in attempting to protect the governor. The root of the cover-ups is massive Medicaid fraud and gross misappropriation of State and federal Medicaid funds.

Federal law has certain very clear directives where the billions of Medicaid dollars are to go and be used for which are, safe programs that are free from abuse and neglect, programs free from human rights violations and programs free from financial and sexual exploitation. Countless extremely dangerous facilities known by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Justice Center are allowed to investigate sex crimes and deaths occurring within their own facilities. Only local police, county prosecutors and medical examiners are supposed to be investigating and ensuring the prosecution of these horrific crimes.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s corrupt abuse hotline and agency is not independent and it has no oversight. Cuomo’s agency has been getting away with protecting numerous Larry Nassar’s, sexual predators and pedophiles that prey on vulnerable children. Enough is enough, the truth must be told and this evil must be stopped. These crimes against children are similar in scope and horror to that of war crime atrocities.

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The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers

Source: EIN Presswire