NY Governor Cuomo Covering-Up Rapes

Powerful and wealthy people have protected Governor Andrew Cuomo and this is the only reason why he has been able to get away with covering-up staggering numbers of rapes of disabled women and children for years

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is directly involved in ensuring the cover-ups of thousands of sexual assault and rape crimes within his agencies; he must be prosecuted.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo must be removed from office for covering-up rapes committed by sexual predator caregivers and for allowing these criminals to continue to rape more vulnerable women and children”

— Michael Carey – Advocate for people with disabilities and their families

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — For over ten years, from 2007 to present, Attorney General Cuomo and then Governor Andrew Cuomo have protected countless sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists within State run and private mental health facilities and group homes from being fired, from being prosecuted and from being placed on the sex abuse registry. This timeline proves years of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s direct involvement.


Here are the numbers of sexual assaults within only one of six of Governor Cuomo’s mental health agencies, the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).

– 325 reported sexual assaults or rapes every 3 months or 1,300 annually.

The real numbers are close to 43,000 sexual assaults or rapes of the developmentally disabled in this one State agency alone, annually, or a third of its population, because only 3% of these sex crimes will ever be reported according to this is very reputable study titled, “Prevalence of Violence”, found on the State of Massachusetts website.


Governor Andrew Cuomo must be removed from office, indicted and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for his involvement in covering up thousands of reported sex crimes committed against people with disabilities within his agencies. Governor Cuomo is an extreme danger, he is directly involved in a sex cover-up scandal similar to the Catholic Church pedophile priest scandal exposed in 2002. Staggering numbers of women and children with disabilities within Governor Cuomo’s mental health care system are being sexually assaulted and raped by known and previously caught sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists. Governor Cuomo has cut deals with the unions to protect sexual predator New York State employees. Governor Cuomo has continued to shuffle or jockey around these sexual predator caregivers from group home to group home just like the Catholic Church leaders moved pedophile priests from parish to parish.



Please watch the Spotlight movie trailer link above which is only a few minutes and then the Oscar award winning ‘Spotlight’ movie to get an understanding of how a large institution, the Catholic Church, was able to get away with a massive pedophile priest cover-up scandal for decades. In the movie, the Editor of the Boston Globe said we are going after the institution and connect the cover-ups to top Church leaders which they did. The Jonathan Carey Foundation connects the dots to the same type of sex cover-up sandal that is happening in New York State’s mental health care system, but far worse, directly to Governor Andrew Cuomo. New York State has just as many sexual predator caregivers or more than the Catholic Church has pedophile priests worldwide.

If we are going to have any institutional changes, which are critical, the kingpins and leaders must be exposed and removed from any position of power and authority, they are protecting their institutions, money and the institutional cover-ups. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is without question the kingpin and leader of the largest sex cover-up scandal since the one exposed by the spotlight investigative reporting team for the Boston Globe. The Sex cover-up scandal that Governor Andrew Cuomo is leading is of epic proportion. State documents and records, as well as Governor Cuomo’s own actions to ignore the rape victims for years, all point to the governor’s direct involvement. Literally, hundreds of letters have gone to Attorney General Cuomo and Governor Cuomo by leading Civil and Disability Rights Advocate, Michael Carey, there were only a few obtained by the Boston Globe that connected Cardinal Bernard Law and forced his resignation.



The Jonathan Carey Foundation has been doing the investigative research and reporting on these atrocities similar to what the Boston Globe has done. Michael Carey, the founder, has worked night and day to bring the truth to light so that precious people with disabilities will finally be protected from these sexual predators and dangerous criminals. The truth must be told, Governor Cuomo is the worst of the worst enabler and protector of these sexual predators imaginable, because with full knowledge, he has directed the criminal cover-ups of almost all sex crimes occurring within his agencies.

The most dangerous people and criminals are the ones that protect and shield sexual predators and allow them to continue to rape and destroy the lives of many additional innocent victims. Governor Cuomo is a very dangerous person; he has initiated and perfected his sex cover-up scheme of epic proportion that mirrors the Catholic Church pedophile priest scandal.

Governor Cuomo refused to initiate numerous emergency actions requested by Michael Carey to stop and prevent most rapes from ever occurring, for the last seven years as the Governor, following the New York Times “Abused and Used” award winning investigative reporting series. Michael Carey convinced the Times to do this series, which became a runner up for a Pulitzer Prize, following the death of his son Jonathan. Jonathan had autism, he was developmentally disabled and non-verbal and only 13 years old when he was killed by his New York State caregivers in 2007.





The New York Times Editorial Board blasted Governor Cuomo for refusing to ensure the most basic actions to protect the disabled, following their massive “Abused and Used” investigative series, which should have catapulted major reforms to protect our most vulnerable. The Times Editorial is titled, “Protecting the Most Vulnerable”.


“Two-and-a-half years ago, The Times reported horrifying abuse of people with developmental disabilities or mental illnesses by state employees, who were rarely punished for it. Gov. Andrew Cuomo promised action. But too little appears to have changed.”

“There is much the governor could do. He could require surveillance cameras in these facilities, just as prisons have them. He could make sure that the police get more involved.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo has failed to protect women, girls, boys and men with disabilities from being preyed on and raped by sexual predators within his six mental health agencies. Governor Andrew Cuomo must be swiftly removed from office. Governor Cuomo and other top State officials involved in this massive sex cover-up scheme must be held fully accountable, they must be prosecuted.

Most sex crimes, as well as many other crimes and deaths, are easily covered-up internally because they are being directed to be called to Governor Cuomo’s internal abuse hotline, instead of to 911 emergency call centers where they must go. No longer can 911 call systems, local police and local courts be bypassed. 911 call systems must be immediately called by all mandated reporters regarding all sexual assaults and rapes, as well as obviously all other assault crimes, medical emergencies and deaths. Currently, under Governor Cuomo’s directive, almost all sex assault and rapes of people with disabilities, which are obviously crimes, disappear internally, they are covered-up. This evil and these gross injustices must be stopped and the people involved in the greater crimes, the obstruction of justice and criminal conspiracy to protect sexual predators, pedophiles and rapists, starting with Governor Cuomo, must be held fully accountable.

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If you have any tips or knowledge of sexual assaults, rapes, deaths or cover-ups please call the Jonathan Carey Foundation sexual abuse & death tip hotline @ (518) 475-7500

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The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers

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