De La Fuente Issues Challenge to Priebus to Join the Recount

I’m just trying to highlight the issue so that the parties will finally be forced to do something about it, and Reince is welcome to join in the process.

— Rocky De La Fuente

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, USA, November 27, 2016 / — “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente, who filed for a recount in Wisconsin that has been harshly criticized by Reince Priebus as a partisan attack, invites Priebus to join a recount of a state that Hillary Clinton won.

FT. LAUDERDALE, Florida, November 27, 2016 – In a Sunday interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News, President-elect Trump’s Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, described the recount efforts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania as a “fundraising, notoriety-driven, fraud.” While Priebus’ comments were directed at Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente, who actually filed for a recount in Wisconsin before Stein, weighed in with a challenge for Priebus.

De La Fuente, who was an independent presidential candidate as well as the nominee of both the Reform Party and the American Delta Party, invited Priebus to participate in a recount.

“I understand Reince’s emotional response particularly since the Clinton camp has jumped in and aligned itself with Jill Stein’s recount petition. However, my request for a recount in Wisconsin was made solely to bring the weaknesses of our electoral system to the attention of every citizen,” said De La Fuente.

According to his website, De La Fuente believes he suffered election fraud and other efforts to suppress his candidacy in the Democratic primary in which he also participated. “The only reason I ran in the general election was to have a platform from which to address the unconscionable hurdles the parties have placed in the way of candidates with respect to ballot access and the way they manipulate the election process and even tamper with the integrity of our voting systems,” said De La Fuente.

De La Fuente billed himself as “the Election Reform candidate” during the general election while almost singularly focusing on that issue.

“I can’t read her mind, but I think Jill (Stein) is pursuing recounts for the same reason I am. However, I understand Reince’s concern since Jill has only petitioned for recounts in states that would help Hillary (Clinton) if they flipped,” he continued.

“So, here’s the deal. Tell Mr. Priebus, I have standing to petition for recounts in New Hampshire, Maine, Nevada, Minnesota and Colorado; all states that Hillary won by three percent or less,” said De La Fuente. “If he or the RNC will fund recounts in those states, I’ll file the petition if their respective statutes of limitation haven’t expired.”

De La Fuente noted, “I have standing in a lot of other states in which Hillary won, but these had the narrowest margin of victory. Rather than condemn the recount efforts, Mr. Priebus and the RNC could participate in them to assure that the efforts were balanced.”

He went on to say, “Our system is broken, and we do very little to validate our election results. I’m just trying to highlight the issue so that the parties will finally be forced to do something about it, and Reince is welcome to join in the process.”

De La Fuente also emphasized that no one from the Clinton camp has approached him nor does he condone singling out states that would only benefit the former Secretary if the results were to change.

“There will be those in the Democratic Party who will undoubtedly ridicule me for offering to work with the Republicans as well, but securing the integrity of our elections is about the most democratic thing I can think of,” added De La Fuente.


“Rocky” Roque De La Fuente is living proof that the American Dream can be achieved by those who are inspired to pursue it. He has an amazing record of overcoming obstacles and achieving success. From being licensed by the FAA to fly single engine planes at the age of 20 to owning 28 automobile dealerships and becoming Chairman of the National Dealers Council for the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world by the age of 28, Rocky is in a league by himself. He also created a banking network in 1982 to help address an economic crisis in Mexico and established impressive real estate holdings throughout the United States while generating thousands of new jobs along the way. Rocky holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics (Magna Cum Laude) and exudes a passion for his country and for those who seek the opportunity to fulfill their version of the American Dream.

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